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Embrace Active Scar Defense for New Scars

Embrace Active Scar Defense for New Scars

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Embrace Active Scar Defense for New Scars.

  • FDA-cleared & doctor really useful scar prevention remedy for new scars much less than 6 months outdated
  • Treats the root explanation for scarring by relieving stress to forestall darkish, seen, raised scars
  • Consists of 6, 4.7″ silicone sheets + patented applicators for a 60-day supply.
  • 100% silicone hydrates skin tissue to help soften, flatten, and fade new scars
  • 92% of patients and physicians prefer embrace over leading competitors*

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Size:Large, 4.7in  |  Style:Beneficial Full Treatment (60 Day Provide)Product Descriptionembrace Active Scar Defense is the solely FDA-cleared scar remedy designed to alleviate the stress that causes scarring and assist stop scars earlier than they begin. It s the solely scar remedy of its form that is clinically confirmed efficient to considerably cut back the look of scars.Embrace features a patented applicator + 100% silicone sheet with medical grade adhesive. The uniquely designed applicator achieves exact stress discount on the pores and skin, (stress being the key explanation for scarring), to softly maintain either side of your closed incision collectively. The result’s a lighter, thinner, flatter scar. Embrace additionally options Stress-Shield Technology which protects the scar from on a regular basis motion whereas hydrating and softening your pores and skin. All the time apply and take away in line with the directions found inside the field. . APPLICATION: Apply embrace on new scars much less than 6 months outdated. For optimum outcomes, use 1 to Four weeks after suture elimination on a CLOSED, DRY INCISION. Tip: The sooner you deal with, the better your outcomes. Every utility lasts a median of 10 days, relieving you of a each day routine. Embrace is water-resistant, so you may bathe and train whereas carrying. (Be aware: Sure purposes could contain more frequent altering as a consequence of excessive mobility, cleaning routine, hair development, or oil degree on the pores and skin.)REMOVAL: Embrace is able to take away after 10 days or when a big portion of the sheet has already lifted from the pores and skin. The medical-grade adhesive is designed to final, so SLOW, GENTLE elimination is essential. We suggest eradicating embrace whereas taking a heat bathe, heat water and cleaning soap. You may use over-the-counter adhesive remover or child oil to help with light elimination. WARNINGS & PRECAUTIONS DO NOT use on scars if an infection is suspected. Don’t use whereas scabs are current. DO NOT use in case you have recognized adversarial reactions to medical adhesives or pores and skin ailments that would preclude the use of adhesive dressings. The embrace dressing is waterproof. Brief time period publicity to water, (equivalent to showering) is OK. DO NOT expose to water for extended intervals of time. DO NOT pull or take away rapidly as pores and skin irritation or tearing can happen. DO NOT apply on the eyes, mouth, or nostril. DO NOT reduce the dressing earlier than or after utility as it might trigger irritation.POTENTIAL SIDE EFFECTSApplication of any surgical tape or adhesive dressing could strip the pores and skin upon elimination. Seek the advice of with your doctor ought to any of the following happen: Skin irritation Infection, ache, and/or fever Allergic response*Knowledge on File #002.Producer Contact InformationCall 1-855-722-7879 Monday – Friday, 8AM-4:30PM EST or e-mail assist@embracescartherapy.com

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Embrace Active Scar Defense for New Scars.

Question Question 1

We Have A Long Scar. What Size Are These?

Hi Yakeyia,Our three out there sizes are Large (6.Three inches), Medium (2.Four inches) and Small (1.6 inches).Be happy to contact our private line (650) 543-7140 or bmchone@neodynebio.com in case you have any more questions or wish to place an order through our web site utilizing a promo code that we are able to present. Hi Yakeyia,Our three out there sizes are Large (6.Three inches), Medium (2.Four inches) and Small (1.6 inches).Be happy to contact our private line (650) 543-7140 or bmchone@neodynebio.com in case you have any more questions or wish to place an order through our web site utilizing a promo code that we are able to present.Regards,Brent McHoneAccount Supervisor @ Embrace

Question Question 2

Does This Comprise Latex?

No latex, simply silicon and medical-grade adhesive.

Question Question 3

Will Reducing Them In Half Have an effect on How It Works?

we reduce them as a result of there was much less than half of what we would have liked in the package.Though we prepped very rigorously they Solely stayed on two days, however even in these two days we observed a distinction in our scars. we reduce them as a result of there was much less than half of what we would have liked in the package.Though we prepped very rigorously they Solely stayed on two days, however even in these two days we observed a distinction in our scars.No concept if reducing them made a lot of a distinction – these are so poorly suited to breast discount surgical procedure incisions as a result of they don t bend properly for advanced curves, and there isn’t wherever close to sufficient in the package- reducing or not was the least of our worries. For us they had been a spectacular waste of cash

Question Question 4

We Would Like To Order. We Just Need To Make Positive There Are 6 Bandages In The 30 Day Provide Kit ?

The 30 day equipment comprises Three silicone scar remedy sheets. The 60 day equipment comprises 6 silicone scar remedy sheets.

Question Question 5

Can You Cut To Size?

we don t assume you re supposed to chop them as we purchased 2 smaller ones to cowl our space since the bigger dimension at the time was bought out & we recall overlapping the 2 small ones & not reducing them (may impair their capability to stick correctly/ effectivess)

Question Question 6

Will These Work For Below Eye And Bridge Of Nose Incision ?

Hey – First, sure, you should utilize our dressing on the bridge of nostril with cautious placement of our Active Scar Defense product, or Reduce will be reduce to form round the space.We’d warning as properly round utilizing too near the eye, please maintain away from the eyelid and eye space as a lot as attainable.Maintain the space cle Hey – First, sure, you should utilize our dressing on the bridge of nostril with cautious placement of our Active Scar Defense product, or Reduce will be reduce to form round the space.We’d warning as properly round utilizing too near the eye, please maintain away from the eyelid and eye space as a lot as attainable.Maintain the space clear and dry for finest adhesion and longer length as facial oils can resist adherence.Second, our product is freed from any chemical compounds and is 100% silicone-based with a bio-compatible, silicon-based adhesive.When you have any questions, please name our help workforce at 1-855-722-7879 or e-mail us at help@neodynebio.com.

Question Question 7

How Long Are You Supposed To Use This For?

They lasted one and a half on our breast surgical procedure, and we prepped each by washing and with isopropyl alcohol.For a flat space like a stomach we predict we may have gotten per week to 10 days, so in that case it may work effective. For us they weren’t helpful.

Question Question 8

What Size Are These?

we have now the c part ones

Question Question 9

Anybody Know Ingredient Identify For The ‘Medical Grade Adhesive’ We Have Had Severe Allergies To Surgical Adhesive Glues & Cant Find The Identify Is It Listed?

we do not assume they list it, however we had a really unhealthy allergic response to this product.do not probability it. use bio- oil or mederma oil. getting better outcomes.good luck.

Question Question 10

Can You Take It Off Briefly And Put It On Once more?

Sadly, no.Embrace is designed to be utilized as soon as for ten days and then discarded and changed with a brand new dressing.Please contact our buyer help for additional particulars.1-855-722-7879 M-F 9- 5 PM PST.

Question Question 11

A Los Cuantos Días Después De Una Abdominoplastia Lo Puedo Usar?

Dos meses o mas

Question Question 12

Can You Use This For A Old Scar?

This product isn’t designed to be efficient for outdated scars (larger than 6 months outdated). It’s marketed as an “active” scar remedy and it states it’s for “new scars”. The embrace scar remedy product “minimize” is designed for use for outdated scars (larger than 6 months.). The Embrace Active scar remedy is barely f This product isn’t designed to be efficient for outdated scars (larger than 6 months outdated). It’s marketed as an “active” scar remedy and it states it’s for “new scars”. The embrace scar remedy product “minimize” is designed for use for outdated scars (larger than 6 months.). The Embrace Active scar remedy is barely for post-surgical/ acute/ new scars much less than 6 months outdated.

Question Question 13

Are These The Identical Clear Protective Skinny Clear Adhesive Pads That Are At the moment Used Over Iv S When You Re In A Hospital?

No. They re silicone pads — we imagine you re trying for one thing more like a water-proof bandage.

Question Question 14

Sirve Para Cicatrices Antiguas? Gracias Por Su Ayuda?

Para las antiguas lo desconozco. Para las recientes sí, absolutamente. Y en mwe caso que suelo desarrollar alergias o reacciones cutáneas a materiales de silicona, estos no us crearon ningún efecto

Question Question 15

Our Daughter Is Four Yr Old Obtained 5 Stitches On Her Brow. Can This Work On Her? She Just Obtained Stitches So They Going To Take In Out In 5 Days.?

Completely – our Four cm product could be a perfect match for this utility.Please name our specifically educated product help workforce at 1-855-722-7879 and they will present remedy choices that finest suit your wants.

Question Question 16

Can You Shower With These On?

Youre supposed to have the ability to bathe with them, nevertheless, rhey didn’t stick on our pores and skin however a few days. A complete waste of cash.

Question Question 17

Can You Swim In These Scar Sheets?

These fell off even after one bathe.

Question Question 18

Is This For New Scars Solely Or Can We Use It On Old Ones Also?

It is designed for acute (new) put up surgical scars and their research outcomes had been solely examined on new scars. You can attempt it nevertheless it’s not assured to get outcomes for older (more than 6 months) scars.

Question Question 19

Can This Be Positioned Over The Eyebrow? Need To Make Positive It Will Come Off With out Pulling Off The Hair.?

It’s a sturdy adhesive so we might not suggest placing it over hair.

Question Question 20

Can We Use It For Our Stretchmarks?

No this isn’t for stretch marks

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our personal expertise after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Embrace Active Scar Defense for New Scars, these may be helpful for better understanding.

The trick to these issues is understanding methods to use them correctly. It took us two entire sheets to determine it out. We used these for an extended tumour tuck scar on our decrease stomach. At first we adopted the instructions and used a whole rectangle. The bandage didn’t keep on lengthy and began peeling off round edges like different folks mentioned of their critiques. The primary spherical lasted about Three days. We thought, wow. That s costly and doesn t final lengthy however possibly if we alter how we’re utilizing them and prep our pores and skin more aggressively they ll keep on longer. So we did, and then they labored completely. We’re beginning our sixth week of remedy and boy am we glad we caught with it as a result of our tt scar appears superb. (facet be aware, we additionally used the little sq. embrace bandages for our new stomach button which was beginning to scar barely round edges)so that is what we did to make it work for us. First we clear the space in the bathe with straight up cleaning soap and water and rub with a wash fabric gently. Then once we get out of bathe we don t contact any lotions or oils and instantly use a skinny, child wash fabric and rubbing alcohol to scrub the space the place the bandage will go. Then we pluck any hairs we see that the silicon bandage could go over. Then we use rubbing alcohol once more throughout and even our fingers earlier than dealing with the bandages. We clear a pair of sharp scissors with the rubbing alcohol as properly and use the scissors to then reduce the massive bandages in half lengthwise. We arise straight and let our stomach be relaxed. Next, we peel off one half and placed on the center a part of our scar first, pulling it taught however not an excessive amount of. Once we have now it the place we wish we press down with our hand and rub alongside the strip and apply strain throughout it until it has fully adhered to our pores and skin. Then we do it once more on one facet, overlapping barely. Lastly, we reduce one other strip in half and solely use one half to finish the protection on the different facet of our scar. So that you ll find yourself with two, 10 day therapies in a single field for one very lengthy tumour tuck scar. This course of works so properly we predict the silicon bandages would truly keep on so much longer than 10 days however we all the time peel them off on day 10 and let our pores and skin breath for 12 to 24 hours. We additionally moisturize the space throughout that time as properly. So mainly these issues are superior in the event you determine out methods to use them proper. We guess it may be totally different for folks with different forms of scars nevertheless it labored for us and our tt scar. Good luck.

We should admit that we had been skeptical at first, however this product completely labored for us. When our knee surgical procedure was scheduled, we began trying into scar remedy as we didn’t need an ugly everlasting scar to look at, which we felt would have occurred had we not used this product. We needed to wait till our incision website was clear and dry (we had 25 staples), which was about 4 weeks, and then, we needed to be affected person, because it took a few purposes to begin seeing our outcomes. We simply rigorously adopted the step-by-step directions when making use of the strips. (we had to make use of 2 strips/utility as a consequence of the size of our scar, 6+ inches. ) we really feel that the 30 second ‘holding time’ after making use of the strips is essential and instantly associated to their longevity. Initially after the first utility, simply to be protected, we used a plastic sleeve over our knee when showering; however once we forgot to make use of it at some point, and the strip was not affected in any respect – we stopped utilizing the sleeve. We learn a few of the unfavorable critiques, however we have now to say that for us, the product lasted 10 days with every utility – it was prefer it wasn’t even there – even by means of our intensive bodily remedy periods, our day-to-day actions – and sure once more, even stayed on whereas showering. You can see our leads to the pictures submitted: the 1st pic reveals our first utility of the strips (the closing staple marks are nonetheless seen) – the following 2 photographs present the progressive outcomes; and the final photograph is a close-up photograph as of at this time (nov 11, 2018) – a number of areas of the scar are undetectable, and the the rest is barely seen from ‘eye’ degree. Primarily based on the superb outcomes, our bodily therapist started referring these strips to different sufferers who had asked about diminishing their very own scars. We’re fully happy with our outcomes and personally really useful them to others. We’re so glad we found the choice of utilizing this product.

We see numerous critiques complaining that it would not keep on however we have now by no means had this problem, so right here we’re to avoid wasting your day. *cowl the silicone sheet with tegaderm instantly after utility. Our sheet will keep on perpetually if we do not take it off utilizing this system, however we’ll go away it on 14 days every time though they are saying 10 days. We began 1 month put up op after clearance from our surgeon. We expect it really works, unsure if it is the sheets or simply the regular strategy of tissue therapeutic, we nonetheless have hyper-pigmentation (at the moment on our fifth remedy – 2 weeks per remedy) so we will proceed to make use of it. We would not use some other scar sheets out there. We like embrace as a result of it sticks on so lengthy and we do not have to fret about it. Very handy. In accordance with a dermatologist we all know, different scar remedy strategies like cream and no matter loopy oil folks use are all gimmicks. Creams do not do something besides hydrate the space; an inexpensive jar of vaseline present the similar impact so save your cash. Do not get us began on oils, they only trigger pores and skin irritation and placebo impact. Cons:- every field has Three sheets: for your information, we have now many physique components that are available pairs. A 60 day remedy equipment is equal to 30 day remedy. This is certainly a advertising and marketing scheme so no matter. – embrace tells you to scrub website with alcohol however we do not do it and it stays on simply effective. As a result of once we did this we bought eczema as a result of it dried out our pores and skin so unhealthy. Warning: pull it off softly as a result of it should rip out your pores and skin. It is nothing major, simply abrasion however you clearly must wait for the website to heal fully earlier than re-applying. Possibly we’ll put up pics, possibly not, is determined by our temper however general very completely happy with embrace.

We’ve got an incision scar below our collar bone from a surgical procedure 2 months in the past. We’re on our second week and can see a noticeable distinction. Scar is much less raised and has thinned out, nothing loopy however noticeable. We utilized as directed and they stayed put simply effective. We are going to say that for us, they do not final 10 days. We’re very energetic (runner and fitness center) showering twice a day which can have one thing to do with it. They’ve lasted 6 – 7 days so realistically it’s possible you’ll want Three packing containers for a 2 month remedy. It does say to take away when edges peel roughly 10 days so we do not assume it is a problem. Seeing outcomes this early on we really feel Three packing containers will def be value it. Once we take away the pad we go away it off for a day and apply bio oil. Earlier than this we had been utilizing a topical silicone gel and wasn’t seeing any change. Though these aren’t tremendous low-cost, they’re pretty cheap contemplating you solely want to make use of for 2 months. They mix properly with the pores and skin and aren’t irritating. Great product completely happy we found it.

Like another person mentioned, it’s worthwhile to learn the directions. We learn them twice as a result of we did not need to mess up placing these on as a result of they’re costly. We’re on our second 10 day set of these and haven’t had any points with them staying on. There does get just a little water bubbles in them typically from showering however we simply drive the water out with our fingers and they’re effective. Looks like the scar is trying better as properly. We’re utilizing them on a tumour tuck incision.

Superb product. Given some of the unfavorable critiques we had been initially fearful about it is easy of use . But it comes with very simple to observe directions in the field and the utility was fairly easy. We additionally like the truth that we needn’t change it for 10 days. Once it’s in place you hardly discover it however the scar space looks like it’s being protected.

Critically we bought these not understanding a lot about them however we at the moment are a agency believer in the science and wonders of this product. They’re very discreet and stick rather well, even after showering and operating round doing errands. We had been about Four months post-surgery once we noticed these on television and we’re so fortunate we did as a result of now our raised scars are flattening out and we’re seeing it lighten. We will not wait to proceed remedy.

When the final of the glue fell from our three 12 months outdated s brow laceration, we cried. (apparently, you may insist on seeing a plastic surgeon in the er in the event you want stitches in your face, and go with stitches, not glue). After obsessive googling about scar remedy and a visit to the dermatologist, we started scar mitigation. He wore these patches for about 9 months. We coated the silicone with a daily band-aid to maintain the solar off the scar. (an enormous a part of scar restoration is holding the scar from the solar). We additionally massaged the scar every evening. Yeah, we all know — over the prime, however a vertical scar in the center of 1 s brow is finest stored in the harry potter books. Anyway, a 12 months and a half later, he nonetheless wears the patches from time to time. We nonetheless therapeutic massage the scar most evening. Silicone patches had been really useful by the dermatologist. Our son s brow is far improved. In case you are making an attempt to mitigate a scar, be affected person and dedicated. Put this product on subscribe and save and channel your internal loopy mother. You will see a constructive transformation.

We’ve got tried loads of scar tapes (from post-surgery to scrapes/cuts), from the least expensive to the prime really useful (on and google) — however we had been a lot happier with this one. Other scar tapes are tremendous thick and come off simply, even after they’re ‘reusable’. This one truly stays on. It is approach thinner as soon as utilized, and feels safe on our pores and skin. We really feel it holding our pores and skin collectively, not like different tapes. We used it on a latest scar on our chin from shaving, and we truly forgot we had it on after a day. We do not assume different scar tapes may have even stayed on our chin like that. We found the utility step-by-step very clear, particularly after watching the video. Once we understood methods to open the first strip like a e book, the relaxation made excellent sense. Trying ahead to updating with our healed scar.

This is the only scar product we have now been capable of finding. When you have delicate pores and skin it’s worthwhile to watch out the way you apply it. For one we by no means put it on full stress. As a substitute of folding the applicator again 180° we solely opened 50% so there s much less stress on the tape once we utilized to our pores and skin. This approach it doesn t pull on the edges of the pores and skin as a lot this manner and is more tolerable. We additionally figured just a little stress was better than none in any respect.

It is extremely simple to use and it provides a consolation feeling on the stitches. We had bilateral mastectoour and reconstruction with diep-flap from abs and hips in 2015. We used silicon gel sheeting for Three months. It was not solely onerous to placed on and to scrub; it stored rolling and sticking to our panty. Our lengthy scars turned hyperthrophic that confirmed through our leggings/tight skirt costume. We went to inexperienced dermatologist for Four occasions steroid injections leaving facet impacts of atrophy and discoloration in some spots. Later in 2017, we had been identified with fibroourxoid sarcoma in our left thigh leaving 6 inches stitches. We had been so glad we found embrace; wore it for 40 days. The scar is flat. We’re very completely happy with the outcome. Now, we’re 6 weeks post-op from semi-mastectoour and latissimus -flap reconstruction from bc recurrence (sadly, bc got here again) fortunately, the surgeon additionally did scar revision from 2015 surgical procedure. We put 5 sheets of x-large round our ab and hips (coated with tegaderm dressing). At the second all sheets had been utilized, the stress on the scars felt aid. The sheets maintain up the stitches collectively identical to carrying the post-op girdle. No more feeling of ripping/pulling/stretching on our stitches. At present is our third day. We’re ordered more for full 60-day remedy. We can’t wait till our order comes for our again the place the pores and skin flap was taken. We should wait to place the sheet on our breast after radiation remedy which can begin in two-more weeks. Comply with the instruction and be taught from youtube for a lot clearer demonstration on methods to apply and maintain the sheets keep for 10 days lengthy.

They completely did what the manufactured implied it could after our surgical procedure to take away a basal cell carcinoma. We adopted their directions and at this time you may t see whether or not our scar was.

It does maintain scar edges collectively. We are able to really feel that it would not enable us to bend our knee as a lot as different silicone tapes did, which is ideal. It additionally works as a reminder no to bent it an excessive amount of whereas our scar is therapeutic. We like that we needn’t exchange it for 10 days too.

Be certain to youtube methods to apply in the event you mess up you can’t put it again on. Over all nice buy approach cheaper then the docs workplace. Double verify the precise web site to see if the value is cheaper. Also in the event you get them right here you may return them in the event you open the field. You can’t in the event you get them by means of embrace. We found out our scare ( breast) doesn’t like the adhesive it made us ich so we began utilizing silgen ( don’t get from it isn’t licensed e-mail and they may ship you the closest doc that has it $50 bucks ) similar quick outcomes and fast dry.

These undoubtedly make an enormous distinction and are value the cash, however it’s a must to ensure you use/apply them correctly. We learn the directions completely earlier than making an attempt the 1st time and we nonetheless ended up losing one in every of these costly little thingamajigs as a result of the directions on methods to get it open usually are not clear. It s tremendous simple- it s like just a little cardboard e book that, as you open it, stretches the clear bandage inside. Just open (rigorously) such as you would a paperback e book, till the entrance and again cowl contact. Apply to scrub, dry pores and skin, making use of light strain for 30 seconds throughout the edges. Then pull the launch tabs on the sides. Ensure you cowl it with a water-resistant bandage -it gained t keep on more than maaaayyybe 2 hours in any other case ?? we used nexcare waterproof bandages and our delicate pores and skin tolerated them properly, though tegaderm would possibly work too? in the event you apply it correctly and cowl, it really works completely and makes a major distinction. We’re 1 half months into remedy and the surgical scar in the facet of our breast (fragile pores and skin with numerous gravity/ pores and skin stress) is now an excellent skinny line that you already can barely see. ?? we questioned if it was working a pair weeks into remedy, so we left the embrace bandage off for 2 days, and in that brief time may already see the scar widening, so we reapplied & haven t skipped a day since. Will replace with our 2-month outcomes.

We’ve got been utilizing embrace for about Three weeks and its superb the way it sticks to your pores and skin and is resistible to water and sweat. Our scar (keloid) would not damage, itch or burn anymore and it is much less swollen though we additionally bought 2 periods of cortisone pictures. Thus far our scar is protected utilizing this strips and it helps the pores and skin to not pull and really feel strain of any form. Will do the full 60 days remedy.

Whereas we’ve not used them 30 days but, so we won’t touch upon how good they work; they’re so comfy. Our physician initially really useful the ones you buy from the drugstore, however having to take them off and wash them each day wasn’t possible. Also the different form irritated our pores and skin rather a lot. We can’t even really feel that we’re carrying the embrace scar remedy. We’ve got worn them for virtually per week and they’re nonetheless caught securely. The instructions had been a tiny bit onerous to know at first, however we bought the grasp of it rapidly.

Pretty good product does flatten keloids and lighten them. Our keloid is a 12 months outdated and it s lighter and flatter and we didn’t even put on it the entire thirty days.

We’ve got this scar on our arm from getting stitches and it simply appears so humorous. Fortunately, we have now been utilizing this on it and it has been enhancing our scar to date. Since our scar is smaller, we took up the solutions on one in every of the critiques and reduce them right down to dimension and was capable of get double the provide. We will certainly be buying more to see how a lot these strips can assist our scar. Undoubtedly value making an attempt, simply as expensive however approach more efficient than lotions.

We used this at the advice of our plastic surgeon after our breast augmentation. We noticed a noticeable enchancment in our scars nevertheless it was type of painful taking the tape off and we didn’t like that the package comes with three in s field. That s one and a half purposes. We needed to order two packing containers at a time to have the ability to put them on each of our breast. For the value the package ought to at the least have Four strips. Other than that they’re nice.

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