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Breast Stretch Marks Removal

Breast Stretch Marks Removal

Breast Stretch Marks Causes and Solutions

If you’re new here, you may want to read my comprehensive stretch mark creams reviews where I compare all the stretch mark creams in the market side by side.

Stretch marks are small tears that form in the tissue that supports the skin and helps it stretch. Stretch marks represent the tearing or separation of collagen from the skin when tearing occurs. Stretch marks are not harmful or painful and usually fade over time.

Weight loss/weight gain – Putting on a lot of weight over a short time can also cause stretch marks. And if you are on a diet and intended to lose weight, there is a possibility in the appearance of stretch marks. On relieving stretch marks, nothing is known as an exact treatment for stretch marks. But the following initial treatments might help you to slightly fade stretch marks.

Skin over the abdomen is supple and has an underneath fat deposition. Sudden loss of weight after the baby is born makes the skin loose and striate appear prominent at that time, which is when most women start worrying about them. Normally after pregnancy, these stretch marks fade away slowly as the body comes back to normalcy and is repairing all the tissues. Usually after 12 months post partum these marks do fade away and are much lighter than before.

Stretch marks seem impossible to deal with. You can’t just throw them away. Various stretch mark treatments are available for stretch marks removal like ointments, the most popular of which is cocoa butter. You may also use Vitamin E oil or other ointments. If the stretch marks are really severe and these treatments do not help, consult your health care specialist, as there are laser treatments, dermabrasion, tretenoin, isotretenoin, adepalin and many such methods are being discovered.

Breast stretch marks may be formed on the belly, buttocks, thighs, upper arms or breasts or any area where fat tends to accumulate. The main cause of breast stretch marks is that during pregnancy the hormones begin to induce the breasts for lactating to feed the unborn baby. If the person’s weight gain is sudden and enormous the skin and underlying tissue stretch beyond their capacity, the collagen deep in the tissues break apart.

Pregnancy stretch marks are not at all harmful and can be treated easily by some herbal treatments also. These herbal treatments include daily massage with cocoa butter, olive oil, wheat germ oil. Other homemade recipes can also be tried as they can in no way harm your skin. These recipes includes rubbing of apricot scrub on affected areas.

It is advisable that you should never overeat as it may result in rapid weight gain. Also, you should never cut your diet too much which may reduce your weight instantly. Every step, whether for gaining or losing should be taken slowly to avoid the occurrence of pregnancy stretch marks? One of the most important advices given by the doctors to all the expected mothers is to have a good natural source of folic acid.

Women with serious patches may have to opt for laser treatment or dermabrasion. These options have become quite popular in the recent years, because they offer a high success rate. Laser treatment can totally reduce or significantly reduce the presence of marks on breast, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, and hips. Laser treatment is an expensive option, but it is worth a try. Especially for those women who are really scarred, it will help them get back their confidence.

Breast Stretch Marks

Stretching “canvas of physical beauty” beyond a certain limit causes stretch marks on your breasts and other body parts. Usually, during puberty and pregnancy, women experience rapid changes in their bust size. Hence results in causing breast stretch marks. Another cause of breast stretch marks in many women occur when they undergo a breast augmentation as a result of breast implants. Breast stretch marks are neither dreadful condition nor a disease but they cause heartache and are very troublesome to many women during and after pregnancy. However, it could be a horrifying one as well.

During pregnancy, the sudden enlargement of breasts causing breast stretch marks due to the breaking of underlying collagen layer. You may notice them as red, white or pink lines on the breasts that look like scars. Pregnant women have a tendency to develop stretch marks on delicate breast tissues because of their restructuring and regenerating activity.

Although it is almost impossible to totally remove breast stretch marks once they appear, it can be prevented or removed with the use of good stretch mark creams that contain the natural skin care ingredients.

Stretch marks on the breasts and abdomen can be treated with the use of various creams, which are specifically meant to remove these marks when they start appearing during pregnancy. Stretch mark creams that contain natural peptides with antibacterial effects, Glycolic acid, Vitamins and Proteins can be used to remove breast stretch marks.

Breast stretch marks can be treated through home remedies and modern medicine. Cocoa butter is a natural moisturizer for the skin and can heal breast stretch marks partially; if not make them disappear completely. Massage is another effective way to treat it. Massage the breast skin with the moisturizing agents at least twice in a day could restore some of the skin’s elasticity.

While one woman might find complete cure of breast stretch marks through lotions, another might have to resort to laser treatment for stretch marks to remove them. Laser therapy might cost a little more, but it is also more effective in some cases of breast stretch marks.

Help Your Teenager Rid of Teenage Stretch Marks on Breasts

If you’re new here, you may want to read my comprehensive stretch mark creams reviews where I compare all the stretch mark creams in the market side by side. Thanks for visiting!

Help Your Teenager Rid of Teenage Stretch Marks on Breasts

Does your teenager hide a few ugly marks in her body like Stretch Marks on Breasts? Teenage girls compensate this by covering it with something nice or wear nice clothing to veer the attention of others from those stretch marks. This sometimes goes beyond the physical aspects of a growing teenager. And it is a difficult subject to handle especially if you are the parent. Coaxing your teenager to be more confident in them can be a little bit more stressful.

Other than buying things for your teenager you can opt to find a more permanent solution. Like visiting a cosmetologist and maybe undergo laser therapy, but this can be very expensive and may also cause more harm than good. Or you can try the different dermatological products the market has to offer. Or go visit a dermatologist and end up just using a product that the doctor just recommended to you.

 Stretch Marks on Breasts are formed when they gain weight as they grow. Due to the rapid change of weight, the skin cannot accommodate the sudden change that it stretches beyond its capacity to stretch that it breaks and causes these stretch marks.

Finding a stretch mark cure can be very taxing and costly. The Revitol Stretch Mark Cream offers a very promising solution than all the other dermatological products out there. It may not make teenage stretch marks disappear completely but it is very promising since ingredients are 100% natural and can be very beneficial to your teenager. Made out of 100% natural elements like squalene oil, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin D3, DL-Penthenol, and not surprisingly, aloe Vera and grapefruit seed extracts.

All these elements in one product function by healing the skin and stimulating new skin cell growth. It also dominantly gives elastin and collagen production which is responsible for our skin’s elasticity.

In a few weeks of using the Revitol Stretch Mark Cream, it can slowly diminish and prevent additional stretch marks on breast. A result usually depends on the person’s skin type and the amount applied on the skin.

Stop looking now, and help your teenager rid of Stretch Marks on Breasts.

Remove Stretch Marks On Breasts

If you have those white or red stripes on your skin known as stretch marks you’ve probably wondered if the many products promising to remove said stretch marks and are worth your money. Stretch marks also known as striate appear when there is rapid growth in the skin. Most stretch marks fade and become less noticeable over time but those that don’t can be removed for a price.

Breasts marks less than six months old may be treated with a tretinoin cream. How to fade stretch marks? There are many procedures that one can do to prevent stretch marks. Number one factor to consider about is the way you live by eating the right foods and by just living a healthy lifestyle. Other medical procedures that can be done are laser treatments and procedures.

Where they may have some success is in the prevention of stretch marks. When how to remove stretch marks at home considering any type of stretch mark treatment the first place to Remove Stretch Marks On Breasts start is by educating yourself to the many options.

Have some research online or at read at your local library. Then once you are informed visit your doctor or dermatologist for a full evaluation. A good dermatologist will have knowledge of all the latest treatments available in your area.

Is a Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks Right for You?

If you already have stretch marks then the preventative methods of reducing their appearance are really not an option for you anymore.

Freshly why do stretch marks appear developed markings look like purple or red lines across the skin surface? As these lines get older they turn into cream white or silvery gray streaks.

The Best Stretch Mark Lotion Can Effectively Remove These Streaks:

  • Place your hands on the sides of your head lift your shoulders off the ground and lift your legs up until your knees are bent 90 degrees and your shins are parallel to the ground.
  • According to “Cosmetic Dermatology: Principles and Practice” whipping the egg whites infuses air into the whites making them more effective in diminishing the stretch marks.
  • Many people get stretch marks from a rapid weight gain by following a healthy diet you can prevent you putting on a lot of weight and help maintain a healthy weight.
  • This procedure is also less expensive and less complicated than other surgical procedures.
  • Your skin’s elasticity is the biggest factor in preventing them.
  • If you don’t use a stretch mark cream at the affected area or use a how to remove stretch marks naturally mediocre one best way to get rid of stretch marks for men. Your skin will remain in this condition for decades.
  • Before you choose a cream for marks you must know a little more about your skin and its layers.

Information on the Treatment and Removal of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks on breasts result from rapid stretching of the skin due to breast growth. This could be a normal, natural progression, a progression during hormonal stages of pregnancy, or due to weight gain. Older stretch marks are typically white while newer stretch marks appear as blue, purple or red lines.

To help diminish the appearance of stretch marks and to stop itching and dryness, there are some lotions and creams available to assist with the sole purpose of healing and reducing the appearance. The most effective contain cocoa butter, almond oil, Shea butter, wheat germ oil, pure lanolin and castor oil. Applying directly to the stretch marks is necessary in treating the area.

If uncomfortable, one may opt to choose microdermabrasion, chemical peel, cosmetic surgery or laser surgery for stretch mark removal. With microdermabrasion, fine abrasive sand comes in contact with the skin, removing the first layer. The purpose of microdermabrasion is to stimulate collagen producing new, healthy skin. This method of treatment is not the best method because stretch marks originate deep within connective tissue. It is still considered an option for some.

Chemical peel for breast stretch marks uses severe chemicals. A stringent skin care treatment before and after the chemical peel is quite important and meeting with your primary care physician prior to this treatment is wise.

Cosmetic surgery cuts the damaged skin away. There are times that all the damage cannot be removed. The area that had the damage cut away can be pulled flush for solid closure. Then again, one would have small surgical marks to treat with lotions or creams to diminish any signs of damage.

Laser surgery is another option to consider for breast stretch mark removal. The laser removal breast stretch marks have become the best form of treatment for lessening the appearance of the stretch marks. The laser is chosen based on the colour of the stretch mark. Red, deep purple or blue breast stretch marks are treated with a pulsed dye laser that uses a beam of light at a certain wavelength to rid the damaged blood vessel without ruining the adjacent skin. White breast stretch mark laser treatment utilizes a Fractional CO2 laser that works by poking small holes in the outer layer of skin thus reaching the centre layer. This form of treatment stimulates collagen production which leads to healthy, restored skin.

Stretch Marks On The Breasts

Stretch marks are scar-like imperfections of the skin, usually found on areas of the body where growth or weight gain occurs quickly. One of the most common and visible locations is on the breasts.

These skin imperfections can make women feel self-conscious or uncomfortable with their appearance. Despite the appearance of stretch marks on breasts, there are several ways to prevent these marks or reduce the visible signs.

Below are a Few Tips on How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks on Breasts.

The skin is integral to the protection of the tissues below the surface of the skin. It is made of numerous layers including the dermis and epidermis. The dermis is the deeper layer and is made of collagen and elastin to maintain flexibility and help with expansion and contraction of the fibres.

When there is expansion in the tissue below the dermis, most commonly associated with puberty, pregnancy, or weight gain, often the dermis is not prepared for this rapid growth. This causes tears or rips in the dermis. It is these rips that we see and know as stretch marks.

The initial rips in the dermis begin as dark red or purple marks. Women with darker skin or heavier pigment in the skin will have increased visibility of their marks.

Over time, the lines fade to lighter pigments and are generally considered to be permanent scars. Using adequate preventative measures can help minimize these tears or to reduce the marks if they are already visible.

Causes Of Breast Area Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can occur on any part of the body that experiences rapid growth. Generally, women gain weight in the same basic locations of the body. The breasts are often the first place that the marks are noticed.

During pregnancy, the breast tissues expand due to weight gain and the preparation of the mammary glands. This is most commonly noticed in the third trimester of pregnancy. Women may also notice stretch marks during adolescence when a growth spurt and hormones increase the size of the breasts.

As mentioned previously, weight gain is often a common cause of stretch marks on the breasts. Weight loss can also increase stretch marks or the visibility of existing marks, as the skin is not able to respond to the change quickly enough.

It is important to understand that while there are very good options for how to get rid of stretch marks on breasts, these treatments will not succeed in completely removing the blemishes. Treatment and prevention of stretch marks, however, can go a long way to lessen their visibility.

Moisturize For Healthy Skin

Treating existing stretch marks can be done through creams or lotions that contain essential vitamins. Although dermatologist believes this doesn’t prevent stretch marks, it may help diminish their appearance. At the very least, it keeps the skin moisturized and looking healthy.

Just above the dermis of the skin is the epidermis. There are multiple layers of skin within the epidermis, and the further the layers are from the dermis, the less availability of nutrients and moisture. The layer that we feel on the outside of our bodies requires the most help from us, as it does not get many benefits from the layers below.

Moisturizing the skin is integral to keeping the skin pliable and healthy. Using lotions that include vitamins and nutrients will help to renew the skin tissues from the damage that occurs from day to day activities.

Moisturizers with vitamin E, collagen, or aloe are excellent for this purpose. Applying lotions to the breast area after a shower is especially important, as hot water will wash away the body’s natural oils.

Eat Healthy For Resilient Skin

What you put in your body is even more important than what you apply on your skin. A healthy diet can give the body the building blocks necessary to create new cells and tissues needed for healthy skin, effectively rebuilding and maintaining the skin from the inside out. While this will not remove stretch marks, it can help prevent their severity or reduce the signs of them.

When shopping for healthy foods, lean towards items that are a good source of vitamin A, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Low fat dairy products are a good source of vitamin A, while blueberries, blackberries, pomegranate, strawberries or grapes are all laced with skin friendly antioxidants.

Essential fatty acids such as omega 6 and omega 3 are needed for healthy skin cell structure. Walnuts, flax seed oil, healthy oils or fish are all excellent sources.

Dermatologists Recommend…

Cosmetic products with Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA) can help with breast stretch marks. AHA is the same ingredient used in chemical peels, but are at reduced concentrations in cosmetic products (usually 10 per cent or less). AHA products are thought to penetrate the outer layer of the skin producing an exfoliating effect while encouraging collagen production in the dermal layer. This fades the stretch marks and smoothes the skin of the affected area.

A dermatologist may also prescribe some effective medications. The most common are prescription creams that contain compounds such as retinoic acid and tretinoin.

Retin-A is one of the most popular over-the-counter creams that was originally developed to treat acne. Retin-A and other similar creams work best for newer (less than a year old) stretch marks.

Like AHA but stronger, these prescription creams work by drying and exfoliating the affected area which will fade red-purple marks and decrease their size. AHA creams should not be used while breast feeding.

For more effective treatment or severe cases, there are laser surgery treatments, microdermabrasion treatments, and other surgeries that may be available. There are risks and elevated costs associated with these treatments, so be sure that you are aware of all aspects of the procedures before continuing.

Diminish Stretch Marks With Make Up

Much like makeup is used to hide blemishes on the face; it can also be used to conceal stretch marks. If the marks are in the breast line or cleavage, makeup can provide a quick camouflage of the stretch marks in the visible area. Make up works best for older white or light pink stretch marks.

You may need a lighter toned concealer than what you use on your face if your breast cleavage sees less sun than your face.

Final Thought

Apart from cosmetic treatments, the best way to avoid breast stretch marks is to avoid rapid weight gain or loss. This may not always be possible in cases of adolescence and pregnancy.

Nevertheless, using a regiment of moisturizers, sun screen, and a balanced diet, individuals not only increase their chances of avoiding or reducing the signs of stretch marks, but they benefit from healthy beautiful skin.

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