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Convatec Stomahesive Powder

Convatec Stomahesive Powder

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Size: 1 OunceConvaTec Stomahesive Powder 1 oz

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

It Can Be Delivered To Mexico?

Yes, we can have it delivered to Mexico.

Question Question 2

Today Is 4/14/20, What Is The Expiration Date For This Product Please?

Depends Upon when it wasmade our newest bottles that were bought in early 2019 have expiration dates of June2021 But, truly, it’s powder with no active ingredients so it must last a lot longer.

Question Question 3

Is This Various From A Traditional Stoma Powder? Thanks.?

we are not familiar with the “traditional” stoma powder by this name.we have constantly utilized stomahesive stoma powder given that2005 It avoids any skin breakdown. If we do have any redness we use this powder prior to using our bag. Just keep in mind to blow any excess powderoff we hope this helps you.

Question Question 4

Can This Product Be Utilized With A Stomahesive Paste Or Would It Change The Paste?

It would be utilized to protect the skin around a stoma. It has no adhesive residential or commercial properties, so it would not have the ability to change paste

Question Question 5

Is This The Very Same Thing As Stoma Powder?

Yes this is stoma powder

Question Question 6

What’S The Expiration Date?

The expiration date is 8/2018 or better.

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Our newborn had an awful diaper rash that was blistering and bleeding. We attempted every cream out there with no enhancement. Our mom is a nicu nurse and recommended this in combo with 3m cavilon spray to form a crust on his bottom which produces a barrier. It was a miracle employee. Google “crusting for diaper rash” to find guidelines. Generally, what worked best for us was to spray his clean bottom with cavilon spray, spray on the stoma powder, and repeat a couple times to layer it. Then we would fan his bottom for a few seconds to provide it an opportunity to dry then diaper him. It cleared his rash within a couple days.

This powder fast relief for skin inflammations. We utilized it after our spouses cancer surgery.

Dr advised in nicu for open sore diaper rash. Still use it periodically for 3 years. Helps keep protective diaper cream on sores not stayed with diaper.

This was advised from the “wound specialist” at duke. Our boy’s g-tube website would get a little red and oozy or irritated from time to time. This works great and keeps it dry we then out a little gauze over it under the plastic with no tape. Stomahesive is wonderful.

This is a product utilized by people with stomas– it works– typically relieveing pain from raw tissues after a couple of uses. We would extremely advise all people with stomas to keep the product on hand.


Our kids all have allergies that have usually appeared as diaper rashes in infancy. We were provided this product at the hospital and use it routinely. It helps protect our baby’s bottom when there’s a flare.

We use this on top of used cavilon skin barrier for the truly persistent skin sores under a ostoour flange with excellent lead to just a couple days. Does not take much of this powder as directed to get results. We have it in our med. Kit too.

This product is verry excellent when a client has an ileostoour. You understand the stool in this case is liquid and acid, so is very irritanting.

Excellent product.

Functions as explained.

Excellent product.

This was great for our kid’s butt when it got soo red and nearly bloody due to continuous diarrhea triggered by prescription antibiotics. Utilized it given that the hospital. Need to let it sit and not wipe off even if unclean. We understand it appears horrible but you should wipe locations around as much as you can and leave the barrier on top of the damaged skin. Once recovered, it will come off by itself.

Functions great.

Great product, works excellent.

Excellent product for those with ostomies. Functions well.

Great product if you have a problem with infection.

Use this for our baby when she gets diaper rash. Provides a very dry environment for her to heal.

Use everyday for our kids g-tube.

No concerns.

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