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ConvaTec Aloe Vesta Protective Ointment

ConvaTec Aloe Vesta Protective Ointment

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  • Readily available in 8 oz. Tube
  • This product made of high quality product
  • This product is produced in United States

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Package Amount: 1 Readily available in 8 oz.Tube This product made of high quality product. This product is produced in united states.

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When Do You Apply Throughout The Day Or Prior To Bed?

This is among our MOST FAVORITEproducts we use it after a shower to generally our feet & our hands (consisting of cuticles) If we feel our feet are extra dry, we use it prior to we go to bed.It is WONDERFUL.

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This is great stuff. We have had an elbow for many years that was constantly getting dry and skin flaking off, as in uneasy and awful. Mom got some in the hospital and with 2 weeks the elbow recovered. Just stating it worked great for us.

Toss out any other diaper rash/baby cream you have, this stuff is all you require. Among our postpartum nurses offered us a little bottle of this when our kid was born and we still have it (he s 9mo old) but bought more for the diaper bag. We use this for diaper rash, chapped cheeks/nose in the winter season, little scratches and we even use some on our hands when they re feeling extra dry. It s remarkable.

This is a lifesaver for macerated skin. After having a skin tear that developed into a pressure ulcer we had been dealing with significantly macerated skin surrounding the wound. We put some of this on the impacted skin prior to bandaging it up and we no longer need to fret about our wound getting excessive moisture. It is oily and takes some time to soak into the skin but it’s certainly worth it.

We got this cream in the hospital when we had our child and when we ran out we attempted other diaper creams. This one is far superior. It is great as diaper cream, it cleans up off quickly but secures well. Our kid had eczema and it was the just thing that assisted. It also deals with sunburn. Certainly suggested. We buy it for everybody we understand that has a baby.

We first attempted this lotion when our daddy remained in the hospital and they offered it to him. We were connected from the first day. We reside in arizona which is a very dry location with sun possibly 340 days a year. Anyhow the dryness and sun take it’s toll on your skin. This lotion after showering goes on smooth and soaks up instantly. No awaiting the oily feel to disappear. It last long too and there’s no odor to dispute with other scents you use. Great on your elbows and heels. We use it as a body lotion when we get out of the shower.

We purchased this for our daddy. He’s incontinence and had some truly bad rashes that will not disappear. After he put this on the opening night, his rashes primarily disappeared, simply remarkable. Cost is great and shipping is fast. Very happy with the product and the seller. Ml.

Goes a long way as you do not require to use a lot and it is suggested by our doctor for healing skin.

We required a product to protect skin around a problem location and had attempted numerous various lotions. This product is excellent. We winced when we saw it was another white cream due to the fact that we had some that were a genuine mess to use and were difficult to use. This is softer and is easy to use. It rubs in efficiently and turns clear when absorbed. It leaves a soft moisturizing shine on the skin. Its a fantastic soothing product.

This is an outstanding product. We have utilized it to protect skin that is dry & thin & susceptible to pressure and rubbing, and to help heal abrasions, bedsores, and 12- month old’s diaper rash. We have also utilized it to keep our partner’s dermatitis at bay. The skin appears to heal much quicker than with other products.

The hospital utilized this on our newborn in the nicu, and offered it to us to take home. It’s great for daily use for avoiding diaper rashes, and it truly moisturizes the skin successfully and rapidly. It is rather thick, but it soaks up into the skin well and does not smell, it’s odorless. So it’s great for babies or anybody with sensitive skin. But it’s also helpful for anybody. We have normal skin, and we use it to moisturize our hands after they get so dry from cleaning bottles and meals all the time. After we completed the supply from the hospital, we bought more online.

Exceptional cream, all purpose, for moisturizing healing and protectingwe use it for body and face. Best cream offered.

We periodically get dry, cracked patches on our hands, and no other ointment/lotion/cream has worked for us. We have attempted basically whatever out there that declares to be the best, but have had no success, this stuff is the just stuff that works, and it works well. We would extremely advise it.

Gentle on irritated skin. As promoted.

This ointment is very great– thick, heavy, and with very simple ingredients. We have very sensitive, itchy, dry skin; and we use this product on chapped lips, or under sleeping gloves in the evening for chapped hands. We use the buddy product (aloe vesta skin conditioner) on our hands during the day; it is also very soothing but not as oily as the ointment.

We love this product. We use to use it at work. We are happy we can now use it in the house.

The nicu enjoyed this and so do we.

We have utilized it prior to and it works very wekk.

Best ointment/moisturizer out there.

Our partner asked us to get him some more after his doctor offered him a sample.

We were offered this during a hospital see. This is the best moisturizing product we have ever utilized. Please remember that it is petroleum based so it’s a little like utilizing vaseline but with the soothing aloe, it heals as it moisturizes.

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