How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

Choose Wisely Which Method You Want To Remove Stretch Marks

It is not easy to remove stretch marks; it’s even impossibly to totally remove stretch marks. Maybe in the next century they can make a breakthrough and help skin conscious people get their wish and make something that will perfectly remove stretch marks but it is not in our day and time. We can only wish and pray that maybe we can just fade those nasty marks away. Well enough of that, if you are there to find solution to your aging stretch mark and you’re tired of people staring at your stretch marks then here we have some solutions for you to take and use.

If you want to remove stretch marks the natural way then you should try over the counter products like lotions and creams. It’s not that pricey but you have to use them regularly to see its full effect. There are vitamin E extracts which are good for the skin and same with the other products which contain jojoba oil, Shea butter and the likes. The cost will accumulate overtime but you’ll not be buried in debt and expenses because buying them will be one at a time.

The next method is the exercise regime method. This one is healthy and is truly idea. Have you seen those bodies of artists and actors? They keep in shape through exercising. Even if their old and have stretch marks on them it’s not visible because they get into shape through always jogging or going to the gym. This is the method that everyone aspires to use; unfortunately it requires that you be persistent in exercising, even on those days that you’re all too lazy to go to exercise you must have that push to go still. Not all people can do these but all people can afford this method, well its free and not to just remove stretch marks but to be healthy as well.

The last method is the fastest and the most expensive stretch mark removal method. If you have a lot of money, why exercise right? Or why wait for months to remove those stretch marks? If you have the budget to do so why not just hire a good health doctor and have a cosmetic surgery. That will solve your problems fast and easy. A week in bed and your good afterwards, you don’t need to go to the store weekly to buy lotions for stretch marks and you don’t have to wake up early to exercise. Bad thing is you must keep in proper diet or your marks will resurface again.

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

The question of “how to get rid of stretch marks” has been a point of interest for many people for a long time. Stretch marks are basically scarring in the middle layer of your skin, which is renowned for being resilient, as its primary function is to help your skin retain its shape. They are usually associated with when you have a rapid spurt growth of the skin. Some examples of this are; when you’re pregnant, when you gain a lot of weight in a short space of time or puberty.

When you first notice stretch marks they will be red or purple lines, however these lines soon fade. The skin that is affected by your stretch marks will feel empty or extremely soft. They can appear anywhere on your body by rule of thumb, however they are most common on your; stomach, breasts and arms. Please do not worry about your stretch marks, as they pose no detrimental risk to your health.

Various treatments are available to help prevent / get rid of stretch marks, many of them will work but like anything else some of them will not do what they claim. By my own experience you need to use a product that contains natural ingredients (such as Revitol Stretch Mark Cream). Creams are often the best way to remove your stretch marks, as other removal techniques such as laser or dermabrasion can be very expensive.

Getting rid of stretch marks is not an overnight process. It will take continued application of a product such as Revitol Stretch Mark Cream, so be prepared to take five minutes out of each and every day to keep to the routine that will eventually rid you of these nasty little surprises.

Can You Really Prevent Stretch Marks?

Most women are keenly aware of the ugly, discoloured scarring known as stretch marks. As a matter of fact, there is an entire beauty industry centred on the removal of these unsightly skin defects. But what about stretch mark prevention?

You may be wondering if it is just a myth or whether a person can really do something to prevent stretch marks from developing. Clinical studies tend to be inconclusive in this area, but a large number of women have learned through personal experience that certain preventive actions can help minimize the risk of getting stretch marks.

These actions are detailed below and should be seriously considered by any woman that wishes to take a proactive approach in the fight against stretch marks. But first, let’s take a look at the real cause of stretch marks.

What Causes Stretch Marks?

The surface of the skin is generally fairly elastic, but when it is stretched beyond its capacity, damage can result. It is usually during periods of rapid weight gain and subsequent loss that you are at the greatest risk of developing stretch marks.

Prime examples of this weight change cycle can be identified during:

  • Pregnancy
  • Weight training
  • Rapid weight gain and loss
  • Growth spurts in teens

During these periods of physiological change, the normal production of collagen is disrupted. It should be noted that collagen is an important protein, with an essential role in providing pliability and elasticity to your skin. As a result of this disruption, the skin loses some elasticity and when stretched beyond its limits, white or red scars may appear. These scars are what are traditionally known as stretch marks.

Will a Stretch Mark Prevention Program Really Help?

Obviously, if you had a choice, you would agree that it is preferable to prevent stretch marks from developing in the first place, rather than trying to treat them after the fact. Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed method of preventing stretch marks, even though there are a number of products on the market that will make this claim. It is just not true.

The good news is that there are products that are proven effective in increasing the elasticity of the skin. It is believed that these natural creams and oils prevent stretch marks by attacking their root causes – loss of elasticity and sudden trauma through over-stretching. To increase the effectiveness of these products, it is recommended that they be used as part of an overall skin conditioning program.

Stretch Mark Prevention Tips

As Ben Franklin so aptly put; ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!’ And no truer words have been spoken regarding an approach to stretch marks and their treatment. So, to help give you a jump start with your stretch mark prevention program, a number of helpful tips are provided below:

Tip #1

If you are thinking about getting pregnant, or are presently in the mother-to-be state, try starting an exercise program. Continue this regimen throughout your pregnancy and it should help in reducing a lot of the stretch marks that may have developed naturally during the process. An exercise program works by helping you to limit your weight gain and, therefore, limit the trauma and overstretching of your affected skin. Of course, before you start any exercise program, please check with your doctor.

Tip #2

Try using natural stretch mark products that inherently have the exceptional ability to increase the skin’s elasticity. Products made with cocoa butter and other natural ingredients are your best bet. Many women who have endured pregnancy swear to the effectiveness of this method.

Tip #3

To supplement stretch mark creams and oils, you should consider using a body brush to massage the affected areas where you want to prevent stretch marks from forming. This is usually on the thighs, breasts, buttocks, and arms. This extra effort helps increase the circulation to the skin and helps the absorption of the cream into the affected area.

Tip #4

If you are on a diet, moderation is the ‘keyword’. A diet encouraging slow weight loss will minimize trauma to the skin and allow the skin to better adjust to the weight changes. This will help reduce the likelihood of stretch marks.

At the end of the day, there really is no single fail-safe method to prevent the formation of stretch marks. But a stretch mark prevention program, based on a combination of natural stretch mark products and the helpful tips provided above, should dramatically increase your odds of reducing or eliminating stretch mark development. Give it a try – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

How To Prevent Stretch Marks Naturally?

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful phases of a woman’s life. However, during this phase a woman has to face several problems such as severe backache, nausea, and ugly stretch marks. Most of the problems get resolved with time but not stretch marks.

A simple method that can help in preventing the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy is massaging gently on upper arms, breasts, stomach and thighs. These areas are most susceptible to getting stretch marks. Massaging aids in blood circulation which prevents the formation of these stretch marks.

You must keep your body moisturized and hydrated during pregnancy. Drink plenty of water and eat lots of fruits so that you can keep your body well hydrated. Always remember to take your vitamin supplements. When new mothers ask their doctors about ‘how to prevent stretch marks’ they are often prescribed to use cocoa butter as it helps in preventing it.

There are many oils and creams available in the market which helps in preventing the appearance of stretch marks and allowing you to enjoy wonderful skin even during pregnancy. Begin at an early stage and choose creams that contain Vitamin A or E. It is always better to go for herbal or plant based natural lotions and creams. Go for creams that contain alpha hydroxyl acids. However, there is no guarantee that it can prevent stretch marks. However, there is evidence that frequent use from an early stage can help you in prevention.

If you are still wondering about how to prevent stretch marks then a 2:1 combination of almond oil and wheat germ oil is used by women. However, there are creams available in the market which contains these ingredients and are non-greasy too. Nutritional deficiency can increase the chances of stretch marks. So, you must add diet foods which promote skin health. It is recommended that you have food like carrots, berries, fish, milk and egg. It is also important to eat a balanced diet which is rich in vitamins C and E and silica and zinc that keeps skin healthy during this phase of life.

If you want to know how to get rid of stretch marks then you should also know what increases these marks. Stress worsens the situation. So, you need to stay in a relaxed and calm mood. You can indulge in yoga as it helps in relieving stress and keeping the mind relaxed. Our skin remains healthy if we get adequate sleep. You should sleep at least 8 hours daily. Try to take a short nap during the middle of the day. Taking an oatmeal bath helps in smoothening your skin and reducing and preventing stretch marks.

How to Fade Stretch Marks – Treatment Options You Should Consider

The most effective way to fade these white scars is cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery ranges from tummy tucks to acid peals. Surgery is usually a last resort and used only after creams and home remedies have failed to fade most of the noticeable scars. This is because while being the most effective option for treating stretch marks, it is also the option that is the most expansive. Unfortunately, for most people health insurance doesn’t cover the costs of surgery.

So for those of you trying to fade these pesky scars without breaking the bank, I would recommend an over the counter stretch mark cream first before considering surgery. Along with some cover-up makeup that matches your skin tone. Use the cream each day on the scars and after the cream dries, use the cover-up makeup that matches your skin tone.

There are also things that you can change in your current diet that will help in the fading process. If you haven’t started yet I would recommend you start taking a Zinc supplement, since Zinc helps with preventing scar tissue. Also make sure that you are drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day since being well hydrated helps keep the skins elasticity. The more elasticity your skin has decreases your chances of developing wrinkles or scars.

Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks – Is it really effective?

Some women would prefer to use natural solutions for stretch marks than use products that contain chemicals that can be harmful to the body. One of the most popular natural products would be cocoa butter for stretch marks.

Much has been said with the benefits of cocoa butter for moisturizing the skin but does it really help in treating those nasty looking stretch marks?

A lot of people who are looking for possible solutions for stretch marks often have this question in mind: Is cocoa butter good for getting rid of stretch marks? There are some who have proven the skin benefits of cocoa butter especially when it comes to preventing skin dryness; however, there are still no scientific studies to support cocoa butters effectiveness when it comes to stretch marks.

Cocoa butter has been used in skin care for many years. The butter is extracted from cocoa beans and applied as a moisturizer to prevent the skin from drying up. Because it is effective in moisturizing the skin, it has been processed by numerous laboratories and added as ingredients to moisturizers. Actually, it has been used as an ingredient for most of the skin care products that we have in the market nowadays.

Cocoa butter contains antioxidants that can help in fighting off free radicals. These free radicals can cause the early signs of skin aging such as wrinkling and appearance of fine lines. With the presence of antioxidants in cocoa butter, the free radicals can be lessened and the early visible signs of aging can be decreased or prevented.

Some avid cocoa butter users claim that they have experienced lightening of their scars through regular application of cocoa butter. Regular application means applying cocoa butter on your skin for at least two times a day without fail.

Some users even claimed that they have to rub the cocoa butter on the areas with scars so that the skin will absorb it more effectively. The changes that they experienced with the appearance of their scars took a while and it wasn’t really able to drastically change though it has lightened. Some users of cocoa butter claimed that the scars lightened but still quite visible.

Some experts suggested that cocoa butter should be mixed with other ingredients for it to be effective in improving the appearance of the scars on your skin. Scars and stretch marks have similar structures which is why the effects of cocoa butter on scars can also be the same with its effects on stretch marks.

How to Fade Stretch Marks Once and for All!

Firstly, no one is immune to getting stretch marks. Many people assume overweight people are the only ones that get them. The truth is they are not alone; many different groups of people are seeking how to fade stretch marks. Girls and women, men and young adults all get stretch marks for a variety of reasons like rapid weight gain, rapid weight loss, pregnancy, hormonal reasons, medications, the list is extensive. Even athletes, body builders and those that you see as healthy and fit get stretch marks – how’s that for making you feel a bit better?

Many people are desperate and when the next ‘miracle cure’ on how to fade stretch marks enters the market they pounce on it. Time and time again they are left disappointed and sometimes less self-confident as their hopes of finding a cure fades.

And make sure you follow all the instructions, if it says apply in circle motions or massage for 5 minutes then do it!

In addition to a good skin care product there are other factors that you should target at the same time. The best results will come from a full plan to target all factors contributing to the cause. This includes diet, exercise and other changes that can help fade your stretch marks.

It’s such a drastic transformation, when you feel self confident you feel much happier generally – and people notice this and like being around you. Are you ready to stop stretch marks taking over your life? You deserve to be able to wear what you want and not be ashamed of what you see.

How Can I Get Rid of Stretch Mark Naturally

In fact, it is always wise to check the labels first before buying any product and most importantly check also what substances are safe and beneficial for you. Now this Stretch Marks creams can guarantee you that it is definitely safe. It is also alright to use this cream as early as possible because it has a protective function. It will help prevent stretch mark from forming in your skin. That is also because of the natural ingredients found in the stretch marks cream.

Grapefruit Seed Extract, Squalene Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, DL-Penthenol, Vitamin A Palmitate, E and D3 are the common ingredients that answer to your question on how can to get rid of stretch mark naturally.

Grapefruit seed extract strengthens skin to become healthy. It also boost the production of collagen and elastin that comprise the elastic fibre found in our connective tissue thus enable it to expand as your abdomen grows. It also helps your skin to get back in its original form after childbirth.

Squalene oil on the other hand, has regenerative properties like Aloe Vera Extract and DL-Penthenol. It also evades the formation of scar tissue. Squalene oil is also best renowned for its antioxidant properties.

Aloe Vera has many medical studies that proved to be effective in its restorative effects. This extract has been used in ancient time as therapeutic medicine especially in Egypt, China, India or Greece.

DL Penthenol infiltrates down to the lower layer of the skin. It revitalizes cell growth. The vitamins A Palmitate, E and D3 are supplementing the other ingredients.

Vitamin A Palmitate controls the appearance of stretch marks. A VITAMIN E acts anti-oxidant and also permeates intensely into the lower layer thus enhances the elasticity and stimulate cell growth.

Vitamin D3 sets off the work of Vitamin A and E in the epidermis.

How Do I Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Thanks to the advancement of technology, Cosmetyn has made it possible for you to get rid of your stretch marks for good.

If you want to make your stretch marks less visible, I recommend the use of cocoa butter. Cocoa butter will tone your stretch marks so they blend in with the rest of the skin. It will make the edges a bit smoother so it doesn’t look too bad. However, this doesn’t get rid of stretch marks; it just makes them less visible.

Another way to make your stretch marks less visible is the use of olive oil. Olive oil will improve the elasticity of your skin. With your skin’s elasticity improve, your skin will be able to stretch more and the stretch marks will be more relaxed. They will not go away, but the olive oil will help the stretch marks look smoother.

Cosmetyn is an intensive stretch mark therapy. By using it, you will definitely get rid of stretch marks. Cosmetyn was used in clinical trials. 100% of the participants showed improvements. This success is unheard of. It has been proven clinically to work and is now available to the market.

As an introductory offer, the company wants to give a certain amount of people the product for free with the hope that you keep the product and order more. If you see improvements in the time period you are given to try it, then of course you will want to get some more. If you don’t, then you just tell them you don’t want anymore. See how simple?

Discover How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks From Pregnancy

Understanding what causes stretch marks will help you know how to get rid of it. Essentially, do not start your treatment base on trial and error. If you want to buy any new product in the market, then I suggest you should look at the ingredients closely.

Knowing the root cause of these marks can also save you a lot of money because you will not be wasting your resources in buying useless products and methods. You will be able to determine the right treatment. Having said that you need to be aware that stretch marks are scar tissues that formed after your skin overstretched.

Overstretching happens when your skin fails to cope up with the rapid growth of your body. During a pregnant woman’s second or third trimester, the abdomen will try to adjust with the baby growing in the womb. Hormonal changes during pregnancy affect the production of collagen and elastin. So, when your skin fails to expand appropriately during stretching, then stretch marks happens.

To prevent it from happening, you should focus on your skin’s collagen and elastin production. There is a well-known product in the market called Revitol Stretch Marks Cream. This cream contains 100% natural ingredients. In fact, its ingredients are effectively known for its healing and generative properties. One is the squalene oil, which has properties that are exactly akin to human sebum. It acts as a natural protector and at the same time revitalizes the regeneration of the skin surface.

Another known ingredient is the Vitamin A Palmitate. This vitamin helps normalize the epidermal cell growth. There is also the grapefruit seed extract that works to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Plus, other active ingredients that is essential for healing your skin back to its smoother appearance.

How do you use it effectively? It is highly recommended that you should start using the stretch marks cream as early as possible. That is, use it the day you realize that you are pregnant.

But if you already have existing marks, do not panic. It is not yet too late because the cream still works. What you can do is apply a thick layer of it on the affected area of your skin at least twice a day, usually after taking a bath. Allow it to dry up after 5 minutes, then you can put your clothes on. In a few weeks time, you will be able to see visible results, and your quest on how to get rid of stretch marks will be over.

Feel confident about your body. Get your smooth skin back. Erase your stretch marks problem today with the Revitol Stretch Marks Cream!

Using Bio Oil Stretch Marks Fades Away Soon

Bio oils are believed to be one of the best remedies to remove and treat acne scars. There are a number of useful plant based nutrients and oils in it. These beneficial components are in a form of Paraffinum Liquidum. It is in fact a new name for the mineral oil. This oil is a petrochemical derivative and is very injurious to skin. Putting the mineral oil on the skin is like protecting and covering it in a plastic wrap.

As skin cannot absorb nutrients and can’t even detoxify, it leaves the beneficial ingredients ineffective thereby resulting in pre-mature aging. Did you know that they are used to remove stretch marks from your body? When skin expands due to sudden weight gain, automatically the stretch marks get visible. In order get rid of such marks and lines make sure you use bio-oil. No matter what, with bio oil stretch marks will soon fade away and make you smile.

By the help of bio oil stretch mark will not only disappear from your skin but bring back the original texture of your skin. In fact applying the oil would rehydrate your skin thereby bringing back the wetness while fading up the scar marks accordingly.

The oil is believed to be an advanced formula containing the breakthrough constituent called the PurCellin Oil. It is not only effective for your skin but protects from aging skin and also dehydrated skin. Highly efficient in removing the stretch marks, the bio oil is one of the preferred medications used by people. The substance also helps in increasing the skin’s elasticity, reducing the probability of the development of fresh stretch marks.

Make sure when you are applying the oil, massage in circular movements in the striate area and the surrounding skin. This should be done twice on a daily basis for at least three months. Soon after this period, you will get to see some real results on your skin. In order to prevent striate, manufacturers have created a lot of medicines in form of lotions and creams. None of them could show best and effective results like bio oil.

However, this doesn’t mean that they couldn’t ever provide good results on stretch marks. Unlike the oil, the lotions and creams should be applied for a longer period of time and the effect will be seen on a slower rate. By using bio oil stretch marks not only vanishes fast but never comes back as well.

Medicines like lotions, creams or oils can never be completely productive unless you intake proper foods that is rich in zinc, vitamins A, D, and C. This food valuation would help in improving your skin’s quality thereby preventing striate.

You must also have citrus fruits, fish, nuts, carrots, egg and dairy products to make your skin healthy. Make sure, you intake no less than 8 – 10 glasses of water daily to keep your skin hydrated. This would make your skin soft and less prone to wearing and tearing. So we see that with bio oil stretch marks are sure to bid you goodbye.

Are Lotions for Stretch Marks Really What They Claim to Be?

There is no concrete evidence that proves that lotions for stretch marks are the ultimate solution for pregnancy stretch marks. However, a large number of women prefer them. And it’s possible that benefits obtained from these creams and lotions could have been obtained without them too.

Tall Claims

Some lotion claim to eradicate them completely. However, the truth is that the damage caused by these nasty marks takes place at such a deep level of skin that it’s impossible for any lotion in the world to reach there. And if, as advertised by the companies, there was such a substance present in the world of medicine or cosmetics, then we would have certainly found a vaccine for AIDS too! In future, there may or may not such a substance but at present, there is no such thing.

The Truth

What the lotions for pregnancy spots do is minimize them. And it’s not due to some “wonder” compound added to them. Any cream or lotion that has the quality of restoring the lost natural oil of skin will be effective on these lines. Formulations containing Vitamin A are quite helpful. However, they need a doctor’s prescription and can be used only after pregnancy period. The popular ones are Retin A and Trenitoin.

It has been found that products that induce general health of the skin are found to be most effective in the prevention and reduction. They may be creams, oils, and lotions containing AHAs (alpha hydroxyl acids, better known as fruit acids) and vitamin E. Their ability to work well on blots might be due to their quality of improving collagen production, something that laser treatment for stretch marks also works on.

The Wonder Cream For Stretch Marks

Cocoa butter is found to give excellent results and is regarded the most natural remedy. However, the biggest pitfall is that cocoa butter may cause horrible allergic reactions in some people. Therefore, carry out a sensitivity test before going for this remedy.

In addition to this, you should strictly avoid lotions as well as creams containing steroid like hydrocortisone. In case you are using them, discontinue.


Before buying lotions for these marks, look out for testimonials as well as “Before” and “After” pictures showing how the product has worked. Next, always go for guaranteed products. This way, you can try the product without the fear of your money going down the drain.

Remember, lotions for pregnancy lines that have worked for somebody might not always work for you. So, keep your eyes and ears open while going for any remedy for stretch marks.

Lotions for stretch marks come with attractive ads claiming to give you a spotless skin after pregnancy. Before being lured by such claims, it’s better to check out certain facts about these products. Laser treatment for pregnancy marks is another alternative today, though it can hit your pocket really hard.

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

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