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How Do Stretch Mark Creams Work?

How Do Stretch Mark Creams Work

Stretch marks are quite common in women and millions of women around the world tend to suffer from these marks. These marks can make the skin look unhealthy and very unattractive and are the main cause of low confidence levels and insecurity in women. Fortunately, there are several good products available in the market like creams, lotions and oils that help battle these marks. However, it would be important to understand just how these creams work in order to know if they are effective for you.

Creams like Revitol, Trilastin, Dermology and Skinception are often prescribed to women who already have these marks or fear getting these marks when they are pregnant. These creams are made from natural ingredients that are known for their healing effect.

How Do They Work?

These creams for stretch marks work by helping the skin increase the production of collagen and elastin. Elastin is a type of nutrient which helps the skin remain flexible and increases its elasticity. These creams help the skin produce enough of elastin which will allow the skin to regain its original form and shape even after it is pulled and stretched.

These creams also help improve the overall health of skin. The ingredients which make these creams effective are grapefruit seed extracts, DL-Penthanol, and Vitamins like E, D3 and A. These ingredients are quite powerful and they help cure these marks.

These creams can especially be helpful to pregnant women for application on their midsection during the first few months of their pregnancy so that they can prevent the appearance of these marks. However, they can also be used by anyone who already has marks and want to reduce the appearance and want to make their marks lighter or make them disappear altogether.

All the ingredients used in these creams are carefully selected by manufacturers and are supported by scientific studies that show that they are effective.

Other Measures to Prevent Marks

Other than using these creams for stretch marks, women also need to ensure that they follow a healthy diet in order to prevent the appearance of these marks. With the right type of food, the body would be able to ensure that it has enough nutrients to maintain the overall health of the skin.

Drink plenty of water, eat healthy and regularly apply topical creams and solutions. These creams are ideal for curing these skin conditions. Also, since these creams have natural ingredients, there is no risk of any side effects or any other risk to the user.

Squalene oil is another effective ingredient often found in some of the best creams. This oil is sourced naturally from vegetable fats, olives and palm oil and is known for the regenerative properties that it has.

Aloe Vera too is very effective for protecting the skin tissues from damage. Along with a good diet and the right treatment solution, it is also important to exercise on a regular basis since it helps maintain the flexibility of the skin.

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