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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Gold Bond Eczema Relief.

  • GOLD BOND ECZEMA RELIEF: Formulated particularly to help break the itch-scratch cycle of eczema, GOLD BOND lotion & creams have 2% colloidal oatmeal, moisturizers & vitamins to help relieve the itch, dryness, scaling, roughness, & redness of eczema.
  • ECZEMA LOTION: Not all eczema creams & creams are equivalent, & GOLD BOND Eczema Relief surpasses other leading eczema products with 2% colloidal oatmeal. GOLD BOND Eczema cream & lotion is steroid-free, with colloidal oatmeal, 7 moisturizers & 3 vitamins.
  • GOLD BOND SKIN CARE: While GOLD BOND powder might be the best known product, GOLD BOND brings medicated and non-medicated body powders, skin creams, creams, and lotions. From emergency treatment to foot care and face lotion, GOLD BOND has you covered.
  • GOLD BOND FOR THE HOME: Given That 1908, GOLD BOND Powder has been supplying comfort, soothing relief, and skincare to grownups and children, from baby’s first bath and powder, to eczema or psoriasis relief, to lotion for dry skin or men’s 5-in-1 Face Lotion.
  • ITCHY SKIN CARE: Gold Bond uses ideal skin remedy for itchy & irritated skin. Attempt our body care, foot care & emergency treatment products for dry skin, foot odor, small cuts, sunburn, insect bites & other skin problems.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Gold Bond Eczema Relief.
Gold Bond Eczema Relief is formulated particularly to help break the itch-scratch cycle of eczema. Gold Bond lotion and creams have colloidal oatmeal, moisturizers, and vitamins to help relieve the itch, dryness, scaling, roughness, and redness of eczema. Not all eczema creams and creams are equivalent and Gold Bond Eczema Relief surpasses other leading eczema products with 2% colloidal oatmeal. Made with colloidal oatmeal, 7 moisturizers & 3 vitamins, Gold Bond Eczema Relief is also steroid-free. A great skincare regimen need to be simple, and consist of a great moisturizing lotion. Gold Bond Ultimate Men’s Essentials are skin creams for men specially formulated for rough, dry skin that can be utilized on your body, hands and face. While Gold Bond powder might be the best known product, Gold Bond brings medicated and non-medicated body powders, skin creams, creams, and lotions. From emergency treatment to foot care and face lotion, Gold Bond has you covered. Given That 1908, Gold Bond powder has been supplying comfort, soothing relief, and skincare to grownups and children, from baby’s first bath and powder, to eczema or psoriasis relief, to lotion for dry skin or men’s 5-in-1 Face Lotion.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Gold Bond Eczema Relief.

Question Question 1

Whats The Distinction From The 8Oz Tube? Why The Rate Is Various?

Tube states cream while the pump states lotion.Creams are thicker therefore more deliverable through tube.Lotions a thin sufficient to pump, but still a lotion.

Question Question 2

We Love GoldBond Is Gb Eczema Relief Lotion Non Comedogenic?

It is not specified on the container itself.So we presume that it is not non-comedogenic.

Question Question 3

Dosage This Have That Cooling Feeling?

we would state no, there is no cool sensation as in a peppermint or eucalyptus cream.

Question Question 4

Do They Offer A Larger Size? Wish to Buy A “Sam’S Club/ Costco” Size For Our Sibling?

we have not found one in a bigger size. offers a package a 2 that is a little more affordable than purchasing them one at a time.

Question Question 5

Does The Bottle Have An Expiration Date?

Yes.It notes a month/year, such as, 12/20

Question Question 6

Can We Use This On Our Head?

There is no specific declaration on the container relating to the use of it on the head.It does state “Warning:For external use only.When using this product, avoid contact with the eyes.” we just use it on our hands where we have the eczema.Bottom line: we do not understand the answer to your question.

Question Question 7

Is This Great Solution For Seborrheic Dermatitis? It Impacts The Scalp Mainly, But Also Ears And Face.?

we constantly use this cream with glycerine to get excellent results. After using this cream, we include another layer of glycerine on top of it. we are very little familiar with seborrheic dermatitis. we check out it after your question came. You can certainly attempt this cream on ears and face. For hairs, you can use Organic extra virgin c we constantly use this cream with glycerine to get excellent results. After using this cream, we include another layer of glycerine on top of it. we are very little familiar with seborrheic dermatitis. we check out it after your question came. You can certainly attempt this cream on ears and face. For hairs, you can use Organic extra virgin coconut oil and that alone need to help.

Question Question 8

Anybody Know The Distinction In Between This And Their ‘Diabetic’ Variation Of Generally The Exact Same Thing?

The diabetic lotion is much thicker and oilier and is for seriously dry skin. The eczema relief truly helps with the itching and helps heal the eczema.

Question Question 9

Is This Fragrance Free?

Yes, it is fragrance free.

Question Question 10

What Are The Ingredients?

Active component – colloidal oatmeal.Inactive – there are lot. Water, glycerin, dimethicone, petrolatum, propanediol, cetyl alcohol, etc. Anything specific you’re trying to find?

Question Question 11

Is This The Like The Gold Bond Eczema Hand Cream? There Is A 3Oz Variation And Im Wondering If Hand Cream Is The Exact Same As Lotion Variation?

The lotion on the pump bottle is thicker than what remains in a tube. Other than that, we have not seen a distinction in between the 2

Question Question 12

Do You Know If This Lotion Has Aloe In It? Thank You?

In the list of “Inactive Ingredients”, it has “aloe barbadensis leaf juice”.

Question Question 13

What Are All The Ingredients In This Lotion?

The back of the container lists Active Active Ingredient and Non-active Ingredients.

Question Question 14

What S Better, The Lotion Or Cream Variation Of This?

we didn’t understand there was a cream variation. This is the just one we have ever utilized and we love it. The only lotion that appears to moisturize our skin.

Question Question 15

Does This Leave An Oily Feel?

This one in our viewpoint is better than the aveeno cream it real a little faster and leaves a better discuss the skin. we found aveeno much stickier than the gold bond. About the oily feel? No, we do not believe it feels oily. we just purchased 4 tubes of 8oz of gold bond.

Question Question 16

Has Anybody Compared This Lotion To Gold Bond Ultimate Eczema Relief Skin Protectant Cream? Have Been Utilizing Aveeno For Eczema.?

Attempted to do a little quick research for you, but without having the ability to read their various ingredients, we can just speculate one of 2 things: A) the “ultimate” form costs a lot more, and/ or B) it’s the very same product under a various name.Either way we have utilized aveeno’s eczema lotion prior to and it does not hold a candle light.

Question Question 17

Is This Rate Of $2615 For Just One Bottle??

yes 14 oz bottle

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Gold Bond Eczema Relief, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have had the regrettable scenario of having eczema for practically 20 years. It has been at times so excruciating we would scratch up until our skin would be raw and bleeding. We purchased this and started using it 2 times a day. No exzageration within 4 days our eczema was 90% better and gone on 7 days. We continue once a day and have had no fleer ups at all. We can’t state sufficient how great this product is and it absolutely altered our life.

We have attempted every leading ranked over-the- counter cream for our eczema. The only thing that ever worked was hydrocortisone, and then our eczema came right back when we stopped utilizing it. This made our eczema disappear and keep away. Everybody is various and ideally discovers their own miracle. We are just very grateful that we lastly attempted this. Edit: please do not buy this on. Like might things on now, it is so costly. Also, our eczema lastly developed a resistance to this cream. It no longer cures it, but it still keeps it away. We truly love utilizing this as our face lotion. We utilized to constantly get eczema patches on our face, but not once because utilizing this. It never ever breaks us out and we have acne vulnerable skin. We would also like to keep in mind that otc hydrocortisone does not even work to clean up bad eczema breakouts any longer. Prescription betamethasone dipropionate 0. 05% works extremely well after a few days of use. Our papa provided us some to attempt when we were desperate and it has been great since. We are sorry to all of you who continue to feel helpless in discovering a fix. Our best suggestions is upkeep. Moisturize your entire body or any place you tend to be impacted by eczema with a lotion like this gold bond eczema relief (or anything that has been most effective for you in the past) if/when you lastly get that location clear each and every single day to keep it clear.

We have utilized this lotion for about one month and wished to compose an evaluation to share our results. We usually get eczema every spring/summer and never ever truly did anything to treat it as it constantly disappeared by the winter season time. This year nevertheless the rashes were so itchy and excruciating that we chose to order the aveeno daily moisturizing lotion and the dove eczema lotion in hopes that they would help (as both had leading evaluations on ). Attempted both for a number of weeks and our eczema just worsened– the rash spread from our left arm, to our right, and to our back also. We were continuously itching in some cases to the point where the rashes were bleeding. We then chose to attempt this product– we began utilizing this lotion instantly after showering (just once a day). We used a lot– about 2 full pumps on each rash. We did see if you use excessive lotion in one location, it will clump into little balls of lotion as the product is thick and our skin might not absorb it when using excessive product. If the itchiness got severe, we used more lotion throughout the day but generally did not require to. This was absolutely not an overnight cure– on our left arm, the eczema disappeared in about 1-1. 5 weeks. On our best arm nevertheless, the rash in fact worsened prior to it got better and took about 3. 5 weeks for it to be practically entirelygone We have stopped using the lotion on our left arm since the rash vanished and was not itchy any longer and seen that the eczema has not return. The best arm still has some bumps but is not itchy any longer. We have seen that we have been getting little eczema flares on our chest and on our back but we have been consistently using the lotion every day and the rashes appear to be gradually (but certainly) gettingbetter This lotion absolutely helps with itchiness which is why we suggest using prior to going to sleep to prevent itching when sleeping. We have had eczema for about 15 years and wear t understand how we went so long without this lotion. It s incredible and we would suggest to everybody who has eczema ~ we believe as long as you are client and using the lotion daily, you will see results too.:–RRB-.

We have had a rash specifically on our arms for ages. Skin specialist rx cortisone cream which truly never ever worked. We have utilized other gold bond products, in the past so we chose to provide gold bond eczema relief a shot. Within 4 days we might see a diminishing of the intense redness of the rash. Within 10 days the rash had ended up being practically non visible. We will not state that the rash is “cured” but at this moment in time we can expose our arms and not feel self mindful. It does what it claims to do and we would not think twice, for one minute, to extremely suggest this incredible product to anybody. Congratulations to gold bond.

If you have eczema you need to attempt this stuff. It keeps your skin and problem locations deeply hydrated assisting prevent eczema break outs. Use it every early morning and every night where you usually get assaulted. We have been utilizing this for about 6 weeks no break outs. Great stuff.

We have attempted a number of creams for our atopic dermatitis. While we do not anticipate to find a perfect cure all, we truly like this one and it soothes our dry, red, itchy skin extremely well. This formula has 2% colloidal oatmeal, compared to others we have attempted with 1%. We use this specifically when we have a flare, and it soothes pretty rapidly. It does not have a fragrance or much of any odor which we value, and does not leave our skin sensation oily. We also value this bigger sized pump bottle compared to the smaller sized capture variation. We suggest attempting this lotion for anybody with ecezma or very dry itchy skin.

The only eczema cream that has worked. We have moderate to severe atopic dermititus which triggers our skin to crack and bleed quickly or just end up being nasty rashes. This does not leave an odd sensation, oily film on your skin like other creams so it is in fact reasonable to use this stuff in the real life with clothing and turning a door knob to get out of the home.

This is the best product we have utilized by far for the eczema on our feet. We utilized to use aveeno, once we began utilizing the gold bond there was no recalling. Not just has it stopped the upset red flaking skin, but our skin is healing and looks better than it has in years. We are so delighted with this product we question we will ever use anything else. If you attempt it, we believe you’ll love it.

We have experienced our first adult bout of eczema and it’s been a hellish problem for 2 very dry months (quarantine, no humidifier, snowy-cold michigan spring, remaining warm by the fire) we clawed our arms, underarms, and chest up until they were rough and raw. Prior to recognizing it was eczema, we treated our suffering skin with nivea basically enriched body lotion and dr. Teal’s ultra moisturizing foaming bath w/ avocado oil- which not did anything but moisturize our untouched locations. Then we began an eczema treatment regimen of nighttime viscopaste pb7 zinc bandage wrapping and taking daily supplements such as evening primrose oil (1300 mg) and biotin (10,000 mcg). This regular, we feel, began us on the sluggish course to recovery. But then, we got our gold bond eczema relief and it definitely distorted sped us on our course to recovery. It’s been 4 days of twice daily gold bond applications (and we are still taking the supplements), and we can truthfully state we are doing muchbetter Best of luck to all on their journey for comfort and healing, we comprehend how helpless it can feel.

We have definitely bone dry skin. We need to use creams about two times a day at a minimum. This lotion is thick, creaour, and lasts for a while. The only drawback is that it’s a little costly when utilized like we require to use it – but for the normal lotion user, it’s a lot. This lotion tops our list of best creams we have attempted, and we have generally attempted them all.

This lotion just works for us without making our hands red nor itchy. It heals our dry breaking hands practically as quickly as we use it. Fortunately there is no fragrance which usually also aggravates our skin. So continue to keep the fragranceout The lotion soaks up rapidly into the skin with no sticky or slippery sensation. If you require a bit more than a lotion, shot the cream; which is a bit thicker. A minimum of it works for us. ‘thankful gold bond makes this and the cream products for eczema ailing people.

This works incredible for eczema. Through this pandemic, we have been getting dry, cracked, eczema hands and this assisted a lot. Nevertheless, we just recently did some research on toxic ingredients. We will no longer use anything with parabens. Hence, if you’re trying to find something that works, this provided for us. But, we will no longer buy anything with that component in it. We now look to ewg a lot to buy products.

Outstanding eczema cream. Our skin feels irritated esp with the heat running all day and our work desk is best beside it. This cream absolutely helps sooth our problem. The only factor we did not provide it 5 stars is since of the scent. We believe it would be great if they can include some enjoyable odor to it so we can enjoy it more when we placed on the lotion. But the quality of it absolutely goes beyond most other products in the market.

Been dealing with our dystrophic eczema for several years now and this is the just/few creams we would use onto our skin. Our skin is extremely sensitive sometimes so we can not put some scented creams on no matter just how much we wish to. This lotion is entirely odorless which is great (less ingredients to aggravate me). It does moisturize, but it does leave a somewhat oilyness on your skin which is type of frustrating sometimes. But we think this is what helps moisturize our skin. We would use this ontop of our topical steroids during major cases.

Got this for our 8 years of age who has been fighting with extreme itchiness. From our personal use it s very smooth sensation non oily and we would state if you use to face in the early morning you d be great up until night time for as keeping and holding moisture. When it comes to our child we wear t see much distinction since she keeps forgetting to put it on so she is in fact still scratching smh.

Had a difficult time discovering a body lotion bearable to our periodic eczema. This is the ticket. We use this every other day specifically on our legs (where the eczema is even worse) and we are observing huge distinction. Absolutely no itching and skin healing perfectly. If you got eczema, get it.

This lotion is truly helpful for patches of itchy dry skin. Generally within a week they vanish. Particularly in winter season we have a spot or 2 on our arm or hand. This takes great care of it. It lasts. It does not have a strong odor.

Best lotion we have ever bought in our life. We have been to dermas docs and all of them recommend us steroids and various creams. Absolutely nothing has ever worked up until we got this. Been going through a bottle every 2 weeks since our skin is so bad, but this is among the best things ever. No rough red rashes. Impressed. Thank you. Well worth our cash.

This cleaned up the problem we had on the palm of our hand for 8 years. Went to 6 skin doctors and 3 physicians and nobody might help me. Gold bond ultimate eczema relief was the just product that entirely treated our problem. We had prescriptions that expense $900 and 2 that were $600 plus numerous numerous more consisting of steriods. Absolutely nothing assisted other than this product. We would never ever lack it and use it daily. It is a miracle.

This lotion is ultra thick and when rubbed into dry skin it functions as a very incredible moisturizer. It provides great relief to itching.

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