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Benadryl Extra Strength Cooling Anti-Itch Gel

Benadryl Extra Strength Cooling Anti-Itch Gel

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Benadryl Extra Strength Cooling Anti-Itch Gel.

  • 4-ounce tube of Benadryl Extra-Strength Cooling Anti-Itch Gel for fast cooling relief from skin pain and itching
  • Provides relief from itching associated with most outdoor itches such as with insect bites, sunburn, scrapes, and small skin inflammations, burns, and cuts
  • Anti- itch gel also provides relief from itching brought on by poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac
  • Cooling gel formula contains 2% of the topical analgesic diphenhydramine hydrochloride along with a histamine blocker
  • Apply soothing gel to rash or insect bite to stop the itching. This gel is planned for those ages 2 and up.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Benadryl Extra Strength Cooling Anti-Itch Gel.
Benadryl Extra Strength Itch Preventing Gel, provides fast & cooling relief from pain and itching. Made with 2 percent diphenhydramine HCI topical analgesic, this anti itch topical pain relief blocks the histamine that triggers itching associated with insect bites, sunburn, scrapes, and small skin inflammations, burns, and cuts. It also provides itch relief brought on by poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac. This gel is planned for ages 2 and up.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Benadryl Extra Strength Cooling Anti-Itch Gel.

Question Question 1

Exists Expected To Be A Seal Over The Tube’S Opening, Like A Tamper-Proof Seal? Mine Did Not, Nor Did It Be available in A Sealed Producer’S Box.?

there is no requirement for tamper obvious packaging on dermatologics which is any product that is utilized topically and this specific product in the lager size is not offered in a box at CVS

Question Question 2

Why As The Description Of This State Bob’S Red Mill Arrowroot Starch?

— Modification this description.

Question Question 3

Will This Product Remain Sticky On The Skin? Or Is It Easily Absorbable By The Skin?

When we are going to be up for a while, we prefer utilizing this Gel as it spreads out and soaks into the skin quicker, nevertheless if we are going to sleep, we will use the other.we like having both of them on hand.To answer your question, the gel is sticky but is quicker acting.

Question Question 4

Does This Work For Heat Rash?

This product is planned for insect bites small burns sunburn small skin inflammations small cuts scrapes rashes due to poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac

Question Question 5

Can You Use On Face?

we have actually utilized this a little dab at a time on our face.we doubt it was ever suggested for broad protection of a large location.

Question Question 6

What Is The Expiration Date On The Gel?

The expiration date is marked, in very fine print, on the crimped end of each tube. we believe that the gel benefits a minimum of another year past the expiration date given that the product need to just be utilized externally, on the skin.

Question Question 7

Is This A Bottle Or A Tube? Thank You?

It is an easy-open tube, the lid turns back to open.It is a clear gel, very soothing, and works very rapidly and very well.The expiration date was over 2 1/2 years out on the tube we bought.

Question Question 8

Does It Spot Clothing?

we are little cautious not to put great clothing on prior to it’s dry but we have not discovered any staining at all on any clothing.

Question Question 9

Can This Product Can Be Securely Utilized On The Face?

we wouldn t. Nevertheless, we are uncertain if it is safe.

Question Question 10

Can You Apply This To A Contaminated Mosquito Bite?

we would use a antibiotic ointment. If it doesn t clear up in a couple days, see a doctor. Benadryl lotion works helpful for itch relief prior to infection.

Question Question 11

If We Use This Benadryl Creme For Bug Bites On Our Legs Will They Go To Sleep Or Get Drowsy?

No. We just recently utilized it for bug bites on legs and feet, nobody drop off to sleep or opposite sensation. No such issues.

Question Question 12

What S Thought About A Large Location? (It States Do Not Apply To A Large Location )?

Topical products including diphenhydramine must just be used to little locations of the body. In order to avoid taking excessive diphenhydramine, do not use an oral diphenhydramine-containing medicine at the very same time as a subject product that also contains diphenhydramine. Avoid getting these products into your eyes.

Question Question 13

How Does This Compare To The Cream?

we believed we would like Benadryl gel, but it left a residue on our skin that looked nasty and then peeled. we used it under our eyes to treat swelling after an allergy to something on our skin while gardening. It was watery on application, not the gel consistency we anticipated. our child believed our skin was peeling. we believed we would like Benadryl gel, but it left a residue on our skin that looked nasty and then peeled. we used it under our eyes to treat swelling after an allergy to something on our skin while gardening. It was watery on application, not the gel consistency we anticipated. our child believed our skin was peeling. Nasty. we will return to Benadryl cream.

Question Question 14

Will It Help Our Hayfever?

No. This is a gel for topical application to the skin. Alleviates itching and pain from insect bites. Like Lysol, not to be taken internally.

Question Question 15

What Is The Strength Of This Product?

2% Diphenhydramine HCL

Question Question 16

Can It Be Utilized For Prickly Heat?

we do not understand for sure, but can’t see why not.

Question Question 17

Is Benedryl Gluten Free?

No discription about gluten on the tube. You can call toll-free 800-524-2624 or 215-273-8755( gather)

Question Question 18

Why Is It We Would Just May To Buy Benadryl At This Specific Strength If We Would Sign up with Prime?

This question need to be responded to by; not by us since we are customer; not an employee.Regardless, it appears that the extra strength is not available at the present time.

Question Question 19

Required The Benadryl Original Strength Cream,But For It To Be Delivered To UK England Who Can Help?

we make certain can cuddle some in for you at an extra shipping rate.

Question Question 20

Does This Help With Post Op Cut Itch?

we do not understand for sure since we have not had a cut but we imagine it will offer you some relief.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Benadryl Extra Strength Cooling Anti-Itch Gel, these may be helpful for better understanding.

In a word, relief. It really is an itch stopping gel.:0) pros- goes on clear so no one else knows we have it on. And- it does not rub off on our clothing or furnishings and leave milky residue all over like some other anti-itchproducts – rapidly stops the itch. – we bought at a great add-on rate. Cons- limited to utilizing just this gel or an oral medication, not both. Nevertheless, we far prefer the gel since it does not make us drowsy and it is rather effective. – limited to utilizing just 3-4 times a day. Once again, this hasn’t been a problem up until now and utilizing it 3-4 times a day has actually done the technique. Nevertheless, we have actually not yet attempted this on hives, knock wood.;-) our sis suggested this product to us and now we are suggesting it to everybody. We will buy it once again. ~ d.

If we might offer this a million stars we would. It s the one product in our home besides toilet tissue we ensure we constantly have. Functions great on bug bites for taking the itch away. On sunburns. We use it after waxing for eliminating the redness and stinging. If you have hives it helps. It has genuine benadryl in it so it truly helps with inflammation. Love it x a million.

This stuff is incredible. We purchased this for our canines since they get truly itchy during the summer. So we put some in a glass amber bottle and most likely did a ratio of 1/4 benedry ointment and 3/4 water. We have not paid enough attention to definitively state it provides relief but it absolutely appears like it helps.But The factor we are composing this is since we utilized this today for the very first time on ourself and holy crap. It works like magic. We were out watering plants in shorts and our legs got completely consumed by mosquitos the entire time and we went inside super itchy. We saw the amber bottle we had actually blended for our canines and chose hello why not. So we sprayed our legs and actually instantaneous relief. We didn’t understand if it would work all the way, or if it did for how long it would take, and we were soooo surprised to find it works 100% immediately. If you wish to not be itchy buy this stuff.

We were doubtful that this would use more relief than the hydrocortisone creams, but for us it does. We are badly conscious mosquito bites and we reside in a cabin in the woods in a remote location, so having something that provides relief implies a lot to me. Hooray for benadryl itch relief gel. We like that it’s a gel, too and it truly does not little much at all, which is great, too.

When utilizing this ensure the irritant is totally cleaned up off of your skin. We did not, so when we used this gel it spread out around the irritant and made it even worse.

The addition of benadryl to the gel makes it efficient in reducing swelling and itch long term, but it does not have the very same instant affect as the children’s benadryl gel, which has menthol. It would be great to have a single product with both benadryl and menthol.

Mosquitoes love us and this is the just way we can live with ourself after dealing with the little suckers. Being a gel is great at it does not leave a oily residue on whatever. If we might just find a way to keep the mosquitoes away now.

Exceptional we are dealing with a scalp allergy due to hair color. This is the first day in 2 months we have actually not wished to scratch our headoff We have actually invested around $200 on medicated hair shampoos, aloes, astringents, tea tree, eucalyptus, mint & coconut oilproducts This is working. Omg. Now we can return to healthy beautiful hair.

Attempted icing the welts. Nope. Attempted vinegar to relieve intense itching. Nope. Attempted natural raw neem butter from india. Nope. Attempted this. Omg, omg, omg, thank you, thank you, thank you. This is the best we have actually felt all summer and we can’t thank you enough. We will never ever lack this product on our individual once again. And, btw, if you are getting consumed alive and do not understand what’s biting you and you are gardening, it may be midgets or no-see-ums. We never ever understood about ’em up until this year and they actually draw as bad as mosquitoes.

Our sofa has actually obviously ended up being the home of some spiders. We took a few naps a week ago and wound up with half a lots spider bites. We mistakenly scratched them and they worsened. We attempted triple-antibiotic cream and it assisted a little. We browsed and stumbled upon this economical product. It s a clear liquid, not a cream, but it cools off our leg and reduces the itching. Up until now, we enjoy with this. It s not a 5-star solution, but 4 stars appears reasonable.

We are very sensitive to bug bites and they tend so get very inflamed. We attempted over the counter creams but they truly didn’t help. The only thing that worked was a cream from europe, that is not readily available in the us. We chose to offer this a shot in the hopes it will help relive our bug bites, and it sure assisted. It s a gel consistency and it provides a cooling effect. This assisted a lot with eliminating terrifying too. We would absolutely suggest this product.

We had actually been outside one remarkable evening walking the home. We found this incredible tucson fern with colours like a phoenix. It was substantial. We chose to commune with it for some time. Numerous hours later on, we discovered about a lots bites on our arms and upper body. They were red, difficult, hot welts. From a spider. We are badly adverse their bites. We utilized whatever we had readily available which usually worked for that kind of bite. Absolutely nothing assisted. It was agonizing. To state the least. Then, our mate advised us of the time we d remained at a home with large canines and we wound up covered with flea bites all over. We dislike those, too. A doctor at the time recommended we take benadryl since it would help stop the itching. It worked. Made us loopy, but it worked. So, we chose to see if there was a topical ointment or gel we might use for the spider bites. We found this. We bought it. It cooled off the bites very well. The red became pink, and the swelling begun to decrease. The itching took some time to stop totally. That s since a great deal of people with cancer draw in insect bites like the kind we had; large red welts which itch intensely and frequently harmed. This conserved gel us from clawing our skin to pieces.

This is an exceptional product. We had actually just been to our beach home and had actually gotten stung on our hand. It was very itchy and inflamed. We used aloe vera with hydrocortisone cream. It assisted but we are diabetic and the next early morning our blood sugar level was higher than ever in the past. We believed this product sounded effective and safe for us. The Other Day the mosquitoes were out for a breakfast buffet as quickly as we returned we used this gel on our legs arms and neck. We rubbed it in well and the itching stopped within minutes.

During our last itching session after our ankles were assaulted by some bugs, we were ready to buy anything declaring it would help– but we chose to buy this product given that we rely on benadryl to follow through and do the task well. And we made the best choice. This assisted stop our itching practically instantly. An odor is not visible at all, which is great compared to some other creams we have actually utilized in the past. The gel soaks up into the skin within minutes but the impacts last so long. Our only problem is that it is 3. 5 fl oz (103 ml), while a continue limitation is 3. 4 fl oz (100 ml). We would love to toss this in our bag when going on journeys, but we are uncertain if tsa will stop us at security. We think if they toss it out it’s not that huge an offer, given that it’s so low-cost for a decently sized tube. The cooling effect is great too for irritated skin– we will absolutely be utilizing this after our next sunburn to see how it helps.

We utilized to buy this in the bottle but obviously people were taking it orally (whaaaaaaat) so they needed to put it in a tube. We liked it better in the bottle for travel but it still works. It takes the itch and inflammation out of insect bites and stings and works well on poison ivy rashes.

Helps relieve itching but leaves a residue that is peel-able later on. Makes it look like you have dry skin.

They provided us this in the hospital for our swelling, itching rash/hives. So we paid much less online than at the shop. It works for a minute but doesn t last for our severe break outs. But we will constantly keep on hand. Can also keep we fridge for extra cooling relief.

This is an excellent product and it does help with the itching, nevertheless if you do inadvertently touch your afflicted location after this product has actually dried, you will see residue after rubbing, and thin white layer of product coming off/ practically appears like dry skin adhered to you. We utilized some on our eyelid in the evening and after awakening the next early morning and seeing our face, the residue was extremely visible. Being at home we do not care but if we ever used this and went out in public or to work, we would need to be conscious not to touch the location. In some cases we can’t help it and do it unconsciously.

Oddly enough we got this for our horse. She scratches her soldiers, taking off all the hair in the summer when flies are around. We attempted whatever human and equine 9to consist of all sort of fly sprays chemical and natural) and none worked although some apparently had the very same ingredients as benadryl gel. The benadryl gel worked practically quickly. Every day her hair grew back previously you can’t even inform. We are not a great promoter of brand but this gel is incredible.

We have actually constantly been that individual that gets a great deal of bug bites during the summer, and this has actually been a lifesaver. Put a little dab on bug bites and inflammation disappears for hours enabling the skin to heal rapidly.

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