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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion.

  • [ LIGHTWEIGHT LOTION ] Ideal for use on the whole body, face, and even as hand cream for dry hands
  • [ PATENTED TECHNOLOGY ] Makes use of patented MVE managed release technology to help renew ceramides and provide long-term moisturization
  • [ ALL DAY HYDRATION ] Light-weight formula that provides 24 hour hydration and helps bring back the protective skin barrier with 3 essential ceramides (1, 3, 6 II)
  • [ GENTLE ON SKIN ] Free of fragrance and oil, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and non-irritating
  • [ MOISTURE RETAINING INGREDIENTS ] Formulated with hyaluronic acid to help maintain skin’s natural moisture

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More Info:

Here are some more information on CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion.
Size: 12 Ounce Established with skin specialists, CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion has a unique, light-weight formula that provides 24- hour hydration and helps bring back the protective skin barrier with 3 essential ceramides (1,3,6-II). The formula also contains hyaluronic acid to help maintain skin s natural moisture. Oil- free Fragrance- free Non- comedogenic Gentle, non-irritating formula Secret Ingredients: MVE Technology: This patented shipment system constantly launches moisturizing ingredients for 24- hour hydration Ceramides: Essential for healthy skin, ceramides help bring back and keep the skin s natural barrier Hyaluronic Acid: This component draws in hydration to the skin s surface area and helps the skin maintain moisture

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion.

Question Question 1

Why Exist 3 Lists Of Ingredients On This Page?

It’s really all of the ingredients, but appears like each line is separated with the word ingredients. Simply put, take out the second and 3rd word”Ingredient” and you will just have the ingredients noted on the bottle.

Question Question 2

Can We Use It Prior To Going To Sleep At Night?

Yes you can. All CeraVe products can be utilized day or night. Moisturizing Lotion will offer long-term hydration, day and night. To include an SPF to your early morning regimen, we advise our AM MoisturizingLotion Take a look at our Brand Shop for more info. https://amzn.to/2E4A4zV. We d love to hear what you believe.

Question Question 3

Is Cerave Moisturizing Lotion Valuable For Dry Skin?

CeraVe products are perfect for dry skin. Daily Moisturizing Lotion is light-weight and offers enduring hydration. For a thicker consistency during the winter season, attempt the Moisturizing Cream.Take a look at our Brand Shop for more info. https://amzn.to/2E4A4zV

Question Question 4

How Come Has 2 Various Cost For The Exact Same 12 Oz Cerave Moisturizing Lotion?

since its various sellers.you can buy from any of them but checkout their customer rankings prior to you buy.

Question Question 5

How Do We Get To Voucher For Cerave Lotion?

How do we get a discount coupon for CeraVe?

Question Question 6

Can We Put This On Our Face?

Sure-it’s a great gentle moisturizer. our skin doctor suggested it for face and body for our sensitive skin.

Question Question 7

Is This Lotion Fragrance Free? Thank You?

Hi rogersgirl. Yes, this product is fragrance free. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Question Question 8

Is This Made For Eczema?

we have extensive eczema and our dermatogist extremely suggested Cerave. They also offered the Cerave lotion there, so we purchased one and it does work.

Question Question 9

Should We Put This On Right After We Use The Cerave Hydrating Cleanser?

Let your face dry and then put it on, alot not a pea size drop, Do not understand if your male or woman, for male after you shave put alot onDon’t forget the rest of your body, put it every where, legs back all over,You can get help from your partner. Oh now it is all gone order 2 next time.

Question Question 10

Exists A Variation Without Parabens?

you would need to ask the maker.

Question Question 11

Is This For The Face?

Never ever utilized for face- but rest of body-arms/legs/ back and incredible for thatwe would buy a product particular for face

Question Question 12

Is It Real About The Odd Odor?

What strange odor? we do not smell anything strange; but once again, to each their own.

Question Question 13

Any 2019 Examines On This Product? Has Any Of The 2019 Product Been Foul-smelling Or Bad Odor? Exists An Expiration Date?

Our products have been checked to have at least a 3-year service life if unopened and kept at normal space temperature level, during which they will maintain their stability and carry out as anticipated. If your product looks and smells the way it generally does, it is excellent to use. Particular products, for instance sun blocks, m Our products have been checked to have at least a 3-year service life if unopened and kept at normal space temperature level, during which they will maintain their stability and carry out as anticipated. If your product looks and smells the way it generally does, it is excellent to use. Particular products, for instance sun blocks, might have an expiration date printed on the product. We hope this is handy.

Question Question 14

Can This Product Be Utilized As A Face Moisturizer? Or Is It A Body Lotion?

this product might be utilized as a facial moisturizer along with a body lotion.

Question Question 15

Where Can We Find The Expiration Date?. That’S Odd We Can’T Find It.?

Various nations have various guidelines about expiration dates onproducts we worked for a company that made sun blocks. Their expiration date was 2 years from the manufacture date. Nevertheless when we made it for.Mexico we believe? There was no expiration date noted as it was not a requirement. The expira Various nations have various guidelines about expiration dates onproducts we worked for a company that made sun blocks. Their expiration date was 2 years from the manufacture date. Nevertheless when we made it for.Mexico we believe? There was no expiration date noted as it was not a requirement. The expiration date for the sun blocks was since of the substances in it that protect you from the sun would break down after 2 years out of appropriate variety from what was noted on the product label, FDA controlled. Those substances deteriorate with direct exposure to light over time (thus why you need to reapply sunscreen so frequently). Nevertheless this lotion is most likely ruled out a “drug” like sun blocks, acne medications and things that treat dandruff and are for that reason exempt to the FDA requirement to have an expiration date. we would provide it one year after opening, since of the capacity for germs to grow, specifically given that water is the # 1 component.

Question Question 16

How Is This For Sun Damaged Skin?

It helps mine.

Question Question 17

Will This Make The Pores On Our Face Look Bigger?Will It Blockage Pores?

Its not a face moisturizer its for hands and body but nowe do not believe it will block pores as it is very light. They do make particular face moisturizer.

Question Question 18

Do You Carry Nivea Products?


Question Question 19

Is This An Excellent Moisturizing Lotion For A 90 Yo Female?

Thank you for reaching out about CeraVes Daily MoisturizingLotion This moisturizing lotion is a light-weight, oil-free moisturizer that helps hydrate the skin and restore its natural barrier. Hypoallergenic and non-irritating, this daily moisturizer is gentle on the skin as it provides a consistent stream of Thank you for reaching out about CeraVes Daily MoisturizingLotion This moisturizing lotion is a light-weight, oil-free moisturizer that helps hydrate the skin and restore its natural barrier. Hypoallergenic and non-irritating, this daily moisturizer is gentle on the skin as it provides a consistent stream of 24- hour hydration. We hope this information about our lotion is handy and that you can constantly use CeraVe with great success.

Question Question 20

What Portion Of Hyaluronic Acid Is Consisted Of Within Cerave Products?

Do not understand % but it’s #12 on the ingredientslist Draw your own conclusions.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

When choosing whether to buy the lotion or cream variation of this cerave daily moisturizer about 1-1/2 years earlier, we chose to go with the cream based on some of the less-than- happy user evaluations for the lotion, and primarily for the truth that body creams had never ever been moisturizing enough for us. Our skin isn’t awfully dry (no flaking, and so on) but it appears that we require a bit more of an emollient product. After going through 3 tubs of the cream (we used after our evening shower), we had some growing dislikes – not just the stickiness after using, but the next early morning our skin never ever appeared like it was hydrated enough. So 2 weeka ago we order the lotion and oh boy. After just 3 days of use our skin is now softer throughout an entire day. It goes on a lot better than the cream too – no stickiness. Never ever believed we would be raving about a body lotion – lol. So at this moment we are follower. We extremely advise this lotion.

Our skin doctor recommended utilizing this brand ofproducts The moisturizing cleanser is so excellent, our hands and face never ever feel dry when utilizing. The lotion is light and takes in rapidly. The cream is fantastic for those locations of your body that are so very dry. We had dry flakey legs, our skin doctor recommended utilizing the lotion first, to leave a layer of moisture. Then use the cream to lock all the moisture in. It just took 3 days to get our diabetic legs soft and flexible once again. We truly advise these products to all our good friends, and now to you too.

5/2019 edit: still utilizingand It was great for winter season also. We didn’t require anything more intense. We keep a huge container of this around all the time. It is a staple. If you wash your face, leave it a little wet and then put this on, you awaken with fresh skin. _____________________________________________________________ we have attempted many creams and creams over the last years. Some were just oily and never ever truly absorbed, some had an medicinal odor, some worked better than others, but none have done a better, more acceptable task in what we look for in a daily lotion than this one. Great pluses: it takes in rapidly, it’s light and we can put it on in the evening and awaken and our face and hands are just wondrously. Smooth and soft. We really put this on our face over a retinol serum, helps amp the moisture. We also use it to take off comprise and for days we are not using comprise, specifically in winter season if our skin is dry, we use this to “wash” our face. We smear some around our face and take a somewhat rough paper towel to exfoliate and just rub itoff Enough is left even scrubbing it off, to leave our face hydrated, yet clean. We love that it is essentially unscented. We are very sensitive and we get practically absolutely nothing from it, so those who are sensitive as we are or do not desire something to contend with whatever fragrance they use, this is great. It’s summer and we do not understand if we will require to go to their more intense cream for winter season, but for now, absolutely happy. Oh, and we love we can use on our face as an economical moisturizer and it does not aggravate our skin. Fabulous product we can use for face, hands, legs at a great rate. To have a product that does not cost a fortune that does what we require it to do for face and body? among our perpetuity fav products now.

We love this. Our puts appear noticeably smaller sized and our makeup goes on perfectly. Our friend has eczema on her face and she was really stunned on how fast it improved her skin after one application. Note it did take 3 days to clean up but it was substantially better after one application. We are not promoting for eczema we are just stating it assisted her lolit can be oily if used exceedingly, but a little dab goes a long way and isn’t oily. We have oily skin and our friend has dry skin.

When you get a great batch, it’s great. When you get a bad batch, it smells like urine and it’s incredibly terrible. You wind up needing to toss it out and demand a replacement.

Prior to we enter our book of an evaluation, here s the summary of what we believe. We discovered this while trying to find a lotion that works best for non-oily skin, a daily lotion, for sensitive-ish skin, we found the perfect one with this. We purchased this about 2 weeks earlier, was delivered in 2 days, & when we got it absolutely nothing was incorrect with the product packaging or bottle. Anyways, we began utilizing this after we chose to change from our neutrogena oil-free moisture which we had been utilizing for about 6 months. We do not have naturally oily skin so it was too drying. But with maaaaany hours invested trying to find a face lotion with excellent evaluations we discovered this and let us just state it deserves the cash, we remain in love. Functions for face and body which we were doubtful about in the beginning but we do not regret our purchase at all and we extremely extremely reccomend anybody purchase this. Our skin is a little sensitive primarily to fragrances (specifically our face) & this is incredible. No breakouts, no rash, we will use this permanently.

Wonderful. Our specialist suggested cerave and we provided it a shot. Once used you barely understand it exists. Unlike most creams, our skin still feels excellent numerous hours after application. Definitely the the best moisturizing product we have utilized.

This lotion was suggested to us by our skin doctor for hypersensitive skin. We also get rosacea and this works well after we get out of the shower. It is unscented and doesn t have any irritants in. We highly advise this to anybody with sensitive skin or people who can not deal with extreme products that consist of a great deal of chemicals and fragrances. We also have a great deal of sun damage from costs our life around the water. We love this lotion and it s the just brand that we use. Nevertheless it can be a little expensive. It s worth it to us for healthy looking skin and is non annoying. Each and every single thing that we attempted prior to this made our skin look dreadful. We extremely advise this to people with very sensitive skin. We got this very rapidly from here and for less than we can get it from the shop thats close and practical for us. This is a a lot easier way to buy it and it s cheaper too. Thank you for the fast shipping and the product packaging was great also.

We have had medical professionals and a derm we saw in the previous advise cerave to us but we never ever listened. We want we had earlier since our battle has constantly been having dry skin from the products we use on our face to combat acne (benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid 2% wash, and tea tree oil on cysts) and whenever we utilized a moisturizer it appeared to stop the benzoyl peroxide from working. We are not exactly sure what was occurring, but it was irritating since we would either break out any place we had the dry skin or if we placed on a moisturizer our skin didn’t like then we would get a cyst there anyhow. We are presently 22 and we deal with adult cystic acne. In our viewpoint, this is even worse than when we were a teen and we had primarily whiteheads and the periodic cyst. It is more unpleasant and it draws when every blemish is a cyst. We would do anything to just have whiteheads rather and it can be hard to handle even while doing our best to consume better, reduce stress, get better sleep, etc. We have gotten our hormonal agents inspected and whatever is normal. Our skincare regimen is our best defense versus the cysts besides, naturally, the healthy way of life. We have very sensitive skin, and this is the just moisturizer we have ever utilized in our life that does not aggravate our skin and make it feel weighed down. Possibly other moisturizers didn’t feel oily, but it felt heavy, or it just felt incorrect. We do not understand if that makes good sense tosome When you put a product on your face and your skin does not like it, it can be bothersome given that you invested the cash on it currently and then unpleasant given that it will result in a breakout. We have been utilizing this for about a month now on our face and our arms and chest and it is fantastic. We would state this is certainly going to be our go-to moisturizer for our face for as long as we live. It truly does the task. The rest of our body we believe we will need to use shea butter in the chillier months given that this is more light-weight for specific locations of the body, but it still does a great task of moisturizing. Our elbows just require a little extra love, y’ understand? anyhow, we would recommend this to any person. If you have truly dry, sensitive skin then this might work for you. It worked for us. We also do love that it is unscented. Possibly it was the fragrance in other moisturizers that made our skin freakout General – 10/10, 5 star, all the good ideas. Does not aggravate our skin, isn’t heavy or oily, isn’t too light-weight either, doctor/dermatologist authorized, remarkable rate for the size, and can be utilized on face and body. Cool beans.

We love this lotion. We have it best beside our cooking area sink. We put it on each time we wereh our hands or wash meals. It leaves our hands soft but not oily. We also use the cerave tub lotion on our face which we love. The only lotion that does not make us break out on our face. The ceramides are also great for skin. We would acquire once again.

We have been utilizing this moisturizer for 7+ years and we will continue to use it up until the end of time. This is the one product that we rely on entirely. For referral, we have oily skin and hormone acne, and we frequently use tretinoin along with chemical exfoliators to deal with it. This moisturizer is incredible for a number of factors:1. Super light and takes in quickly. No oily or oily feel after application. 2. In spite of being so light, it is truly moisturizing and hydrating. We can right away feel a distinction after putting it on. 3. Since it’s so light we can quickly layer it and slather our face with it in the early morning understanding that it will not trigger problems. 4. No reactions/breakouts, no pilling under makeup or sunscreen, no inflammation. When our skin is dissatisfied this is the just thing we use since of how calming, gentle, and standard it is. This isn’t an expensive plumping product with actives or oils or any other complex ingredients. It’s standard, simple, and it just does it’s task: moisturizing your skin. Not to discuss the incredible price. We chose to compose this evaluation after we branched out and attempted a various moisturizer that made our face break out in a horrible rash + cystic acne. We returned to just utilizing this and our skin was back to normal within days. Never ever wandering off from cerave once again.

We are 66, have utilized leading line treatments for years. But in the last 5 months our face began to – well, droop. We checked out a post advising this product with ceramide complexes. They’re readily available here, fairly priced. It just could not work. But it did. In 8 days our lines and complexion have cleared, along with our skin’s comfort. And this is a lotion, not a whipping cream. But truthfully, this is what we are utilizing from now on. Why fix it if it’s perfect?.

We love this product and have continued to use it for a while now. No insane odor or thick, oily texture. You can use it anywhere on your body, but we tend to use it on our face after showering and preparing yourself for the day. We also love their product packaging and no delights branding. Very professional, decent, and straight-forward– much like the product within. If you desire something that moisturizes well, will not aggravate your skin or sense of odor, and goes on quick, light, and easy, then this is the lotion for you. In general, size is excellent and it lasts for a good quantity of time depending upon your use. Regardless, it is among the best out there we have attempted.

We have been utilizing this moisturizer specifically for the previous 3 years. We didn’t like other moisturizers in the past since they would either leave our skin sensation oily, make us break out, or leave us feeling clamour if we unintentionally utilized excessive. This moisturizer leaves our skin sensation light and revitalized in the winter season, and throughout the year. There’s no heavy residue left on your skin after you use this. No more dry, cracked or itchy skin.

We have been utilizing this lotion for many years. We have severe cases of excema, but this keeps it under control. The lotion is thin and dries rapidly, without leaving your skin oily. Having this on membership is great, nevertheless just recently we have been getting lotion that has a fish odor once it s used. We have returned those products in exchange for replacement bottles. Not exactly sure if this is old stock or a problem with quality assurance.

Love it. Very excellent moisturizer, takes in fast, and no oily sensation. We have very sensitive skin and these are even better find than certaphil, which we had been utilizing for the previous 5 years.

We just got it today. After cleansing our face, first, we would prep with serum then a skin guide egf along with other moisterizers and lastly, we utilized the cerave with 3 essential ceramides & hyaluronic acid to seal and bring back the protective skin barrier. We put a lot on our face and relaxed the redness and our skin looks a lot better. We believe in time with continuing use, we will see our skin getting better andbetter We genuinely suggested.

We have attempted numerous body creams, and this one is tops. We have sensitive skin and mild rosacea, and we can even use this on our face with no problems. Midlife has talented us with specifically dry skin on our legs. Cerave keeps the ashiness at bay longer than any other lotion. Use it right away after leaving the shower while your skin is still damp for best results. It is very, very light, with absolutely no greasiness. It will entirely soak up within a few minutes.

Very hydrating, we have super dry/dehydrated skin and we use this alone in the summer but requirement more in the winter season so we use another one with this. Our skin is pretty sensitive and this just hydrates it without making us break out or anything. We prefer this over their facial moisturizer and truthfully the just distinction is that one is thicker.

We extremely advise this lotion. We have dry skin and it s very moisturizing. We also have radiation burns on our left knee and left thigh, which is continuously going dry, and we put this lotion on it a couple times a week to hydrate. There is no overwhelming scent. It s great for our extremely sensitive skin. It does not leave your hands feeling oily like other creams do. A great suggestion: if you get sunburned, put this lotion all over your body prior to you shower and it will help keep you hydrated and your sunburn won t hurt as bad after you get out of the shower.

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