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Boudreaux's Butt Paste Maximum Strength Diaper Rash Ointment

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Maximum Strength Diaper Rash Ointment

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Maximum Strength Diaper Rash Ointment.

  • Helps treat and prevent diaper rash as a skin protectant (40% zinc oxide)
  • Safeguards irritated skin due to diaper rash and helps seal out moisture
  • Pain relief begins fast from the first use and provides lasting protection
  • Pediatrician advised brand; Free from dyes, preservatives, parabens and talc
  • 2 Ounce travel tube

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Maximum Strength Diaper Rash Ointment.

Question Question 1

Could This Help Prevent Razor Burn And Red Itchy Bumps After Shaving?

we do not think so. Products like this tend to work more by developing a barrier in between the flesh and moisture but given that they do nurture the skin we imagine that it would be possible – just not concept. If you are aiming to prevent razor burn we would recommend shaving with a product like American Team shave gel or simply usi we do not think so. Products like this tend to work more by developing a barrier in between the flesh and moisture but given that they do nurture the skin we imagine that it would be possible – just not concept. If you are aiming to prevent razor burn we would recommend shaving with a product like American Team shave gel or simply utilizing cocoa butter after a shave.

Question Question 2

Which Butt Paste Is The Cream?

The one revealed remains in cream form. It’s a tube and is thick, for this reason paste. Use moderately, a thin layer worksbetter Hopefully that helps

Question Question 3

Can We Use It For Our Baby’S Face? If Yes, How About For Long Term Use?

Hi Lynn, thank you for your post. This product is a diaper rash cream and must just be utilized in the diaper location. Please do not hesitate call us toll-free at 1-855-785-2888 Monday-Friday from 8: 30 am-5: 30 pm, EST, if you want to discuss this more.

Question Question 4

Is This Brand Evaluated On Animals?

This brand does not check on animals. This specific product and the original formula are both also vegan.

Question Question 5

Does This Help Underbelly Fat Sweat And Odor?

It s great for skin breakdown and those locations that get smelly from sweat. The very best thing is to keep the location clean and dry. Dry is essential. This stuff primarily helps heal the skin so we are turn helps with the sweatiness and odor.

Question Question 6

We Purchased This Formerly And Among Televisions Was Broken/Leaking In Package. Exists A Way We Get 1 New Tube Sent To Me?

Yes, go to returns

Question Question 7

Does It Help With Itching?


Question Question 8

Does Anyone Have Info On What The Spf Ranking Would Be On This? Ive Heard Of People Utilizing It For Sunscreen And It Appears It’S Most Likely Over Spf 35.?

NOPE. It s just the best diaper rash cream ever

Question Question 9

Does It Have An Odor?

no not

Question Question 10

Does This Stuff End?

there is an expiration date on the tube

Question Question 11

Is This A Clear Ointment?

No. This is a cream. It isn’t plain white, more like an oatmeal color.

Question Question 12

Is This A Steroid Cream?

No it has no steroids.

Question Question 13

How Do We Get This Out Of Our Clothing? Messed up A New Leading Since Our Boy Combats Changings And Kicks A Lot?

Hey There Customer, thank you for your post. This product will stain clothing as suggested on thepackage Please seek advice from with a professional dry cleaner for possible pointers on stain removal. Please do not hesitate call us toll-free at 1-855-785-2888 Monday-Friday from 8: 30 am-5: 30 pm, EST, if you want to discuss this more.

Question Question 14

Is This Ok To Use With Cloth Diapers?

No, do not use the red or yellow tubes for cloth diapers.It will destroy the absorbency.For cloth diapering use the green Natural variation.

Question Question 15

What Are The Ingredients?

we LOVE this stuff. we utilized the original formula 14 years ago with our child and now with our 16 month old child. This stuff works great and diaper rash vanishes so fast with it and no inflammation ever. Plus it s remarkable for overnight too.

Question Question 16

Being Fda Authorized, It Must Be Made In The U.S.A., Right?

It s produced in Illinois now, but for the first a number of years Dr. Boudreaux offered it in your area in the New Orleans city location. That s how we familiarized it, pharmacists kept it on hand. 22 years later on and our babies are all out of diapers but we still use it for chafing and various skin concerns.

Question Question 17

Why Does This Product Have A Proposal 65? Caution At Both Fred Meyers & Walmart?

Have no concept. Utilized it 14 years back on our child and now with our 16 month old child. This is the just stuff we use since IT WORKS

Question Question 18

Is It Safe For Cloth Diapering? Or Use With Liner?

we are not sure how to answer this as we have actually never ever utilized a cloth diaper for our kid. All we can state is if your kid has a diaper rash that will not disappear this stuff works so well its AMAZING.

Question Question 19

Since Of The High Zic Oxide, Could This Be Utilized For Sunscreen?

It’s super thick. we do not understand about whether it would operate as a sunscreen but it certainly would not rub in.

Question Question 20

Has Anybody Utilized This To Prevent Chafing In Grownups While Swimming?

It did not deal with our 1 year old for swim class. Use aquaphor, its thicker, colorless and isn’t water based so it lasts while swimming. It works great to prevent chafing from her swim diaper.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Maximum Strength Diaper Rash Ointment, these may be helpful for better understanding.

If you are suffering from an anal crack, this has actually been the just relief we have actually had the ability to get. We have actually had the problem for 1 year and it has actually removed the itch, it appears to be gradually healing the cut so we most likely will not require surgery due to this cream.

This might not be what the majority of you wish to check out, but if it helps just a few of you, it deserves it. We are 60- something grandpa, have not needed to deal much with diaper rash for rather some time. But last spring we established the most persistent case of, uh, well, jock itch that we have actually ever had. We attempted one antifungal powder, cream, spray, whatever after another; we even got some prescription medications. Whatever appeared to clean up the rash just great up until the day after we stopped utilizing it; then the rash would back in full bloom. A number of months back, we checked out an evaluation by somebody who had actually treated their jock itch with this stuff. Figuring we had absolutely nothing to lose, we attempted it, and, after a month, voila. Rash was gone, and 6 weeks later on, it hasn’t returned. We suggest utilizing the maximum strength, 40% zinc oxide, variation. And if it works for you like it provided for us, let somebody understand.

2oz is the perfect size for our diaper bag. We buy the larger 4 oz tubes in your area but required travel size. We have just gone through 2 large tubes up until now and our baby is practically 7 months. She would get baddddd diaper rash as a newborn. We utilized destin (every color you can imagine) and aquaphor with every diaper modification but it didn’t work. We were at cvs frantically checking out ingredients on variousproducts This butt paste (red kind) had the most active component (40% zinc oxide). It also had the least variety of total ingredients. It was by luck that we found it. It was the last one on the very most affordable rack. This is all we use since. If baby is a little red, we use to her butt and bits and she isn’t red the next diaper modification. Most of it wipes into the diaper as she uses it, but a little bit gets captured in the folds. It quickly wipes the next diaper modification and we never ever reapply. Do not get it on clothing or sheets. Just put a bit on your finger, use, and wipe your finger clean on the within the diaper. No requirement for butt spatulas. From delegated right, we have the 2 oz cardboard box, the 2 oz bottle, and the 4 oz bottle. That’s a determining tape in inches to help you compare sizes. Let us understand if we left anything out.

We buy this cream with’s subscribe and conserve monthly. It’s the just cream that will stop any diaper rash with in a number of applications. Our child had creams from the skin specialist that didn’t deal with her super sensitive skin and diaper rash that was bleeding (please do not believe we are bad moms and dad, we alter diapers as quickly as she’s messed them; she’s just super sensitive); this cream cleared it up within a couple applications, so we constantly keep it on hand now.

For people with perioral dermatitis. This stuff is incredible. We had actually done a lots of online research for natural home remedy for pd and this stuff kept showing up so we chose to provide it a shot. Our thinking with creams is if they re gentle sufficient to be placed on a babies skin possibilities are they re okay for mine. Our pd isn’t horrible but it s exceptionally itchy, red, and it burns. Put this stuff on and after one day our pd is practicallygone And it totally eliminates any itching or burning pain. It s incredible. What else is good about it is the color is rather like concealer in such a way (certainly various skin colors would alter this) but with just a small quantity dabbed on it practically appears like you re using makeup in the pd location which is good since whatever else aggravates and is expected to be prevented during flare ups. Would extremely suggest this stuff for truthfully any rash anywhere.

Our newborn invested 4 days in nicu prior to we might bring him home. When we did he had a terribly severe diaper rash with damaged skin. Attempted whatever to get him some relief then we check out someplace where a mama sprayed goldbond foot powder on first then spread out butt paste over. We were desperate. So we attempted it. To our wonder our little stopped weeping quickly and within a couple days the rash was healing. Let us just state just how much we love this stuff and am so pleased it assisted heal our boys little tush.

This helps reduce the redness but it sticks like insane. So, we put this under our child’s, um, wee-wee, since there was a bit of redness in that area. A few days later on there was still this white stuff under his wee-wee and we attempted cleaning it off, and it does not come off easy. It took some warm water and soap. As far as cleaning up redness, it does a great task and a smidge goes a long way.

Beginning, we are horrible cook. While trying something new, wound up with a 3rd degree steam burn on our left hand. We googled burn treatments and read that zinc oxide was more effective than silver for burns. Googled more and found this cream which was the maximum topical zinc readily available over the counter with no included chemical ingredients. Ran out and purchased a tube in your area as soon as possible. In one day of treatment (slathering it on, covering with a glove) the blisters had actually flattened and the skin wasn’t harming to the touch. It’s been 3 days of use and the skin is rapidly healing. We purchased more tubes from to offer to family and good friends. It needs to be a medicine cabinet staple. Bravo butt paste.

We just recently had our 3rd kid (4/7/20). Our previous 2 both had sensitive skin which made it exceptionally hard to find a cream that would help. We attempted whatever to no success, then stumbled onto this. Sanctuary t purchased another diaper cream brand given that. As quickly as we found out we were anticipating once again we bought some boudreaux s paste. It s thick, which can make it a little hard to spread out, but the density appears to help protect even better.

This is the best diaper rash ointment that s readily available otc. We have actually utilized all the others on all our babies- this is our preferred. It deals with women and kids. No negative effects. It covers a rash totally. We suggest utilizing a q-tip and even a glove to use. It does white color transfer, so ensure to supply protection on clothing. If utilizing with a diaper you must be great. It works a marvel in a couple of days. We are so happy there is this ointment readily available. The amusing name is a plus.

Our young child is now over a year and we have actually been utilizing boudreaux butt paste extra strength given that she was 1 month old. Functions like a beauty whenever. This tube is constantly in our diaper bag, near her altering table, in our travel luggage, goes to day care with her. We are major when we state it is the just butt cream we will use. We are not a substantial fan of how thick it is given that it adheres to your fingers (and anything else it unintentionally gets on for that matter) and we wear t love the scent, but to be reasonable, we are most likely just tired of discovering dried butt paste on our fingers, lol. Yet in spite of specifying those 2 small complaints, the density of this paste is what we also love best since it truly coats our baby s bottom to relax any rash and protect her from future rashes. Absolutely nothing is even worse than hearing your baby cry from the pain of a diaper rash and to prevent that, this is our go-to-protect. A need to for new moms and dads and old moms and dads alike.

This product is incredible. Our baby establish a rash in her butt, legs and under underarms. It was red and had watery white (some red) bumps. We purchased an ointment and did 0 to help. The 2nd day we had a little sample of this product we got from walmart momour to be gift box. We open it and put in all impacted locations. In one day the redness disappeared and the bump were less inflamed. We right away bought this one on and got it the next day. 2x more times and now its totally gone:’-RRB- we included 2 pictures. 1 prior to n 2 after. We also got her the white paste for practical skin. We use it every diper alter her. P. S. The white dots on the 2nd picture is the dry bumps. They are gradually disappearing when we shower her with warm water. Hightly advised it.

In the beginning we utilized a + d, but while it was great for protection versus poop, it appeared not very effective on fungal infections/disorders. Buttpaste is remarkable and our choice (stay-at-home papa) as a diaper cream. It’s ‘drier’ than a+ d also.

We purchased this product for our baby– a 16 + year old longhaired chihuahua who has actually just been identified with addisons illness. He just recently had a long bout of diarrhea that caused a bad bad rash on his lil butt. The veterinarian recommended a pricey anti-inflammatory cream that worked but not all right. After 2 tubes we chose to buy this stuff and young boy his rash cleared right up practically overnight. We are so happy and so is our lil skittles aka skitty. Ps this product cleans quickly off of any surface area and does not stain. The scent is pungent practically like an essential oil but not invasive at all. Skitty provides it 4 paws and a tail??.

Gotten samples in the mail when we were pregnant. Has actually worked well on our newborn to prevent diaper rash. The paste isn’t super thick, so easy to spews and easy to get off your finger and the baby. Once it dried on her, advised us of a talcom powder and faded off gradually. We put this on throughout the day when she’s home with us and certainly during the night with less regular diaper modifications while she sleeps longer. We more than happy with this product.

Are you a moms and dad or caretaker of a baby? if so – you require to own this. Our child is 8 months old and hardly ever gets rashes, but when she does this heals it up exceptionally fast. We suggest this butt paste to all of our new moms and dad good friends. If you are cloth diapering, make certain you get the green bottle. The red bottle will stain your diapers. We will state, it is difficult to get off your hands and their butts. We certainly suggest purchasing a butt paste spatula for dispersing and be ready for some cleaning when removing.

Our doctor had actually informed us not to use it given that our child is so sensitive, but we are so happy that our other half bought it behind our back. We will confess we were very doubtful and didn’t believe it ‘d be as great as everybody states, but this creme is the genuine offer. Our child gets a diaper rash so quickly, but once we put some of this on him we can truthfully state that within one diaper modification the redness isgone We suggest you not just buying this, but getting on a membership. You may also conserve some cash. The rate is considerably various when making contrasts versus cvs/walgreens.

We purchased this for our bedridden mom, and if you put it on very moderately (it’s truly thick) it eliminated the redness overnight. We are truly pleased. Wishing tube was bigger.

We swear by this. No diaper rash, but have actually utilized it for the rash we get under our breast on hot days and am sweating. Absolutely Nothingbetter Even prescription medicine didnt work this well.

We have actually never ever utilized a diaper cream better than boudreaux’s ‘maximum strength (just this one is the best) we wear t mind costs 2x-4x on this than on any other brand. There is simply no contrast. Just thing we would alter is the name. So difficult to compose and pronounce. We just inform people the red box with the odd name and a baby on it. The rest of their line is meh, other than for sensitive skin if required.

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