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How To Get Rid Of Scars?

How To Get Rid Of Scars

Scar removal is a much debated topic on the web. There seems to be no final answer on the right way to get rid of scars. There are dozens of home remedies, designer scar creams, procedures, and other scar treatment options. But which ones work?

Scar creams and surgeries are extremely expensive and don’t always work. Home remedies are usually nothing more than old wives tales and don’t do anything to reduce scarring. If you really want to know how to get rid of scars, keep reading for some rock solid tips that work in any case.

Before you start dropping $50 or $100 dollars on expensive designer scar creams, you should know what you’re buying. Most of these products are just a cocktail of Vitamin E, moisturizers, and maybe some “antioxidants” or other gimmicks.

In reality, these products are almost never scientifically proven, and don’t really do anything for your scar. Topical Vitamin E is not effective for scar treatment, as proven in several medical studies. Here are some things that can help reduce scars and don’t cost a fortune.

Sunscreen – during the healing stage, your scar will be very sensitive to sunlight. It will burn easily and become hyper pigmented and discoloured. This makes it much more noticeable and usually very red. This is very hard to combat once the damage has been done.

Exfoliation – exfoliating the top layers of the scar can help flatten it out and smooth it. You need to be very careful with which products you use to do this. Lemon juice is a common natural product that contains citric acid and can exfoliate the skin. It also is natural bleach that can lighten a darkened scar over time.

There are dozens more simple products and techniques like these that can dramatically reduce scarring and make them invisible in many cases. They are not the most common products, and are often hard to find.

Don’t use any topical product until you know it works, and more important, why it works. Most common scar products and remedies are not medically proven in any way and can worsen scarring in some cases.

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