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Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm.

  • Be sure that this fitsby coming into your mannequin quantity.
  • Apply earlier than you dress, on thighs, neck, arms, and anyplace pores and skin is rubbed. Stop hassle earlier than it begins
  • Made with allergen free, plant-derived components. Vegan authorised, by no means examined on animals. Youngster protected.
  • The popular alternative over messy, moist lotions, gels and powders. No petroleum, lanolin or mineral oils.
  • Effective and longlasting. Use every day in humid and dry situations for a ache free lively life.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm.
Learn more Body Glide BodyBody Glide For HerBody Glide Foot GlideBody Glide SkinWhat does this product do?Stops chafing, rash, uncooked pores and skin, irritation brought on by rubbing.Added components assist hold pores and skin delicate, moisturized, and free from irritation and chafing brought on by rubbing.For toes, ft, and ankles. Protects in opposition to sizzling spots, blisters from rubbing, whereas serving to with irritation.Unique cream turns into silky-soft, soothes, hydrates and protects in opposition to dry, chapped, chafed and uncooked pores and skin from rubbing.What makes our product particular?Clean components. Not greasy. Long lasting.Clean components. Not greasy. Long lasting.Clean components. Not greasy. Long lasting.Ideal for delicate pores and skin. Not greasy. Long lasting.What are the added components?The unique formulation that began it allCoconut and almond essentialsApricot and comfrey leaf essentialsEucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree leaf oilWhat do these components do?Decrease rubbing and friction that causes irritation, rash, chafing and uncooked skinHelps the pores and skin retain moisture, keep wholesome, and preserve softnessRepair and restore chapped ft and cut back inflammationHelps hydrate and restore pores and skin that is painfully dry or rawWhere ought to I exploit this product?Thighs, chest, arms, ft, and locations the place pores and skin rubs skinUse with bras, on thighs, the underside of arms, and pores and skin creases and foldsToes, heels, sides of ft, soles, and anklesAny space that wants moisture and safety in opposition to rubbingWhen ought to I apply this product?Earlier than exercise to guard your pores and skin from chafing and rubbing. Great for every day use.Earlier than exercise to moisturize and defend your pores and skin from chafing and rubbing. Great for every day use.Daily earlier than placing on footwear, to guard your ft from rubbing that causes sizzling spots, blisters, uncooked pores and skin.Daily to moisturize, soothe and defend your pores and skin from irritation, chafing and rubbing.Does the product have a scent?No fragranceNo fragranceNo fragranceMild scent View bigger Prevention is Better than a Cure Problems solved: Every formulation is a time-tested, trusted resolution an invisible, dry and protecting barrier made with pure components that keep the place wanted mess-free on the floor of your pores and skin, repelling water and moisture, whereas letting pores and skin breathe and sweat escape. We use: Clean, plant-derived components that will not be examined on animals, hypoallergenic, pores and skin protected, and child protected, too. We don’t use: Old faculty components no petroleum, no lanolin, no mineral or vegetable oils that sit on the prime of the pores and skin, slide round, and want frequent reapplication. We don’t use animal products or take a look at on animals. Learn more Born amongst surfers beneath the California solar Body Glide was made to shoot the curl with superb abandon, to run seashores and bike coasts, to climb mountains, to hike wherever our hearts need to be free and assured, now and ceaselessly. From the begin in the 90s, we invented and revolutionized protecting options to rubbing and friction that trigger rash, irritation, blisters, chafing, and painfully uncooked pores and skin. Our distinctive know-how is time-tested and trusted for superior consolation and confidence no matter your measurement, weight or construct to assist get you into form or by your day, to work, to stroll, run, swim, cycle, compete in sports activities or pursue out of doors actions to be protected from pores and skin irritation and injury, head to toe. Body Glide has attracted a loyal following of individuals round the world, impressed to stroll a block, hike a path, climb a hill, swim an ocean, to maintain going at work or play, close to and far to experience the waves of life freed from worry, freed from ache, and free to be the courageous hero they wish to be. Learn more Learn more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm.

Question Question 1

Is This Product Gluten Free?

Are you planning on consuming it?

Question Question 2

How Many Uses Do You Get Out Of One Stick?

Quite a lot of makes use of (it is just like deodorant roll-ons). we might say 3-6 months should you’re utilizing it usually. we used 1 stick for the total summer season.

Question Question 3

Okay Gross Question Here. Does It Work For Boob Or Butt Sweat?

You can use BodyGlide on any a part of your physique. we’re bit confused by your query although. It will not cease you from sweating. But in case your sweating is inflicting chaffing in these rrgions, it should most definitely assist.

Question Question 4

How Long Does It Final In One Software?

we guess it really works till you bathe. we use this for half marathons and have not had hassle with chaffing after 2-2.5 hours. we’ve got used it for a dash trwe (about 2 hours) and it labored effectively despite the fact that we swam. we’ve got used it on regular days (when we aren’t working out) and discover that it really works for 8+ hours.How lengthy the complete s we guess it really works till you bathe. we use this for half marathons and have not had hassle with chaffing after 2-2.5 hours. we’ve got used it for a dash trwe (about 2 hours) and it labored effectively despite the fact that we swam. we’ve got used it on regular days (when we aren’t working out) and discover that it really works for 8+ hours.How lengthy the complete stick lasts depends upon how usually you employ it and how a lot of your physique you apply it to.

Question Question 5

What Are The Dimensions On The .Eight OuncesOne? We Had One That Was Smaller Than A Journey Deodorant, And Need More Of That Size.?

The two.5oz is about the identical measurement as common stick of proper guard deodorant.

Question Question 6

It States “No Fragrance”, Our Question Is, For The Her Balm Which Has Coconut & Almond Essentials Added, Do These Added Ingredients Add Any Fragrance?

we don’t detect any perfume in any respect.

Question Question 7

Is It Greasy Or Go away Stains On Clothing It Contacts? For Instance If We Use It On Our Chest For A Long Run Wiill It Bleed By The Shirt To The Entrance?

Mine Has not. we’ve got used it on the Arm pits and Nipples after we go for future and we havent seen any residue on our shirt, Nonetheless, we really feel our arm lubricated till we wereh it with cleaning soap, which is sweet we predict.

Question Question 8

Does This Merchandise Stain Garments?

It did not used to stain garments however the final few that we ordered did depart very seen stains on some of our operating shirts and operating tights. we’ll observe that the sticks weren’t as strong as they was once and this may increasingly have one thing to do with it.

Question Question 9

Does This Help Heal Already Modified Skin?


Question Question 10

Do You Have To Apply It To Dry Skin? Or Can It Be Damp From A Shower?

It applies finest to dry pores and skin.

Question Question 11

Just Acquired This At present. Have Not Even Opened It. Want A Completely different Size And Unable To Return?.Horrible Company With Horrible Customer Service.?

we might contact straight. They could give you the option that can assist you.

Question Question 12

Does It Go On Feeling Sticky Like Some Deodorants Can Go On Feeling Sticky?

we wouldn t describe it as sticky, but it surely does really feel like there’s a movie on the pores and skin.Hope that helps.

Question Question 13

Does It Comprise Nuts?

we don t know didn’t see components

Question Question 14

Will This Work For Chafing Underneath The Band Of A Tight Becoming Sports Bra On Hour+ Long Runs?

If the tight becoming sports activities bra is inflicting issued resulting from rubbing then this balm can assist.It’s designed to be a protecting layer between your pores and skin and issues that rub it the flawed approach – clothes, gear, different pores and skin, footwear.This balm, nonetheless, will not be made to cease stress points. If the tight becoming sports activities bra is inflicting issued resulting from rubbing then this balm can assist.It’s designed to be a protecting layer between your pores and skin and issues that rub it the flawed approach – clothes, gear, different pores and skin, footwear.This balm, nonetheless, will not be made to cease stress points.Thanks

Question Question 15

What To Do If It Is Damaged During Transportation?

File a declare in opposition to the delivery firm.

Question Question 16

Does It Soften In Your Automotive On A Hot Day????

It will rely on how sizzling it might get in your automobile.But on a typical sizzling day at a monitor occasion, it does not soften.

Question Question 17

Does This Model Of Body Glide Comprise Zinc?

It doesn’t.

Question Question 18

Is It Non Comedogenic ?

we do not know if it technically is, but it surely has not bothered us one bit, and we’ve got fairly delicate pores and skin.

Question Question 19

Does This Comprise Any Aluminum?

No. Ingredients: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Cetearyl Alcohol, Ozokerite Wax, Glyceryl Behenate, Stearyl Alcohol, Allantoin, Tocopherol (Vitamin E)Source: https://www.bodyglide.com/product/physique/ No. Ingredients: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Cetearyl Alcohol, Ozokerite Wax, Glyceryl Behenate, Stearyl Alcohol, Allantoin, Tocopherol (Vitamin E)Source: https://www.bodyglide.com/product/physique/This stuff is AWESOME.

Question Question 20

Work Underneath Breasts?

Sure, it is a very delicate formulation, we’ve got by no means had any pores and skin discomfort.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our personal expertise after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm, these could be helpful for better understanding.

We’re lifelong curvy girl whose thighs have rubbed collectively since the starting of time, in all probability, so we are not any stranger to chafing. We heard about this product a very long time in the past, however for some purpose we didn’t belief it – it wouldn t work for us, in some way, and so we disregarded it. We put on cotton bike shorts beneath our clothes, and that helps somewhat, however there s nonetheless naked elements of our pores and skin that contact and we are able to t put on them with denim shorts, rompers, and many others. We continued to learn good issues, and as summer season was quick approaching and we have been set to have our first extremely popular weekend of the 12 months, we ordered the smallest measurement and instructed ourself we might give it a shot. This morning we utilized the balm to our interior thighs beneath a sundress and spent a day strolling round in the warmth and sunshine; it was sizzling, and we have been sweating, however miraculously, our thighs felt superb. We utilized the balm at round 11:30 am and as we write our evaluation it s virtually 7:30 pm however our legs are going sturdy. Other elements of us have undoubtedly reacted to being out and about however not our thighs – with out these items, they might be pink and tender, however they really feel delicate and comfortable. We’re completely impressed. Long story brief, these items completely labored for us; we plan to buy a bigger measurement when this smaller one runs out. Don t be a doubter like we have been.

Omg these items is the finest. We’re chubby lady and we lately went to thailand the place it was 90° with a 70% humidity each single day we have been there. This stuff obtained us by. We have been in a position to put on clothes and shorts with no chafing. And we solely ever needed to apply in the morning and as soon as in the center of the day. Our life is ceaselessly modified we’ve got already ordered two more.

We’re fats, we chafe, it is gross and hurts like hell. This product solves that drawback. We began strolling 10 miles a day, usually by the fifth mile we’re able to name somebody to choose us up. Not as a result of we’re exhausted, drained, muscle mass damage. As a result of our fats thighs are rubbing collectively making an attempt to make fireplace like we are attempting out for survivorman. So long as we bear in mind to place this on earlier than our stroll (utilized like deodorant) we’re fully chafe free. This product is a lifesaver.

We’re so glad we found this product. We’re curvy gal so we are not any stranger to chafing. It s been one thing that we’ve got struggled with for the longest time. Proper now we are attempting to lose some weight so we go to spin class in the night after work. Even after we put on the correct apparel nonetheless, we’ll find yourself with a rash on our thighs. It s not just a bit bit both it s unhealthy to the level the place it makes us not wish to cycle anymore. Well we talked to our coworker the different day about our drawback and she instructed us to provide this factor a strive. Actually we’ve got by no means heard of it earlier than however we’ll take her phrase for it. After we went dwelling, we purchased ourself one from . Costed us round ten bucks or so. It got here rapidly in two days. We utilized the balm to our interior thighs beneath our shorts and went off to spin class. It was sizzling and we sweated bullets however our thighs didn’t hassle us in any respect. We aren’t positive if we ought to be reapplying it after some time however up to now so good. This balm has undoubtedly earned a spot in our health club bag subsequent to these earplugs that assist minimize down on the noise throughout class. We don t have any complaints however we do wish to point out that the balm is form of sticky and gumour. It s not what we anticipated, we thought it might be smoother but it surely works. Texture clever it virtually looks like vaseline or petroleum jelly if you put it on. As quickly as you get transferring nonetheless, it form of melts so that you don t really feel it anymore. Execs:- does an amazing job of stopping chafing- small and compact- no bizarre smell- lasts lengthy sufficient for our spin class- doesn t depart residue on our clothescons:- texture is somewhat weird- the container is kinda small.

We’re an avid disney customer. Contemplating fl is principally hell on earth, shorts are perfect for strolling in warmth from 9am to 12am. In the previous we’ve got tried child powder and deoderant for chafing, however they’ve by no means lasted more than a few hours. This physique glide stuff truly lasted and we felt no tenderness in our interior thighs by the finish of the day. We’re speaking with the ability to put on shorts 2 days in a row at the parks with no injury, which we’ve not been in a position to do earlier than. We suggest this to anybody. Necessary to notice although: we did put this on and instantly placed on a chiffon gown after. Sadly, the grease(?) of the physique glide obtained on the gown. We do not totally fault the product, we must always have waited or been more conscious, but it surely’s undoubtedly one thing to remember. It hasn’t gotten on different garments up to now, however some materials are most prone to these stains. Also, “greasy” is probably not the finest phrase. It isn’t like oil in your legs, but it surely’s not precisely like dry powder deodorants.

This stuff is superior. It works and we do not know the place it has been all our life. We began on the lookout for one thing for thigh chafing after operating right into a few points (not enjoyable) and we examine a few choices, of which physique glide fell to the prime of every list. We purchased it and it was implausible. No rubbing, no concern. And it’s tremendous simple to make use of, simply slide it on such as you’d use deodorant. We give it a few good swipes on any space that could even take into consideration touching and we’re completed. And it’s gentle as a feather, leaves no residue (see our photograph and video). It was so gentle that we truly thought that it might not work as we have been anticipating some slippery substance, however. Not the case. And we’ve got taken this physique glide on the final take a look at. A trip to mexico the place chaffing thighs turn into each us and our husband’s drawback resulting from the fixed moist pores and skin and the fixed strolling. So we each used it on a hike in a mexican jungle. We simply knew this is able to fail me. We have been sweating, our issues have been sweating, our husband was sweating. We have been anticipating to have the stuff simply put on off from the sweat and all the strolling. But nope. It stayed on. We even took a dip in a waterfall and it was nonetheless on to take us again to the seaside. Neither one in all us had any issues and our husband was equally impressed. He mentioned we weren’t ever occurring a trip once more with out it. Lol. So we completely suggest this product. Attempt it, you’ll not be dissapointed.

So we’ll begin by saying we grew up the place summer season was 2 months lengthy, and we solely had 1-2 weeks of sweltering warmth per summer season. After we moved to a sizzling, humid metropolis on the coast for work in our late 20 s, we found exercising open air for the 6 months of summer season (Four months of which matched our 1-2 sweltering weeks of youthful years) tough, significantly as a result of we might get warmth rash or chafe. With the humidity, as soon as that occurs, you re in for a few weeks of discomfort. We found physique glide and triglide (the same, more costly, barely better-working spray) and began to essentially take pleasure in operating open air in the summer season. This solved our warmth rash/chafing drawback, and regardless of the awkwardness of the dialog, we routinely suggest it to transplants who transfer right here from cooler climates (which inevitably results in a dialog like our gosh, we’ve got been having that drawback and couldn’t determine out how different folks labored round it. )these items works, and at the value of it, you can t afford to not strive it (you gained t be disenchanted).

This stuff saved our seaside trip. Our son at all times will get nasty chafe and rub rash from enjoying in the water and then operating round in his moist shorts. Often half approach by the day he is able to go as a result of it stings so unhealthy, then it is going dwelling slathering the rash with desitin whereas he sits on the sofa. We put this on his interior thighs on daily basis earlier than we went to the seaside and by no means even had pinkish pores and skin, by no means thoughts a rash. It’s totally dry, non greasy and goes on easy and colorless identical to a deodorant with no scent both. It is completely a lifesaver.

Day 3 – and it appears to work better than powderthis is the first time we’ve got used bodyglide and we’re our third day. It undoubtedly has a distinct really feel and software approach than the gold. Just drag it throughout the affected areas like a deodorant stick. A lot neater than powder. Has an attention-grabbing really feel when it is utilized. Not gloppy like petroleum jelly, however not dry both like energy. Inside a few minutes, the bodyglide melts or no matter, leaving no residue. Just a pleasant, snug dry feeling – which does not final all that lengthy. We really feel prefer it must be reapplied each 8 – 10 hours or so. To date we prefer it and contemplate it better than the powder. Jerry.

We’ve had chub rub all of our life, even at a measurement 2 however, now at measurement 8 and residing in miami, it has gotten loads worse. Final 12 months, based on a google search and suggestions, we purchased bandelttes which work nice however, generally confirmed in a brief gown after we have been seated. So, after we went to buy more this product got here up in our search and we’re so glad. Upon first making use of, like many critiques, we thought, this feels someplace between sticky and gumour (we are able to t fairly put our finger on the proper adjective) and we didn’t assume it might work. But we’re convert. Bizarre in the toilet upon software however, we completely neglect about it and our rubbing thighs as soon as we’re out. We aren’t delicate to scent usually, and for us we haven t seen any with this product. From the critiques it s clear that this isn’t for everybody however, we felt the want to jot down a evaluation ourself as a result of we’ll by no means be with out this product once more for sporting clothes and skirts in the warmth. To date, we’ve got not used it with a fragile, or silk material, so we are able to t converse to that however we’ll let you recognize if we’ve got a stain drawback in the future. We undoubtedly suggest making an attempt this in case your in the seek for chub rub safety.

We weren’t positive we appreciated this product at first to be sincere. Whenever you first put it on, it feels prefer it makes your thighs stick more. We have been nervous it was going to make the chafing worse, however we determined to simply give it a go and we have been fortunately stunned. We utilized some to our interior thighs earlier than heading to the farmers’ market the place we work for a 12 hour day. It was 90 levels at present and there is no such thing as a air con on this very crowded market, so we have been sweating like loopy. To not point out with our job there we’re consistently strolling, squatting, climbing, kneeling, the complete bit, so we have been transferring round all all through our day. We needed to reapply the balm twice as a result of we sweated it off. But it nonetheless lasted a few hours and the stick is smaller than our cellphone so it is really easy to cover in a handbag or again pocket. As a lady with thicker thighs eager to put on shorts on a sizzling day, this product was a god-send. It is onerous to clarify what the product looks like, but it surely stops the friction and makes it a lot more snug to put on shorts and clothes. We really feel like we are able to lastly put on shorts once more.

Man, we do not know what we might do with out this product. We mow lawns all summer season, and sweat alot. Earlier than discovering physique glide, we might be getting huge crimson painful rashes round our thighs and buttocks space, and generally the place our shirt would rub beneath our arm. Since utilizing this product, we very hardly ever endure these warmth/friction rashes. We even use it after we know we’re going to be doing some further strolling, not simply work. Thanks physique glide, you’re life saver.

For chubby customers or these that perspire alot if you find yourself chubby and exercising, or strolling a good distance on a heat day you could perspire more than different folks. Add to that the extra baggage you carry and your pores and skin could rub in opposition to itself or in opposition to your moist garments. This can rapidly result in a rash. We frequently have this occur and often it’s between our thighs. This product cured our concern fully. You simply wipe it on like a stick deodorant and it creates a slick floor defending your pores and skin and permitting something that touches it to slide proper previous it. For those that train for lengthy durations runners and different train junkies can get the identical pores and skin rash or worse when they’re exercising for prolonged occasions. For lengthy distance runners it may be so unhealthy that it causes bleeding. This is why they often put band-aids over their nipples. For these beginning a brand new exercise in case you are doing one thing bodily you aren’t used to, you’ll be able to rapidly develop blisters in spots the place your tender pores and skin is rubbed more than regular. Take into consideration a protracted hike and blisters on the toes or heels; or raking leaves and the blisters in your arms. With this product useful at the first indication of chafing you’ll be able to add the product and forestall it from getting worse. We hold it in our backpack with different necessities. It could even be utilized over a blister to forestall it from getting worse. After beginning a really bodily new job, we obtained blisters between our toes in Three locations. We can not bear in mind ever having that occur. One obtained worse and worse till it was virtually 3/Four are our toe and about 3/4′ in diameter. After discovering this product, our blisters healed and on further heat days we apply some between our toes as prevention.

We bought physique glide to make use of between thighs when sporting skirts and additionally to make use of beneath breasts when sporting a bra. We thought we appreciated it after we first began utilizing it, however we’re liking it much less and much less the more we use it. It onerous to inform if its utilized adequately on the pores and skin. It isnt irritating or have a perfume, fortunately, however by the finish of the day (particularly a sizzling day with plenty of sweating and motion) the physique glide utilized areas appeared to “pill”. Or fairly it might gunk up and ball up in utilized spots. It labored, for all intents and functions, however we may use deodorant from this level on. For the value and the reality that it capsules up after use, we might fairly simply use perfume free deodorant.

This product was really useful to us years in the past, and we’re sorry we didn’t buy it earlier. It does forestall chafing on our thighs. Even although it feels viscous, and when strolling we worry that our thighs will begin getting irritated, at the finish of the day they re truly not irritated. We’re giant girl, and the concern we’ve got is chafing between our thighs. Due to the chafing between our thighs, we at all times put on spanx after we put on a gown. The primary time we used it, we utilized our traditional anti-perant first, and then utilized this product over it. That didn’t work in any respect. We virtually despatched it again. But then we realized our mistake, and tried it once more the subsequent day with nothing beneath it, and it labored effectively. We used it for some errands round city in 80 to 85° warmth, sporting a gown with no spanx. We’ve not tried it but for strolling lengthy distances.

We purchased this product to help us at the health club in two areas: getting on neoprene knee sleeves and whereas deadlifting in shorts. It has labored pretty effectively in each respects. We did not need a mess, an obnoxious odor, or stains on our lifting gear. Body glide ticked all these packing containers, and it hasn’t brought about any irritation for our delicate pores and skin. Making use of liberally to our shins and calves earlier than warming up for squats helped us pull on our sbd knee sleeves fairly simply. (we’ve got tried all the plastic bag and particular folding methods, and we’re ineffective with these strategies. We simply get bits of plastic bag caught to our leg. ) whereas the sleeves did not go on as simple as they do after we are sporting leggings, this did make a distinction from when we’ve got tried yanking the sleeves on over sweaty pores and skin. As for deadlifting: our health club is not eager on chalk or child powder. We figured we might strive utilizing this rather than the child powder. We utilized liberally to higher legs earlier than heat ups, and this did assist cut back friction of the bar rubbing throughout lockout. Once more, not so good as child powder or sporting leggings/lengthy pants, but it surely did sufficient that we weren’t getting the bar caught to our thighs.

This is the gold customary for antwe chaffing product in our opinion. It’s simple to use, does not have any bizarre, fragrance scent, and may be very lengthy lasting. We grew to become launched to it a few years in the past after we have been operating marathons and half marathons. For context we’re gradual tortoise. We now not run these, however we do stroll half marathons now with our aged father. An instance of how effectively these items works. We lately accomplished a half marathon with our father. Strolling, it took us Four hours. We had liberally utilized this to our thighs, round our sports activities bra, and a pair dabs on our ankles . ( we’ve got blistered there earlier than in the previous on lengthy walks)after we hopped into the bathe after the race, we had no painful “surprise” chaffed areas. Not a single one. So it really works for a gradual particular person like me, which means it has endurance. We may even admit we stay in florida. It will get tremendous sizzling and humid throughout the summer season. Typically we use this if we all know we’re going to be out and about strolling all day (like purchasing, or out of doors competition and many others). Eliminates shock chaffing at the finish of the day. It’s simple to use and simple to clean off with cleaning soap and water. We have a tendency to search out as the stick warms up with your physique warmth, it begins to use more rapidly/fluidly. Also these sticks will final a very long time. We predict it’s a very worthwhile buy.

Whether or not it was hygenic or not these items saved our thighs, our mates thighs, her roomates thighs. We put this to the excessive take a look at by attending acl (austin metropolis limits music competition) each weekends and doing between 10-15 miles a day in the warmth/rain/muggy climate. We should not have that thigh hole that unicorns have, we chafe. In truth this additionally saved our sides, and our arms from sporting a camo-pak all day with a tank prime the place we have been on and off sweating. Since acl we’ve got used this to put on some of our favourite clothes, go mountaineering, and take leasurely walks. In case your pores and skin rubs, do not hesitate, buy this. If the apocalypse the place to occur and we survived we might instantly search out tampons, contraception, and these items. The worth is on level, the product works, significantly we do not know why you have not purchased this but?.

We’re often on our ft and strolling most days, however household holidays are often one other matter solely. We usually get 6,000 steps a day on common. At present, it topped out at 16,548 steps. The garments we put on for work have a fairly heavy seam proper the place our thighs rub. Previous journeys we’ve got been so sore from the place every part rubs collectively that we’ve got been uncooked and minus a layer of conceal. This time, we won’t even see irritation there. We anticipated a gimmick that did not work, we’ve got tried a number of lotions that did not do a rattling factor earlier than. This stuff has labored for us, regardless of additionally being drenched in sweat all day as a result of humidity. We *did* reapply it at lunch simply to be protected, but it surely in all probability would have been superb. After journey replace: the complete journey clocked in at 90,207 steps for the complete week. We used these items on daily basis, and no chaffing. Our ft are blistered, our legs really feel like they’re made of fireside, however these items *truly labored* and did an incredible job.

We aren’t a runner — we’re only a girl who’s large of thigh. We found this product years in the past after we have been biking lots of of miles per week — it was really useful to forestall blisters on our ft. It was solely later that we found its true utility as a combatant of chub rub. If we’re sporting a gown in the summer season, we don t depart the home with out this on (and usually we toss it in our bag simply in case). In truth, we have been almost in tears lately after we found our husband (who makes use of it for operating) had taken our final stick on a piece journey and i, a pregnant girl enduring the warmth of a midwestern summer season, had picked a gown to put on to work. We instantly ordered our personal stick and it due to prime, it beat him dwelling. We’ve gotten our brother- and sister-in-law hooked on physique glide. Our greatest buddy mentioned telling her weight watchers group about this product made her a hero. When you re doing loads of strolling in the warmth, whether or not it s yardwork or a trip in a metropolis the place you re going in every single place on foot, you want these items. Buy a tube for each member of the household. Get the 1. 5 oz. Size — the smaller sticks are foolish except you want a small measurement for journey.

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