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Brava Ostomy Powder

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Brava Ostomy Powder 1 oz. Non- sterile protective powder for moisture absorption.

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Does This Stoma Powder Contain Gelatin?

No, it does not include gelatin. The purpose of this powder is for moisture absorption.

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We are new to the ostoour clan and was having a little skin break down. When we bought this we were still in our authorized leave and had actually not gotten any products truly. Just what we were sent out home with from the hospital; they didn’t offer us this. So we bought and fig for the rate it wasn’t regrettable to pay out of pocket a minimum of once. Then if we found we required we would then see if insurance coverage would spend for the next time. We have actually just required to use this a few times and it assisted to keep our skin secured. We also got a various home appliance so we do not require this as much as we first did. So today we have a pretty full bottle an am delighted with how it worked. The powder was easy to puff on to the stoma and then we utilized the bottle as a air puffer to blow away the extra. We will buy this once again “when we do run out”.

This is the just thing that keeps our baby s butt rash free. We had a cabinet loaded with rx and otc creams and lotions, but it would get so bad and oozy that absolutely nothing would adhere to it. The powder is the just thing that works and we like that this is good and fine without being untidy, it s odorless and gentle on her sensitive skin, and has seriously kept her butt looking great. We use it first and then put just some fundamental desitin cream on top. Prior to we began utilizing this powder frequently, we dealt with persistent, consistent diaper rashes. Truly bad ones. No matter what rx stuff we utilized. And if we run out of this stuff, it begins to get red once again, so we have actually now begun purchasing these in the 3 packs.

Great product. Would ve liked something to make the spray more gentle, but worth the cash.

This is a great product for keeping the skin dry.

Functions great.

We love this product. We used to treatment of damp baby rash causedby diarrhea, it’s perfect.

Great 100% the best location to purchasefrom Thank you.

Fantastic product.

Factor to consider required.

All great.


We are pleased with this product. We were very pleased so we will buy once again next time.

Functions great.

Functions great for pasting on baby rashes. We use the tube and then the powder and dab it when altering the diaper. Our babies rash was gone in 2 days and worked so well. Certainly a safe need to require for baby rashes.

Great great to heal damaged bleeding skinworks great.

This is a great and effective product.

Functions great for ostoour skin concerns.

Great product. Utilized with aquaphor for diaper rash.

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