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CareStat Wound Dressing Gel

CareStat Wound Dressing Gel

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Here are a few main benefits of CareStat Wound Dressing Gel.

  • Hinders development of bacteria and fungis
  • 32 ppm exclusive silver solution
  • Water based gel

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Size: 3 Ounce Carestat is a water-based gel for use in damp wound care management, wound dressing gel is a should have product for home and on the go.

Our Insights:

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We had actually gotten from among our doctor check outs to take home but it was a smaller sized variation. We got this as we work outdoors with little kids who are well-known for getting cuts and swellings and having disasters when it comes time to use dressing. We recognized that this stuff works actually well since of how cold it is when put on injuries. We purchased one now im checking out purchased bulk since it s very incredible at its job of dealing with injuries. We connected some pictures for size contrast.

Terrific healing product. We utilized during and after radiation treatment. We bought a total of 5 tubes. This will be a product we will constantly keep at home. We are so grateful for this product.

We has a open wound that wasn’t healing. This gel worked marvels.

Doctor suggested for soothing the dreadful skin burn brought on by radiation.

Best product for tattoos. Use this and you will not lose any ink during the healing procedure. We will not use anything else on mine.

This wound dressing gel resembles magic our child gets harm a lot and once he attempted it the wound recovered in max 3 days.

This wound dressing is what our mother’s doctor offered her injuries when her heels were debrided. This is a great gel which contains silver. We use it also for cuts and other injuries. Extremely advise.

Product we were trying to find sanctuary t utilized it will use once radiation begins.

Does the task of moisturizing dried out or sunburn skin. Pricey cream though for what it is.

Doctor suggested and it works great.

The very best wound gel.

Remarkable for burns. Takes the sting out plus quick healing. We utilized it on 2 cooking area burns and our scars are very minamal.

Excellent product.

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