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Curad Germ Shield Antimicrobial Gel

Curad Germ Shield Antimicrobial Gel

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Size: 0.5 Ounce (Pack of 3)Curad Silver Solution Antimicrobial Silver Wound Gel

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

What Is The Type And Ppm Of The Silver? What Are The Non-Active Ingredients? Thanks.?

According to the package: Silver 55 ppmOther Ingredients Carbomer, Glycerin, Sodium Chloride, Triethanolamine, Water.

Question Question 2

What Are The Ingredients??????

Silver 55 PM (parts per million) Carbomer, glycerin, sodium chloride, triethanolamine, water

Question Question 3

We Bought Silver Solution For Our Mom But Gotten Germ Shield Instead.What Is The Distinction Due To The Fact That She Firmly Insists Silver Worked But Not Germ Shield?

we were also rather puzzled by the obvious rebranding of the product byCurad Both the 2018 “Silver Solution” and the rebranded “Germ Shield” include the specific very same ingredients with the exact same quantity of silver: “Contains silver chloride (55 ppm), carbomer, silver nitrate, sodium chloride,” triethanolamine, water.

Question Question 4

How Long Will This Last In Our Drawer?

In your drawer just a week, all other locations it will last a year.

Question Question 5

What Are The Ingredients?

50 ppm of pure silver.

Question Question 6

What Is The Ppm?

55 ppm.we have utilized this for many years and it worksour go to antibiotic.

Question Question 7

What Expiration Dates?

That’s difficult to answer.Every tube is various and much depends upon when it’s ordered.we have purchased it two times and have had the ability to use the product prior to expiration.Hope this helps.

Question Question 8

Can We Use It Over To Heal 1Inch Cut For Abscess Drain In Underarm?

we do not see why not it works for us where often Neosporin does not.

Question Question 9

What Is The Expiration Date Of This Product? Thank You?

we purchased the 3 pack on 3-19 and the expiration date on these tubes are 2021/01

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Curad Germ Shield Antimicrobial Gel, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Definitely the most useful thing with any skin problem and infection. We have problems with body immune system after chemotherapy and we do not understand what we would do without it. Use it every day. Right how it is a just thing that useful and make a distinction in treatment. Perfect for all family too.

We had dermal damage to both feet (sparing graphic information) and used this daily. No occurrences of infection although the dressing might just be altered once daily. We work 12 to 16 hour days and sweating was a genuine threat. This and a sterile dressing used after the nighttime shower sufficed over a 3 day duration to grow back practically 18 sq cm of skin.

We use this on our great pyrennes woman as she gets “hot spots” if she fulfills any bugs or discovers a treat that isn’t grain-free. This stuff is great and ok to lick if she attempts to, but we do not require to fret as it dries and coats a good layer that holds up under her slobber. Put this stuff on any damaged skin she’s chewed after we spray petsilver spray on itchy location, even in her water bowl to heal from insideout Oh. And yes, our other half uses this curad germ shield all the time as he’s a tim-the- toolman.

This was advised to us by a doctor. They did list the size of tubes, but we did not recognize they where very little travel size tubes, but you use very little and it cleans up the boo boos fast. This is a great product, use this on all the human beings and animals here on our cattle ranch.

While handling daily basis for 6 months vitamins (omega 3,5,6,7,9,11 of kirkland wild alaskan fish oil 1400 mg) vitamin e and l-lysine, super b complex, not entirely. We utilized this cream on the blisters/cold sores, after 2 years returned once again instantly we did exact same procedure and that was 5 years earlier.

This is better than neosporin and our go to for each scrape, cut, and rash. It s for anti-fungal and antibacterial and has been a lifesaver for our eczema which no doctor had the answers for.

Heals sores that absolutely nothing else dealt with. Great for infection killing.

Great product: works well on cuts, scrapes, small burns, and so on

This is the freshly called product which is silver solution. We use this solution on cuts and it makes the healing time very short. Great product, specifically for the 3 pack.

Our other half and we definitely love this, way better than peroxide, you have a little cutter sore put a little of this on it with a band-aid and by the next early morning it sgone We would extremely advise this product.

Nano silver technology. The portion of silver is higher than most. If you are not familiar with with nano silver technology you require to research it. Eliminates all pathogens.

Incredible product. Small boo-boos heal up much faster, we keep in our handbag at all times.

This worked great for our relative years ago from a tube that was put in her at the hospital and she got mercer (mrsa) we utilized this stuff everytime we altered the dressing around her tube and it never ever returned. We also use it when we get a sore within our sound or a cut it works great.

We utilized to operate in a high school snack bar and got a nasty burn from the fryer. They put a silver solution on the burn and it was wonderful in removing the pain. This medication has silver solution in it and works. We never ever buy any other antibiotic cream. This does it all.

Treated germ shield is an outstanding product for battling bacteria.

We love this stuff every home need to have tubes of this on hand. When other germ killers would not battle an infection colloidal silver constantly works and this is among the most convenient kinds to use in the gel base.

The curad silver appears to be working effectively for us. We like this product but not the rate. We use it on our eczema and it helps. We dislike neosporen kind of products.

Bought one someplace and could not find it when we ranout This is the best anti-infection gel to use on cuts at a great rate.

This is very effective for irritating mouth ulcers.

The outright best in antiseptic lotions. Eliminates germs, infections and even fungal infections. More costly but with every cent.

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