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How To Get Rid Of Scars With A Home Remedy For Stretch Marks?

How To Get Rid Of Scars With A Home Remedy For Stretch Marks

Many people do not want to go through life marred with permanent stretch marks and scars. However, they also do not want to go through the painful surgical process of getting rid of stretch marks. In such cases, you’re only hope is to find a good home remedy for stretch mark.

1. Getting Enough Vitamin E

Many people will attest that applying vitamin E on stretch marks scars is the best home remedy for stretch marks. All you have to do is to buy vitamin E caplets, cut them open and apply the solution on the affected area of stretch mark.

Although the method of application is somewhat questionable, it is a known fact that the vitamin E called alpha tocopherol is an antioxidant needed to regenerate the skin and improve skin elasticity by promoting the growth of cells to replace scars.

Caplets may be effective to some extent but vitamin E in a natural skin care solution may prove to be a more effective alternative to a vitamin E caplet stretch mark home remedy. Skin care solutions contain ingredients such as squalene that enhances the effects of vitamin E. Squalene oil, particularly, is a natural antioxidant that promotes skin regeneration as well.

2. The Aloe Vera and Vitamin E

Aloe Vera leaves can be mixed with ordinary, over-the-counter vitamin E caplets to promote skin regeneration and rejuvenation. As a base, olive oil may also be used with the mixture to allow smoother and easier application on affected areas.

If you are not sure as to the amount of ingredients that should be added in this home remedy for stretch marks, you can always opt to buy a natural cream that both contains aloe Vera and vitamin E. These are available in skin care shops.

3. Drinking Enough Water

The simplest and least expensive home remedy for stretch marks is to drink plenty of water. Water is the most natural form of body hydration that can keep skin cells elastic and internally moisturized. This would mean however that you may have to deal with a bloated tummy and frequent trips to the comfort room. Not everyone can also stand more than eight glasses of water a day. Drinking more can make anyone feel a little queasy especially when not naturally thirsty.

4. Apply Oil and Cut Nails

Pregnant women are advised to cut nails to avoid unnecessary scratching that would trigger scars and marks. Because the skin is expanded to accommodate the additional weight, a pregnant woman’s stomach skin is understandably itchier than other parts of her body.

Rough, unnecessary scratching, may worsen dermis tears that further results to worse stretch marks. When you feel an itch coming, it is advisable to simply apply any doctor-recommended body oil on the stomach and move the tips of fingers in a gentle motion to relieve the itch.

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