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DermaSwim 8 Ounce Tube Pre-Swimming Lotion

DermaSwim 8 Ounce Tube Pre-Swimming Lotion

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of DermaSwim 8 Ounce Tube Pre-Swimming Lotion.

  • Helps protect skin from chlorine and bromine found in pool and jacuzzis
  • Helps prevent itching, drying, swimming pool rash, and opposite impacts.
  • Great for swimming, aqua therapy, and jacuzzi use. Can also be utilized as a great everyday lotion.
  • Paraben-free, 97.55% natural formula with light citrus scent.
  • Made in the U.S.A., 100% cruelty-free.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on DermaSwim 8 Ounce Tube Pre-Swimming Lotion.
DermaSwim pre-swimming lotion is formulated to help block the absorption of chlorine and bromine into skin during swimming, aqua therapy, jacuzzi use, and other associated activities. DermaSwim helps prevent drying, itching, chlorine odor and swimming pool rash. DermaSwim appropriates for any ages and swimming levels. Paraben free, 97.55% natural formula with light citrus scent. Can also be utilized as a great everyday lotion.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on DermaSwim 8 Ounce Tube Pre-Swimming Lotion.

Question Question 1

How Do You Use This With Sunscreen? Do You Put Sunscreen On Prior to? After? Does It Impact The Sunscreen’S Capability To Work?

Your first layer need to constantly be sunscreen. Sunscreen first then this product, otherwise you will not be secured from the sun.

Question Question 2

Does This Help With Dry Skin Not From Taking In Chlorine But From The Hot Temperature Level Of The Hot Tub?

Yes inderd

Question Question 3

Should You Remove Makeup Prior To Placing On Face?

Being a male we can just presume that it is sensible for a female not too use facial makeup when swimming or investing lotsa time in the water? The cream secures not just your face but the whole body. our lady friend who uses Dermaswim is a Biokeneticist and she does aqua therapy with paraplegic clients in heated swimming pools win Being a male we can just presume that it is sensible for a female not too use facial makeup when swimming or investing lotsa time in the water? The cream secures not just your face but the whole body. our lady friend who uses Dermaswim is a Biokeneticist and she does aqua therapy with paraplegic clients in heated swimming pools winter season n summer.

Question Question 4

Is This Product Ruthlessness Free?

Maker’s reaction: DermaSwim is definitely, 100% ruthlessness free.

Question Question 5

Can This Be Utilized After Swimming?

we never ever utilized it after swimming? It works great as a protectant from the chlorine and it works great forthat we would instantly shower after swimming and use regular lotion. we were having a severe problem with our skin drying out and welts from chlorine-so this product is extremely advised.

Question Question 6

Can We Use This For Young Child?

we have actually utilized it on our kid although he is not a toddler.From what the site states it appears to be safe.Here is the link to the site with that information on it. https://www.dermaswimpro.com/faq/

Question Question 7

Is This Lotion Excellent For Kids?

Maker reaction: Thank you for your question. The following answer is straight from our site Frequently Asked Question area: “DermaSwim products are generally safe for children’s skin, however we do NOT recommend using DermaSwim on children or infants that need to be carried. DermaSwim can make skin VERY slippery when it’s wet. Manufacturer response: Thank you for your question. The following answer is directly from our website FAQ section: “DermaSwim products are normally safe for children’s skin, nevertheless we do NOT advise utilizing DermaSwim on children or babies that require to be brought. DermaSwim can make skin VERY slippery when it’s wet. Just use DermaSwim on children if they can stroll by themselves and do not require to be brought, and follow the regular directions too, consisting of not putting DermaSwim on the bottoms of feet. Naturally, as with all creams it is advised that you evaluate a little location first to make certain that it works with each kid’s skin type.”

Question Question 8

We Enter Into The Sauna Previous To Swimming. Will We Required To Use This After The Sauna, Or Is It Sweat Proof?

Maker reaction: You can use DermaSwim prior to or after the sauna. If you use it ahead of time and remain in long enough to sweat, you’ll sweat through it (naturally) which will make your skin feel very slippery. Just a light rinse-off prior to getting in the swimming pool and you’ll be all set.

Question Question 9

When Are You Getting More?

Not for a long period of time. It lasts a long period of time.

Question Question 10

Typically, We Make Our Body Wet In Shower Prior To Going To Swim. So Do We Use This Lotion On A Wet Skin Or Dry Skin?

Ok, we comprehended what you are attempting to ask here. we recommend you to use this lotion on dry skin well prior to you go to take a pre-swimming shower. The pre-swim shower will not impact the protective shield that this lotion is going to provide you.after all it is made for the harder swimming pool rich with chlorine, bromine and so on

Question Question 11

Increased From 13.98 February And Now Is $3195 Now. Why Such A High Boost In Cost.?

No concept why

Question Question 12

We Idea If You Put Lotion On And Touch Water It Makes Your Skin Even Clothes Dryer Than If You Didn’T Use Lotion AtAll Am We Incorrect?

Yes.You are wrong.we have utilized this product for 10 yrs.It serves as a barrier and keeps chlorine from penetrating and drying skin.we love it?

Question Question 13

What Are The Ingredients In Derma Swim?

Water, Isoaourl Laurate, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Beeswax, Glyceryl Oleate, Polyglyceryl-3-Polyricinoleate, Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil Unsaponifiables, Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Coco-Caprylate, Glycerin, Aloe Barbadensis, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract, Fragrance, Magnesium Sulfate, Citrus Grandis (Water, Isoaourl Laurate, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Beeswax, Glyceryl Oleate, Polyglyceryl-3-Polyricinoleate, Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil Unsaponifiables, Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Coco-Caprylate, Glycerin, Aloe Barbadensis, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract, Fragrance, Magnesium Sulfate, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Seed Oil, Citric Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Sorbate

Question Question 14

Does This Adversely Impact Your Swimming Pool Water?

we go to the Y but the cream takes in to the point where you put on t even understand it is on. we can t imagine it impacting the water. The great thing is that you put on t odor like the chemicals when you get out.

Question Question 15

We Do Water Aerobic 3 Times A Week, We Need To Stop Due To The Fact That We Breakout In A Dreadful Rash, Does This Stuff Truly Work?

Yes.we teach swim lessons 4-5 days a week, 3-5 hours a day. This stuff has conserved our skin.our skin still gets actually dry (but what else would we anticipate after investing hours in chlorine?) but a minimum of we do not get swimming pool rash any longer.

Question Question 16

Does This Product Prevent Chlorine From Absorbing Into The Skin? Would You State It Could Perhaps Prevent Pre-Mature Aging From The Chlorine?

chlorine yes, aging not so sure

Question Question 17

Is This Gluten Free?

Yes, our company believe it is.

Question Question 18

Does It Functions With Non-Chlorine Pool?

This product is just created to block chlorine.

Question Question 19

Will This Cream Melt Away If Swimming In A 94% Warm Swimming Pool?

we use this product in a warm water therapy swimming pool. The cream, if used about 5-10 minutes prior to going into the warm water does not come off.

Question Question 20

It Doesn’T Seem To Be Offered, Where Can We Buy This Product And Just How Much Does It Expense?

we constantly get it online. Swim outlet and so on

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on DermaSwim 8 Ounce Tube Pre-Swimming Lotion, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

The only problem we have is that we want they offered this lotion in a much larger size. We do not go swimming without first putting this lotion on, it actually is the go-to pre-swimming lotion that you should have. We first found out about the lotion from some swimming blog site site about how to prevent chlorine damage to your skin after swimming and we saw a post from somebody that discussed this product. We offered it a shot and purchased a tube and never ever recalled because. This stuff is remarkable. It actually works as it states on their site. We want somebody had actually informed us about this lotion or that we found out about it waay prior to. The lotion is just the best density and consistency that it’s not too oily sensation, but it certainly works 110%. The odor is great and enjoyable sufficient that it’s not too overwhelming and overbearing. The lotion seems like a thicker form of a moisturizing lotion you ‘d use to place on your hands, it’s a bit thicker like some of the hairdo gels/pommade. It’s got a little of what seems like a wax base but it’s not too heavy and it’s thin enough that your skin does not feel waxy at all. But the wax base is what our company believe offers the waterproof barrier on your skin. After putting it on your skin, it dries to a point that you do not feel all oily or sticky, but you can still inform that there is a finish barrier on the surface area of your skin. And you’ll actually observe the distinction when you delve into the swimming pool. The water just beads right off your skin. We understand that water does bead off your skin, but you can inform the distinction comparable to when you’re cleaning meals and you have grease from the meals on your skin, you can feel the water from the faucet glide off the palm of your hands when you’re cleaning the food off the meals. Rather than when you wash your hands as you generally do, you can inform the moisture from your hands is various, specifically after drying them off with a towel. With this pre-swim lotion, we can inform the water glides off and around our body as we are swimming and you will observe it more when you accelerate to swim much faster, the water walks around your skin in a different way. We believe that’s possibly why some people feel that they swim much faster when they use this lotion, not a lot that it makes you swim much faster as it is a placebo effect in making you believe that you’re swimming much faster. Also, do beware as this lotion will make your skin slippery as snot when wet. When it’s used to your skin, it seems like you just used some moisturizing lotion, but as quickly as you get in the swimming pool and your skin gets wet, your skin will seem like it’s been oiled with a teflon finish. As the directions state, certainly do not use any to the bottom of your feet and make certain you wipe your palms after you use it to your body. Otherwise, your hands will be super slippery once they get wet. Later on, taking a hot shower will make you seem like the majority of the lotion has actually cleaned off, but the intriguing thing that we saw is that our skin seems like it’s still hydrated after dryingoff Normally, after we get out of the shower, we need to put moisturizing lotion on our body otherwise our body begins to get itchy all over from the dry skin and difficult water. But when we get out of the shower after we had swam with the pre-swim lotion on our body, our body does not get all dry and itchy after coming out of the shower, so we do not even trouble placing on any moisturizing lotion later on. Great. Like we stated, we want they had a bigger tub size for this lotion, as we keep purchased two/three tubes to make certain we do not runout Just how much will a tube last will depend upon just how much you slather on your body. We constantly make certain to keep stockpiled with an extra tube just in case so that we do not run out prior to we go to the swimming pool as we can’t imagine swimming without this any longer.

We have actually been breaking out in an unusual rash all over our back and underarms in a particular member of the family jacuzzi beginning in 2015. It was to the point we would not enter it when checking out any longer. Utilized it for several years with no concern so possibly they altered the kind of chlorine they use? we do not break out in our swimming pool or our friends tub that we remained in a lot of times this summer, so it was strange attempting to figure out why it just occurred in that specific tub. They altered water/filters, and so on But we kept getting the strange red rash every-time that generally remained and made us unpleasant for about 3 days later on. It was not “folliculitis” that a google search will recommend, which is a rough red rash around hair roots. Mine looked more like a response to excessive chlorine or bromine on our skin and appeared like light red spots that itched like insane. We gambled and purchased some of this stuff and rubbed it on the locations we formerly had problems with and entered the exact same bothersome jacuzzi. We showered right after getting out with another brand names anti-chlorine shower gel just to be extra mindful all the chemicals were off our skin. The results: no rash. We utilized it once again on christmas eve with the exact same results, no more rash. We purchased a 3rd product to use after the shower to keep our skin hydrated too now. We were doubtful this product would work for us, but it did. The stuff is super-slippery so beware where you put it. A light finish on our face avoided it from getting all itchy and irritated from the tubs steam. Will be purchasing more as this stuff will run out quickly. Thanks dermaswim.

We have actually been utilizing this product for the last 4 years or two and it has actually altered because, not just the container, but also the texture. We more than happy to state that it has actually recommended the best. Now the lotion/cream is not as thick as it was prior to and the use of a tube rather of a jar is a lot easier. Years ago the cream was much thicker and you needed to actually squeeze difficult to get some out of the tube; for that reason, the subsequent modification to a jar. The crean does undoubtedly prevent dryness of the skin due to the chlorine in the swimming pool and helps a lot with eczema. The new texture also makes it much easier to spread out on your skin. It does smell when you first put it on, but it is very manageable; besides, once you enter into the swimming pool, the odor will dissapear. It will remain on you till the end of your swimming/diving and your clothing may stick a bit to your skin, but that is not actually a huge offer. In spite of all the goodness of the cream, we have found that the back of our hands do get dry during winter season and some times during summer. The low temperature levels and the reality that the hands are the main point of contact when swimming or diving might all add to it however. All in all, this is a wonderful product that has made some great enhancements over the years.

This product works remarkable to protect our child’s sensitive skin from chlorine and other irritants. It is a creaour product that looks like any other lotion, yet it works much diffferntly to protect her skin. We have actually attempted thicker products, such as vaseline and rash creams as preventatives, but this is the just thing that we have actually had that has actually actually worked. We reordered 3 more tubes to have on hand.

We are surprised and so happy that we found this product. We have actually disliked chlorine our whole life and it kept from taking pleasure in those swimming pool days with good friends and family. We believed we would never ever find anything to help till this. It’s super simple. You placed on a little prior to you swim, but let it sink in prior to you dive in. We didn’t require to reapply for the whole day, it remained on. We are so in love with this product and we swear by it now. After swimming we utilized the triswim body wash and lotion and it resembled magic. Our skin has actually never ever felt so soft and looked so great. No rash and we had the ability to actually take pleasure in the swimming pool for hours on end. Thank you deraswim, please do not alter since you have a life time customer.

Functions for us. We have actually been swimming 4-5 times a week for a number of years. About 6 months ago started experiencing itching and rash on legs and arms. Did a little research, found it was most likely due to the bromine in our club’s swimming pool, and attempted this. Rub it in prior to swimming, shower later on and you’re clear. Or, a minimum of we were. (we do shower with a soap that neutralizes chlorine, and that appears to help too– though we in some cases miss this step and still no rash. ).

We have actually swum for years, then took a break for afew Upon return, experienced allergies to chlorine/pool chemicals and wound up with chemical burn around our mouth and under the chin location. Not enjoyable or pretty, very itchy and unpleasant along with crusty mouth corners and sores. Among our aunts-in-law is a pharmacist and advised healing with cortisone or benadryl creams which assisted significantly, along with unscented lotion and preventing cosmetics in those locations. When fairly recovered, we went back to the swimming pool, this time armed with dermaswim – once again, her suggestion. (vaseline didn’t work to protect our skin in the swimming pool, and we wound up globbing anti-itch cream on at work and during the night till the inflammation diminished.) so we purchased this product online and let us just state, it works. It’s a slippery texture, white in colour in the beginning, but clear upon application. You do not require much, just a square dab is all we use. We follow up with an excellent wash solution after swimming our early morning laps, and after just a few days had the ability to use our regular moisturizer without burning or stinging. Dermaswim secures effectively, we advise it.

Usually, we swim laps for 30-50 minutes 4 days a week. While we understood that our skin was irritated after swimming we did not understand, till we utilized dermaswim pre -swimming lotion, how disruptive the in-pool inflammation was. The relief was discovered just when the inflammation was no longer there. What a great discovery and a great product. It is much easier to focus on working out and enhancing strategies without the diversion. The condition of our skin is substantially better after a few weeks of utilizing the product. A few of the skin degeneration and dryness that we credited to ageing was our skin’s response to regular direct exposure to chlorine. We are actually more comfy in our skin from utilizing dermaswim. The product actually secures skin from the cruelty that some people feel in chlorine. Well worth a shot.

We have actually just utilized this lotion two times but we can currently inform that it will be a lifesaver. We naturally have very soft skin that hardly ever feels dry or itchy, so imagine our surprise when, after 5 weeks of swimming nearly every day, we began to have trouble sleeping due to the skin on our arms and back itching awfully. The skin on our hands was super dry and beginning to crack and the entire thing was offering us a sadface. We also smelled like chlorine continuously. We have actually utilized dermaswim’s lotion two times, letting it permeate into our skin for about 20 minutes each time prior to going into the swimming pool, and our skin is healing and no longer smells like chlorine. We are so happy that we can continue swimming without stressing over our skin’s health. This stuff is pretty slippery, so do let it sink in prior to swimming. Also, we saw that it was difficult to hold a pull buoy in between our legs due to the included slipperiness. We believe in the future we will use a bit less in that location, or let it sink in longer.

It has actually been over 6 years because we have actually been to the swimming pool. We missed our kids maturing with us playing around in the swimming pool. We had a swimming pool in our home which due to our chlorine level of sensitivity we remained in it once in 5yrs. After utilizing this product the other day for the very first time, we had the ability to swim and romp in the swimming pool for an hour. Our child is very delighted as she now has a swim friend in me. We are very delighted as we can now see the beauty of summer without going bananas searching for a beach rather of just dipping in the swimming pool. Thank you dermaswim for this product. You have actually provided us back a part of our life we lost for the longest time ever.

We swim each and every single day now that we have a stress fracture and can’t run. The first few weeks of swimming were awful since we would get out of the swimming pool and odor like chlorine and have extremely dry skin for the rest of the day (regardless of cleaning off after leaving the swimming pool and showering with exfoliation when we got home). We just could not find a way to eliminate that smell/dryness. We came across this product and began utilizing it 2 weeks ago – it’s fantastic. It actually does help diffuse the chlorines impacts on the skin. We no longer smell like chlorine the entire day and our skin feels fantastic. We would extremely advise this for anybody that has problems with the chlorine.

We are so happy we found this product and it works. We want we understood about it last summer. Our boy and child just recently ended up being conscious chlorine and would get rashes either in the inner thigh or bloody nipples. The pediatric skin doctor not did anything last summer and stated it would disappear by itself. This cream has actually conserved their skin. Avoiding and treatment of their level of sensitivity. Thank you so a lot. We extremely advise.

We have sensitive skin and when it concerns swimming pools we get bad rashes. No matter just how much id clean and scrub ourself after a swim the chlorine wouldnt fully leave our skin which would trigger bad rashes. This product assisted alot. We put it on prior to a swim and it actually safeguards your skin versus chlorine.

We constantly get a severe, severe rash on our legs from swimming that lasts a week. We needed to make it through 6 weeks of swimming lessons. This stuff is miracle working. As a bonus, it smells excellent.

We had to do with ready to quit swimming at the fitness center since of the chlorine absorption in the swimming pool through our skin. A day of swimming indicated a few days of detoxing to avoid headaches and body pains from the chlorine. A friend recommended we attempt this product. It works. Rather of requiring 3 days to detox after swimming we do not require any. This keeps the chlorine out and we can swim as typically as we like. We just use a liberal quantity prior to placing on our suit and take pleasure in the swimming pool.

We love this. We started swimming at the y and actually enjoyed it. Nevertheless, the chlorine offered us a terrible rash on our face and neck. As quickly as we began utilizing this barrier cream on our skin. No rash and we had the ability to continue. Very effective.

This stuff works great. We were having rash problems after getting out of our spa and believed it was from the chlorine. We utilized this each time we entered and no rash or itching at all. You can see how it puts a shield on your skin so the water can’t touch you. If you have skin problems after swimming this is the stuff to use. We extremely advise it.

Definitely works for us. Our relative would grumble about the chlorine odor each time we swam prior to we began utilizing dermaswim. We purchased it and utilized it without informing our relative and after she didn’t point out anything about a chlorine odor we understood we had a winner. The drawback is that it does have an “off” odor to it. The product’s odor is a little rate to spend for having the ability to swim without smelling like chlorine all the time. We also use triswim products and they keep our skin in excellent order, but not do anything for the chlorine odor.

All the evaluations hold true. This product is fantastic. We bought to keep the chorine odor from penetrating our and our spouse s skin after swimming and hot tubbing at our fitness center, in addition to to protect our husbands little psoriasis patches. We have yet to use, but when our spouse got home after swimming and utilizing the product the other day, we didn’t even understand he had gone swimming. In the past, he would shower at the fitness center and then in your home once again and would still smell highly of chlorine. Also, his skin was itchy and dry. Nomore We can t wait to return to utilizing the swimming pool and jacuzzi.

Our boy was itching and had a terrible rash all over his body from continuously remaining in swimming pools this summer. He was itching 24/ 7 and was beginning to get scabs at his joints. Utilized this in addition to utilizing eczema lotion after washing off and the itch/rash has actually vanished. Great product.

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