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Home Remedies For Hives

Home Remedies For Hives

1. Water

Water offers the great and best purifier with solution to rid of hives. You must drink plenty of water. The more you drink the better the body is being dehydrated. This will reduce itching and paves way for the hives to disappear. Just try this easiest, free remedy… you lose hives and gain health…

2. Benadryl

Hives cause discomfort, pain and burning sensation. Thus for immediate relief you can use Benadryl. It works…

3. ICE

Ice works wonders if you seriously try it out. Ice causes your hives to freeze out and vanish from your body. Use ice for it’s amazing in healing hives… Delay no more! Get out and break the painful hives…

4. Baking Soda Paste and Garlic

The natural remedy relieves your tensions a lot. Use baking soda paste and rubbed garlic on your hives. The hives will start to go away. You will notice in few minutes that have are no more in you. Its result is too great…No itch anymore… So don’t neglect this help. Do fast…

5. Betadine

Betadine stops your hive from multiplying. You must pour betadine on the wounds daily for a week. It will heal and kill the bacteria. It’s very effective and worth buying. It’s available at any pharmacy.

6. Vitamin C

A Vitamin C pill too helps to fight against hives. It is best to take this pill with a meal. You will notice that the hives are killed. It’s a strong treatment. Use for fast remedy.

7. Deodorant

The best thing to stop hives is to use deodorant. You need to apply on the hives. It prevents hives from growing and dries them out. It helps you much… try to use this…

8. Wet Towel Compress Method

You will discover a difference in fighting hives with the use of cold, wet towel compress method. It reduces inflammation and the itching escape so fast. It works so great that hives can prosper no more in you… you will be free at last…

9. Cimetidine (Tagament)

Take 800mg of Cimetidine (Tagament) and your hives will be no more.

10. Colloidal Silver

Chronic hives is best treated with colloidal silver. You can spray on the hives for ten minutes and it will all be gone. Buy this for it helps…

11. Dapis Gel

You can get dapis gel in any health store. It helps to cure hives. The gel eliminates the itches. You need to be strong to fight till hives get out fully. No itching will worry you… use this gel

12. Shea Butter

Pure Shea Butter is very effective in curing hives. You need to apply on the hives so as to heal the skin and takes the dryness out.

13. Hot Showers

Hot showers are indeed helpful in releasing histamines. You will notice red – like burnt skin and even blisters. You need to be mentally ready to face this treatment. It’s difficult to face but worth if you have the guts…

14. Homeopathic Runs To

You need to take the Runs To pellets four times and no hives will be present again.

15. VS-C Chinese Herbs

VS-C Chinese Herbs miraculously treats hives. You need to take 4 capsules a day. In few days the outbreaks and even the itchy hives are gone. You will enjoy life again if you can use this treatment.

16. Turmeric Powder

Turmeric powder when mixed with water becomes a paste. This paste helps in curing hives. Apply the turmeric paste on the entire hives and then wash it off with lukewarm water and herbal soap. You will experience huge relief. It’s in your kitchen so make use of this simple remedy.

17. Allergy Medicine

Get out of hives tragedy with allergy medicine for it contains antihistamine. The swelling will reduce drastically. Be careful and don’t ever scratch hives. The burns and itch are terrific but you have to endure to be able to get complete cur.

18. Blow Dryer For Immediate Relief

Are hives not bearable anymore? Use your blow dryer out for immediate relief. Blow on the itch area. It will be great feel. The itch is gone. You also need other remedies for fast cure…

19. Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom Salt Bath rescues you from hives. Use cool water and Epsom salt for perfect solution.

20. Baby Oil

If you massage baby oil on the hives will work well. The redness and itching will automatically stop. Do it twice a day and put more on the red areas. It will clear the hives… it will be gone…

21. Oil Or Vaseline

Oil does close and shut the pores and suffocate the reaction. It then causes the reaction to peep out. Vaseline on the other hand acts like a barrier. Thus the hives get out…

22. Ground Oatmeal And Cornstarch

A paste of ground oatmeal and cornstarch works effectively in hives. Put the paste on the area for an hour… the swelling and itch will be minimized considerably. Use this to get out from awful, swollen, itch hives.

23. Zyrtec

One tablet of Zyrtec a day can cast your hives away. It’s cheap but works great… all the best.

24. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar works best if you spray on the body after bath. The pain is terrible when the vinegar hit the broken skin. You must endure this pain for best improvements. Thus, this allow the hives to disappear.