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How To Clear Acne Scars?

How To Clear Acne Scars

Acne scars have been a subject of serious concern to the modern day world. People seek to know more about acne and its scars nowadays more that before. This is brought about by the search for a lasting cure/ treatment or prevention for these scars.

Of course, we cannot get it right on how to clear off acne scars without first of all knowing the real cause of this disease. We are about x-raying the ways of clearing acne scars out of the skin. But knowing the causes of acne scars is a very essential input to make so as to get it right. If you are ignorant of the cause, you can’t get any effective solution for it.

It is not all acnes that leave scars after healing and the degree and colour of the scars vary from person to person as it concerns the type of acne in question. Scars appear as a result of injuries or wounds. Scars are part of the skins normal healing process. Some wounds that are superficial and simple however heal without scarring. The scars appear only when the dermis is damaged.

To correct or repair the damage done to the dermis, the skin then forms some collagen fibres, these proteinous collagen fibres are responsible for the skin flexibility and strength, but after this process, it happens that the finished repair or healing job is not as smooth as the original skin colour itself.

This brings about a colour that is alien to the original skin colour and some distortions in the skin texture and structure and these are the scars we talk about.

As the healing process continues, the skin also produces too much collagen, and this forms a mass of raised tissue on the skin surface that is not on the same level and colour with the normal original skin. Inflammation is another major cause of scar, when ever inflammation occurs in the skin, the process of its formation and healing ends up leaving scars behind.

Squeezing or picking of pimples also causes scars. This it does by forcing debris into the dermis. This process spreads infection to other tissues in the body, and this accelerates inflammation. Scabs which are natural skin bandages that protect the wounds during healing should not be squeezed or picked. This will prolong the healing process and cause more inflammation.

All these are the causes of acne scars, and to clear them out, you have to use the effective natural ways that gradually fades these scars. The first is daily exercise which relaxes the skin, opens the pores and allows the skin absorb more oxygen. This helps in clearing the scars. Relaxation and fresh air aid in the clearance of this scares by reducing the amount of oil in the skin.

Exposing the body or the affected part of the skin to subtle sunlight is also advised. In the advanced realm, sunbath or the blue or violet light surgery is used to achieve the same effect.

Then diets that are not scar friendly also clears the acne scar. They include foods that are rich in fibre which helps in pushing out toxins and some other wastes from the skin. Some spices and vegetable also help in clearing these scars when you live mostly on them for a long period of time, and in good quantity. Minerals like selenium, zinc and chromium are of great help also, Vitamin s A, E, and B6 are also helpful in clearing the scars.

A lot of water and fruits with lots of water is always in the service of clearing and flushing out toxins that might clog the pores. Water is always good in the body, it aids other digestion activities. That is why the drinking of a lot of water is always encouraged. Some proteins produce enzymes which reduces oil in the skin, so use them. Also try some tea without caffeine, they are helpful.

While these are dietary clearance to the scars, you can also make use of lemon juice, just mix the juice with some rose water and apply on the affected area, allow permeating into the skin for some time. Then wash off and feel the freshness, if you do this for a long time, the scars will all fade away. You can also use this as your daily tea, or drink the juice every morning for optimum result.

Aloe Vera paste placed on top of the scar for one to two hours repeatedly for some days will also clear out the scars, the effect of carrot juice or apple cider vinegar juice on the scars is always commendable towards its clearance, and all these have been turned and refined into creams by some pharmaceutical houses.

Acne scars are also cleared through a minor surgery called dermabression which involves the subtle removal of the upper surface of the skin where the scar is located.

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