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BSN Medical Cover-Roll Stretch -Woven Adhesive Bandage

BSN Medical Cover-Roll Stretch -Woven Adhesive Bandage

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of BSN Medical Cover-Roll Stretch -Woven Adhesive Bandage.

  • Use alone or under Leukotape P Sportstape
  • Great for Shoulder and Knee/Pattellofemoral/McConnell Taping
  • Cut for a range of applications, Gets rid of painlessly
  • Hypoallergenic, latex-free, water resistant, air-permeable
  • Stretches with skin to supply client comfort

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More Info:

Here are some more information on BSN Medical Cover-Roll Stretch -Woven Adhesive Bandage.
Cover Roll Stretch, Dimensions: 4′ x 10 yds., Cover-Roll Stretch and Leukotape P are products particularly developed for the patellofemoral (McConnell) taping method for correcting patellar position. Use alone or under Leukotape P Sportstape. (also offered) Apply to elbows to prevent grass burns and skin abrasions Uses the convenience of single-sheet taping over dressings. Cut to size to protect practically and dressing. Stretches with skin to supply client comfort. Gets rid of painlessly. Air and exudate permeable, hypoallergenic and clear. Roll size is 4″ x 10 backyards. – Use with Leukotape P or Kinesio TapeLatex Free Rayon-backed tape with aggressive zinc oxide adhesive is suggested for patello-femoral, hip and shoulder restorative taping methods.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on BSN Medical Cover-Roll Stretch -Woven Adhesive Bandage.

Question Question 1

Is This Excellent For Covering Tattoos While Running?

most likely, great stuff, very sticky

Question Question 2

Which Brand Of The Cover Roll Tape Has Adhesive On The One Side Or Do You Need To By The Tape?

The tape has the adhesive on the paper covered side.You remove the paper support to expose the adhesive side.

Question Question 3

Will This Tape Stretch Some When Attempting Cover A Dressing?

Yes it will. we have a skin problem on our left lower leg and we get blisters every now and then. we cover them with triple A and gauze and then the cover roll stretch. we use the cover roll stretch since it works well and won t peel up the surrounding skin.

Question Question 4

Why Exist 2 Rolls Ofdifferent Sizes Pictured?

2 various options of sizes

Question Question 5

Is Bsn The Like Beiersdorf?

this is Jobst – Cover-Roll Stretch Non- Woven Bandage: deals the convenience of single-sheet taping over dressings. Provides light compression. Cut to size to protect practically any dressing. Air and exudate permeable, hypoallergenic and clear.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on BSN Medical Cover-Roll Stretch -Woven Adhesive Bandage, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We have sensitive skin and we have also had numerous numerous basel cells gotten rid of from our skin. Following the removal of one. We need to use a dressing/bandaid a minimum of 2 weeks while things heal up. This is the just tape that we can place on our skin for a 2 week duration that does not leave it red and inflamed. Yes, we alter the dressing daily and we beware will what we use on our skin. But the paper tape and regular bandaids constantly make our skin red where they stick even after one day. We first experienced it in our skin doctor’s workplace when they utilized it in a dressing. Ever since we purchase our own supplies. Thank you for bring this great product.

We have a persistent ulcer on our lower best leg from where we were struck by a vehicle on a moped when we were 12 years of ages. It remains open frequently and for that reason need to keep it covered. The tissue around the ulcer is scar tissue and very sensitive and this is the just tape that do not break us out, plus it’s easy to use by ourself and not make a mess of it.

We dislike darn near whatever under the sun, consisting of a number of kinds of adhesives. We acquired this, at the suggestion of our skin doctor. We can’t even use band-aids without inflating and breaking out into hives. We are uncertain what the distinction is in between band-aid and cover-roll adhesives, but it works. Thank you.

Our relative uses this for both knee and shoulder injuries and as preventive care when she will be under high physical stress. There are other brand names offered and she has actually attempted them. The bsn brand holds better and longer than any other brand she uses. This was the brand suggested by her physiotherapist as wash you medical center, here in st. Louis. They are leading organization and look after professional athletes, dancers and artists regularly, so they can’t stint quality. Extremely suggested.

We love this tape. Bought this brand at first but found an alternative brand (99 9% the exact same, just various phrasing, we believe it’s made by the exact same producer and is resold by bsn medical). Examine out our other evaluation to see the alternative, more affordable brand. Nevertheless, compare the 2 as perhaps in the future, bsn medical will be more affordable. Win for customers. Please see our other evaluation for hypafix dressing retention tape for a more comprehensive evaluation.

After attempting every cover possible for bp patch, this was the ticket. We will be utilizing this stuff. Permanently bcuz we dislike all others and this adheres and does not make us break out.

The product is very gentle on sensitive skin. We dislike tape and this never ever triggers a rash. We utilized it on our hospice clients and never ever had a problem. The chart on the paper support makes cutting easy. It adheres perfectly to shapes and has a little bit of stretch.

We ahve been going to physical therapy for our knees for months. When launched they needed to teach our partner how to continue to tape our knee caps till they heal. Buying this tape from a shop or the center was very pricey. Not just did we find tape more economical but it works better than the tape they were providing uswith Less sticky residue left, much easier to remove and stretches so it is more comfy. Not to point out remain on 3 times longer. Will definitely be bought more when the time comes.

To buy this stuff from a medical supply location is insane pricey. The stuff sticks well but comes off the skin pretty easy when required. Easy to use and great quality.

The very best stuff you might use to cover second skin or a comparable dressing for blisters or cuts. Use it typically to help cover blisters established on the treks we perform in the marine corps.

Incredible. Never ever utilized this prior to this year a god send out in bandaging,,,,,,, remains on, super thin, does not eave filthy glue marks around edges, comes off perfectly. The large with is the best utilized with gauze pads to make a bandage we can’t state sufficient about this product. Will constantly have it in our home.

We needed to dress a wound for 8 months and this is the best adhesive we found to cover gauze. It is easy to use and does not pull the skin as severely as some other adhesives upon removal. We did get a few skin tears every once in a while but 8 months of solid bandaging will do that with any adhesive. Once we found this product, we never ever utilized anything else.

We use this to keep our patch adhere to our skin. It works great we can shower with it on and it does not comeoff We alter our patch every 3 days and we need to peel the tape off with a little effort. We truly like that we can suffice to any size we desire.

Great way to keep cuts from getting infected with germs.

Definitely the best for covering the bandaging on a large wound. Its versatile for locations that bend and relocation and it wont come off, b ut its not too sticky to where it hurts when removing it from the skin. Shipment remained in about 3 days. Enjoyed it.

Worth it.

Great product. Dream adhesion was better for use in sweaty sports.

This stuff resembles magic. It stick but does not tear the skin when being gotten rid of, even on the most sensitive skin. We use it to make our own over-sized bandages utilizing 2 x 2 gauze.

Have actually utilized this product to help gauze and non stick gauze and the best product to hold them in location. First were offered to us after treatment at mayo center.

This is great for people, how have trouble with tape, or brandade’s, or have thin skin. It’s great.

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