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BIODERMIS Pro-Sil Patented Silicone Scar Treatment Stick

BIODERMIS Pro-Sil Patented Silicone Scar Treatment Stick

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of BIODERMIS Pro-Sil Patented Silicone Scar Treatment Stick.

  • Made by Biodermis, the top leading maker of silicone-based scar removal products in the U.S.A.. Contains silicone, the JUST tested topical scar treatment component. Patented scar reduction in an innovative stick. No more unpleasant creams or lotions.
  • Medically tested safe and effective scar reduction product – considerably reduces the appearance of existing scars, and helps prevent the development of new scars. Pro-Sil is meant for the management of old and new scars, consisting of hypertrophic and keloid scars, resulting from surgery, acne, trauma, injuries, cosmetic treatments, C-sections, cuts and burns. Also diminishes irregular scars which have a raised or tarnished appearance. Use as quickly as wound is closed or stitches are gotten rid of.
  • Fits easily in bag or pocket. Fragrance and color free. Stick formula transcends to scar removal creams. Hypoallergenic– outstanding for sensitive skin. Perfect scar treatment for face, and other exposed skin such as neck, arms, elbows, legs, ankles, feet. Easy to use and comfy to use. Great for any complexion, and won t stain clothing.
  • Pro-Sil appropriates for use on children, and is a great scar cream for men and women. This 4.25 g stick suffices for 30 days effective treatment of a 3-4 inch scar. Active Ingredients: Medical Grade Silicone, Vitamin E
  • Shown by the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) to be superior to products based on onion extract (allium cepa or Cepalin).

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More Info:

Here are some more information on BIODERMIS Pro-Sil Patented Silicone Scar Treatment Stick.
If you’re looking for the most advanced treatment for scars, you have found it. If you’re searching for scar removal, you will never ever find a non-surgical product that gets rid of scars. Numerous business make these incorrect claims to win your organisation with products that do definitely nothing for your scars. Pro-Sil, Pro-Sil Sport and Kids Pro-Sil for scars all include patented silicone scar therapy technology from Biodermis. The Pro-Sil stick provides the very same market leading scar management technology found in Xeragel, in a hassle-free, user friendly glide-on applicator. Treating your scars to the extra care they require is now much easier than ever. The Pro-Sil stick shops compactly in a handbag or pocket, and without drips or leakages. U.S. Patent No. 8,557,287 Directions for Use Clean and dry the scar website prior to each application. Apply Pro-Sil freely over the whole scar. Repeat a number of times daily for 8-12 weeks or till scar stops reacting. To remove, wipe off with a clean cloth or tissue. Advised storage conditions are 55 F 95 F (13 C-35 C). HOW DOES SILICONE WORK TO ENHANCE AND LESSEN SCARS? SCAR DEVELOPMENT When the skin is hurt, it enters into overdrive to heal itself. When this takes place, the bodies healing systems will frequently “over correct” leading to an extreme production of collagen that can result in irregular scarring. During the development of scars, the skin layers of the skin will produce high levels of moisture in an effort to hydrate the scar website. Nevertheless, the majority of this moisture vaporizes once it reaches the stratum corneum, or upper layer of the skin. This moisture loss activates keratinocytes in the skin to produce collagen. Left unattended, extreme collagen production can result in irregular scarring. SCAR MANAGEMENT Silicone fully encapsulates the scar website, significance that it totally covers the treatment website for even circulation of required moisture (hydration), and maximum direct exposure to oxygen. Although the whole website is covered, silicone is semipermeable, enabling oxygen to go into while keeping required moisture. This is called “homeostasis,” otherwise known as an ideal healing environment. This ideal healing environment at the stratum corneum signals keratinocytes to downsize the production of collagen, therefore avoiding irregular scarring. SCAR ENHANCEMENT Effectively hydrated and oxygenated skin permits surrounding healthy tissue to better blend with scar tissue, leading to a scar that is more natural in color, softer, and flatter in general. Use as directed can significantly reduce the appearance of scars. Silicone scar treatment in all types (sheets, lotions, sticks) stabilizes collagen synthesis, and reduces inflammation and redness. Completion outcome is a smoother, flatter scar and skin with a more natural palor. Silicone is totally non-toxic, safe and easy to use, even on sensitive skin and on children. Silicone is the best choice for dealing with old and new scars. Read more Pro-Sil Prior To and After – Pet Bite Scar This little young boy was bitten in the face, very near the eye, leading to a raised, very red and uncomfortable scar. Numerous months of treatment later on, and he and his mother were very delighted with the results. Read more Pro-Sil Prior To and After – Baby Heart Surgery Scar This girl withstood an effective heart surgery as a young child, leaving her with a very visible scar. After just 3 months of Pro-Sil, the vehicle was nearlygone Mom was very happy. Read more Pro-Sil Prior To and After – Cyst Removal Scar This case produced a very significant reduction of a scar brought on by the removal of a cyst on the client’s back. The treatment time in between images was 12 weeks. Read more The Leader, for Over 30 Years Biodermis was the first company in the United States to bring silicone scar management to clients and cosmetic surgeons. More than 30 years back, Biodermis changed the scar management market by presenting scar reducing silicone gel technology to skin specialists and cosmetic surgeons worldwide. Ever since, we have kept a continuous concentrate on market management through a culture of development. This development has led to an ongoing growth of our medically tested scar management and liposuction compression foamproducts It has also result in the advancement of an amazing new chapter in the story of Biodermis beauty and skin repair. Our personnel is incredibly experienced about silicone for scar reduction, the just tested topical technique for handling keloid and hypertrophic scars. The silicone gel technology that makes these products so effective has been utilized and customized particularly for stretch marks in our new Dermasof Skin Repair Serum, a silicone fluid in a pump shipment system. Dermasof is a crystal clear, 100% silicone fluid that contains no oils, dyes or drying representatives. BIO-luminance, a silicone Hydrotherapy Masque is definitely unique in the hydration market. It hydrates and oxygenates the skin, and imparts no extra chemicals to facial care routines it is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, implying totally oil, color and fragrance free, making it safe for all skin types. We are delighted for you to attempt our quality products, and assure you a level of complete satisfaction that is 2nd to none. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on BIODERMIS Pro-Sil Patented Silicone Scar Treatment Stick.

Question Question 1

We Have A Keloid In Our Chest Because Several Years. Does Prosil Silicone Scar Deal With A Matured Keloid In Chest? Your Kind Answer Is Extremely Valued.?

No. Mine wasn’t that old and it didn’t help me.

Question Question 2

Did Anybody Has Any Success Utilizing It To Reduce Friction Burn, Generally A Burn Scar?

we had cancer malignancy surgery and was cut to the muscle and had 44 stitches. we utilized Pro-Sil as quickly as the wound was recovered enough to use. we utilized it every day, 3 times a day. we were stressed would have a dreadful scar since the stitches looked looked railway tracks. The results boggled the mind. we have utilized other over the we had cancer malignancy surgery and was cut to the muscle and had 44 stitches. we utilized Pro-Sil as quickly as the wound was recovered enough to use. we utilized it every day, 3 times a day. we were stressed would have a dreadful scar since the stitches looked looked railway tracks. The results boggled the mind. we have utilized other over the counter scar creams and they didn’t help at all. Pro-Sil is remarkable and we use it whenever we have a charming or cut and we works wonderfully. we have suggested it to lots of buddies and they too have had terrific results.we have utilized it on a burn and it did prevent scarring.

Question Question 3

What Is The Size Of The Tube?

It’s the size of your average “Chapstick” tube.

Question Question 4

We Wished To Use Both Prosil And Mepitac For The BestResults How Can We Use Both Products? Can You Recommend?

we have utilized them together and it will stop the itching, but it didnt make the keloid on our arm any smaller sized, nevertheless the prosil by itself did shrink the keloid on our ear with daily use over a 3week time period.

Question Question 5

Is This A Cream Or Clear Gel?

It goes on clear but the stick itself is white opaque. It’s a chap stick type consistency.

Question Question 6

What Is The Active Ingredient List For This Product?

Pro-Sil ingredients: polysiloxane (silicone), beeswax, paraffin wax, octyldodecanol (emulsifier), tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E for lubricity), bisabolol (chamomile extract), EDTA

Question Question 7

Does This Actually Work?

It worked truly well for our sibling on her elbow from removing a cyst. Nevertheless it has not worked too on our mom from removing a spot on the face. So it will truly drpend on what it is being utilized for.we believe it deserves a shot to buy it.

Question Question 8

What Is The Expiration Date?


Question Question 9

How Long Does This Take To Start Working Or Revealing Results? We Have Been Utilizing It Now For A Bit And Don’T See Any Results?

If you use it from the start and do not expose the scar to sunshine or a tanning bed you will see results. we utilized mine for 12 weeks total and you can barely see the scar.It will not operate in old scars or ones exposed to light/ tanning bed at all.

Question Question 10

What % Silicone?

we truly have no concept regarding there percent silicone in the product. our recommendation would be to go on line and check from the various websites that explain the product.

Question Question 11

Does This Deal With Old Scars?

does it deal with old scars

Question Question 12

After Using It On The Scar Do We Required To Massage It???

we had 44 stitches on our leg. After the stitches were out we would just rub the stick on the scar line up and down 3 time and would do that 3 branches a day. our scar is so very little it s remarkable. we have been utilizing it considering that 2007 and have had lots of buddies use it too. It s remarkable. Don t waste your cash on anything else we had 44 stitches on our leg. After the stitches were out we would just rub the stick on the scar line up and down 3 time and would do that 3 branches a day. our scar is so very little it s remarkable. we have been utilizing it considering that 2007 and have had lots of buddies use it too. It s remarkable. Don t waste your cash on anything else. we keep a tube on hand constantly and use it on a cut just to prevent frightening. our skin doctor was the one that suggested it to me.

Question Question 13

Would This Appropriate For Keloids?

yes and im ready to acquire another one, but be ever relentless and it will work, my own has diminished 25% in 3 nearly 4 wks

Question Question 14

Does Package State That This Product Is Made By Biodermis?


Question Question 15

What Is The Size Of The Tube (In Grams)?

our company believe the box stated 4.25 g/.15 oz

Question Question 16

Does It Dry? Or Stay Tacky?

Excellent product, enters into skin well with no tackiness or grease residue

Question Question 17

Does This Have Spf In It?

This does not, prosil sport has spf in it.

Question Question 18

Does This Deal With Belly Button Piercings That You Secured Awhile Ago? Like Old Ones??

Per our cosmetic surgeon it’s for scars from surgery.

Question Question 19

How Quickly After Surgery Should You Start Utilizing It?

You must start utilizing Pro-Sil as quickly as the stitches have been gotten rid of. In the case of a wound that does not need stitches, as quickly as any scabs aregone Thank you for your interest in Biodermis.

Question Question 20

Would Anybody Kindly List The Ingredients? It Would Be Significantly Valued.?

we just took a look at the tube and could not find ingredients noted, but we believe its 100% silicone.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on BIODERMIS Pro-Sil Patented Silicone Scar Treatment Stick, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Previously this year we used a new spot treatment to a smal zit and when we awakened the zit was gone but we had a burn mark on our face the size of a nickel. Our skin doctor stated we need to have had a response to the cream (peter thomas roth brand) and suggested we use this to treat the scar once the wound recovered. She stated we needed to use it right away as it works best on new scars, so we would state begin as soon as possible once the wound heals. We were very regimented with our application of it (2x a day everyday for 3 months) and we saw a big distinction. You can hardly see the scar now. It works but you require to use it frequently and also be client and you ll see results.

We marvel. We marvelled, shocked. We get acne scarring on our nose particularly on feb 15,2017 It left our nose with a couple visible rough spots on our nose. We prepared to get it remedied with a treatment next year from a skin specialist. We still prepare to, to clear out our face totally. But april 23 of 2017 we chose to buy this product to reduce the bumps. And young boy considering that april 23 rd and composing this evaluation now, it has lowered our bumps considerably. Our bumps have been lowered by over 70%. It’s well worth the cash we invested as we were a little reluctant when starting the purchase. Absolutely offer this product a shot. A great deal of other business might declare they can fix kinds of scarring but this really gets the task done. We simply used this stay with parts of our nose typically 3-4x a day.

We were informed by our derm that this was the product to have for scars. Mederma not does anything, he states. It’s everything about the silicone. And he’s a truly incredible, sought-after doc. Our scars have been fading thanks to this.

We are utilizing this product on hip and knee replacement scars. It appears to work well. Our scars are flat and demishing in color rapidly.

If you have been searching for a solution to minimizing frightening, this is the product. Since of a little scar from a skin biopsy, prosil was recommmened to us by our esthetician. We were impressed at how rapidly this product began working. We are very delighted with the ease of using this product.

We were utilizing silicone strips for a current scar above our eye. When we are working, this looks a bit uncomfortable, so this is a terrific, invisible way to keep assisting the scar heal.

We have had facial keloids for many years. Just 2 applications and the size of our keloids lowered considerably. Might be costly for just a little tube but it does work. After about a month of application facial keloids that had been so bad we needed to cover with long hair were flat.

It s easy to use and development is sluggish but scar is enhancing.

We had a pretty horrible cancer malignancy surgery scar on our neck and we need to confess we have been extremely impressed by the enhancement following some spiritual applications of pro-sil. We saw less modification in old surgical scars on our abdominal area but would absolutely advise the product for recently gotten ones.

It has srunk the keloid on our ear, but the one on our arm it hasn’t done keeping in mind for that one, but this is our 3rd time purchasing the product so it does work.

The product description was specific. Functions well if you devote to utilizing as advised. Will be buying more.

Functions great under makeup. Like a little lipstick. So useful. No unpleasant lotion or creram. We believe it would be terrific for kids when moms and dads wish to prevent or reduce a scar development at the very begin. No alcohol sting or burn.

Just began using this to our scar. Up until now so excellent. We have 3 months to use this.

It works excellent but goes out too fast.

Es buenisimo para todos los que sufrimos de cicatrices queloides.

Best product ever. We are utilizing it two times a day for a month and can see how it assisted our scar. Extremely advise.

Our relative utilized this after eye surgery, and within days, nearly all traces of the surgical scars were gone.

Great product. Easy to use, not oily and does the technique.

Best scar treatment ever.

We have just been utilizing this for 3 days on our scar and it’s currently flatter and lookingbetter Huge fan up until now, as we had attempted rather a few products prior to this without quick results.

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