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How Effective Is Your Stretch Mark Cream?

How Effective Is Your Stretch Mark Cream

If you’ve had it up to your neck dealing with the stretch marks on your body, you’re likely thinking of taking some drastic action. Perhaps you have tried almost everything, including using stretch marks creams promoted over the Internet. Companies are competing for your business, and it’s quite common to see products from the same company being commercialized and sold aggressively by many resellers.

You have plenty of options when it comes to stretch mark creams. The question is how can you be certain if a stretch marks cream is the authentic thing? Don’t just grab the first or few stretch mark creams you see, like the popular TriLastin Stretch Mark Cream; but take a bit to stop and think about what you are purchasing.

Be guided by the 5 things that will tell you that the stretch mark creams aren’t good at all.


#1 — The maker makes claims that are founded solely on studies they have paid for. Results of such studies have not been examined by the FDA, an independent research lab or credible third parties like expert doctors.

#2 — The claims pertaining to the effectiveness of the cream for stretch marks is backed by one study only.

#3 — The website that sells the stretch mark cream is blatantly calling for people to become a reseller.

#4 — The product is being marketed along with fantastic claims, like how applying the cream each time will make the stretch marks go away in seconds.

#5 — Finally, a stretch mark cream won’t fade stretch marks if marketers are using extremely complicated medical facts and then applying those facts to lend credence to their claims as they refer to stretch mark cures.

If you’re using a stretch mark cream already, think back to how you ended up buying it based on the 5 things listed above. Perhaps, there were unbelievable claims on the effectiveness of the cream, or results of the studies commissioned by its manufacturer were unsubstantiated by the FDA or credible third parties. In this instance, the cream you’re using is bogus. This is the reason those stretch marks haven’t become less obvious.

Avoid falling for shady products, such as stretch mark creams and lotions, even if they come with a money-back guarantee. Frequently, these guarantees have a long paragraph in fine print that’s put there to protect makers from losses when customers return their products.

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