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Corn Huskers Heavy Duty Oil-Free Hand Treatment Lotion

Corn Huskers Heavy Duty Oil-Free Hand Treatment Lotion

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Corn Huskers Heavy Duty Oil-Free Hand Treatment Lotion.

  • Oil free
  • Heavy duty hand treatment
  • Moisturizes and softens dry skin
  • Native land is United States

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Cornhusker lotion is an instantaneous moisturizer for your hands that permits you to go back to work rapidly. More like a gel than a lotion, Corn Husker’s lotion works great on dry hands. There are lots of products out there but absolutely nothing works better than Corn Husker lotion to keep your feet soft and callous free for such a little rate

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Corn Huskers Heavy Duty Oil-Free Hand Treatment Lotion.

Question Question 1

What Are The Ingredients? Does It Consist of Methylisothiazolinone?

Just examined the ingredients, TheOnlineDrugstore action below is appropriate. It does not point out methylisothiazolinone. Have a great day.?

Our Insights:

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We have just had this bottle for less than a day and our entirely persistent, rough, cracked hands are 50% softer. We have been utilizing a percentage after we wereh our hands and it is incredible how fast it works. We have attempted every other cream on the market to the point where we called our doctor for a skin doctor recommendation and his nurse suggested this lotion. If you have any fractures, it will burn a bit but it deserves it if you have attempted whatever else like me.

This was the just thing that assisted our hands when they were so dry from over cleaning during an ill episode in the home that they bleeding in some spots. Put this on during the night prior to bed, very kindly, then inexpensive cloth gloves over it. Reapplied couple times after cleaning hands throughout the day and our hands were back to normal in a few days.

This stuff works miracles on dry or cracked hands. We discovered it when we were a flower shop, when we remained in high school. We had ignored it till just recently and purchased itfrom It works just as well as we keep in mind. It’s generally just glycerin, but it does help rapidly soothe dry skin. Something, however, the fragrance is very strong and perfumey.

We love this product it does a great task of moisturizing our hands and our feet. We utilized it when we were a kid and it feels great to use it once again. But we did not like was the high rate thinking about these pandemic times. It seemed like rate determining.

This product is awsome. We have constantly had concern with breaking hands and feet when the weather condition gets too cold, this worked completely and now we never ever need to stress over our hands and feet from breaking and drying excessive. The only thing is that we were pretty dissatisfied when we saw the axact product (exact same size and brand) at walmart for a way less expensive reward (just $2. 97 at walmart).

Thank you for quick shipping. This is the best stuff on the market we use for hands and specifically our arms we have dried and cracked skin we extremely advise this to anybody with dry and cracked skin. Cheers kim.

Our hands crack every winter season, and up until now this has been working well to keep them from breaking. Just thing we are not insane about is it feels a little bit sticky for the first few minutes after putting it on.

We love this stuff for our hands, legs, feet – really our entire body. Great for keeping soft yet dries rapidly and does not stain or leave an oily sensation. Quick note: another customer stated he utilized it on his pet’s nose due to the fact that it was getting chapped and rough. We utilized it on mine just to provide it a shot. Voila. It worked. Our beautiful newfoundland now has a smooth, glossy nose.

We purchased this product two times due to the fact that we liked it a lot. Non- greasy on hands and does the task. Clean light scent.

Great worth for moisturizing your hands. Feet.Etc Desire it can be found in a bigger bottle.

Our other half has awful eczema. His hands are continuously breaking and bleeding and he burns out of needing to complete a prescription for his steroid cream. This is the just thing that offers his hands any relief and softens them up without remaining oily.

This stuff helps with our dry damaged hands and does not provide off the “bad vibe” we get from some more prevalent hand moisturizers.

We remember our papa utilizing corn husker lotion. He was a mechanic and his fingers would crack and bleed. Corn huskers lotion is keeping our fingers from breaking and bleeding too. It is keeping our hands soft. We like the way it dries after using it and is not not sticky.

We administer background checks and this lotion makes the finger prints much clearer. Its great due to the fact that it does not consist of oil. Everybody enjoys the odor. It does feel “weird/sticky” when you first put it on but keep rubbing it into your skin. It works.

Love this stuff. We have utilized it for several years. It’s more difficult to find these days. It is a thick, silky lotion, that soaks up quickly into your skin moisturizing it and healing the rough/dry spots. Terrific for dry cracked heels also.

We have utilized this product for over 50 years. Great product.

This is without a doubt the best oil free lotion for the body ever. We use this for our tattoos new and old it provides a great shine. Do not be alarmed, it feels sticky going on after it dries it is soft.

We purchased this for our other half. He typically does not like creams, but this one he does. He uses it about 3 times a day. Now we hope that it will work to improve his finger prints. Thanks for such a great product.

Best stuff ever made thnx.

Worked when other creams did not.

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