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Basq Mega Moisture Free Cream

Basq Mega Moisture Free Cream

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Basq Mega Moisture Free Cream.

  • 100% Fragrance Free Hypoallergenic Butter nurtures even the most Sensitive Skin
  • Ultra rich blend of Illipe plus shea and jojoba butters changes tight itchy skin
  • Omega rich oils consisting of grapeseed and borage nourish and enhance skin while repairing damage
  • Full body toning and nourishment with no irritants
  • DEVOID OF Parabens and Phthalate and Scientifically Checked for ABSOLUTELY NO Skin Allergy

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Basq Mega Moisture Free Cream.
CHANGE DRY SKIN IMMEDIATELY Heal dry, itchy pregnant skin fast. Illipe Butter Complex provides ultra hydrating nutrition that actually changes dry, stressed out skin. BASQ NYC MEGA MOISTURE CREAM is loaded with Essential Fat that strengthen skin s lipidic barrier for improved flexibility and tone. Whipped with strengthening body oils Borage seed, Grapeseed and Coconut this ultra nourishing cream provides head to toe moisture and silky surface. Your preferred butter in aFragrance Free formula for the most sensitive skin. BASQ IS SAFE AND EFFECTIVE BASQ NYC PRODUCTS ARE 100% DEVOID OF- Parabens Rosemary Oil Clary Sage Oil Caffeine Artificial Colors Phthalates Mineral Oil Sulfates Safe for Pregnancy and Nursing Scientifically Checked for No Allergy & Level Of Sensitivity Made in the U.S.A. NO Animal Screening and NO Animal Products Toxicologist Authorized for Mom &Baby INGREDIENTS THAT WORK Shea butter When it concerns toning and repair, Shea Butter is shown to bebetter Rich in essential fats and Vitamins A, E and F, Shea has remarkable moisturizing residential or commercial properties. Illipe Butter Rich in triglycerides, Illipe takes skin care to a much deeper level. Unlike cocoa butter which is waxy and finish, Illipe infiltrates the skin providing super nutrients that deal with even the most sensitive skin. It feels rich and thick yet it is remarkably fastabsorbing Most just recently, this marvel butter has actually been revealed to soothe the results of eczema making it an ideal alternative for those with sensitive or damaged skin. Jojoba Rich in fats, Jojoba fasts to soak up and ideal for even the most sensitive, damaged skin. This unique oil mimics the natural oil in skin enabling fast, deep absorption and superior skin repair.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Basq Mega Moisture Free Cream, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We typically get this at a maturity look for the very same cost, it is so easy to order with prime. A lady at our skin specialist workplace informed us about this product and it makes you skin soo soft. Do not use on your face but great for scaly legs.

It is so difficult for us to find moisturizers for our very dry sensitive eczema skin but this one takes the cake. We love that the ingredients are natural and no toxic substances. Our face is very hydrated we use am and pm.

This is the just moisturizer we can use. We love it.

We definitely love it. We got it from pea in a pod the very first time and enjoyed it. We are 5 and a half months pregnant now and require a refill quickly. Up until now no stretch marks.

Very good.

Super stuff.

It smells great. We have not begin utilizing yet.


We have actually utilized this product to help with eczema on our hands and wrists. It is very soothing and has actually assisted take away the itching and inflammation that frequently accompanies eczema. It takes in rapidly and leaves us with softer, smoother skin.

We acquired this after a friend suggested it to me. We were trying to find a body moisturizer mainly to care for a healing tattoo (which can get dry and extremely itchy), and to ultimately use it for basic care. The product we had actually been utilizing offered us red bumps on our skin that appeared like insect bites. It also had an actually odd odor that we found off- putting (possibly from the oatmeal additive?), so we had actually been trying to find an alternative that was fragrance-free and that didn’t have a great deal of extra ingredients. This cream, by contrast, is great. It’s not heavy or exceedingly oily, and it spreads out and takes in quickly. It’s very soothing, actually softens up dry skin, and has an enjoyable, subtle scent up close of the oils utilized in the formulation. All- in-all, a great product that we will be utilizing for regular care. Extremely suggested for basic use.

We enjoyed the product due to the fact that it wasn t super oily and oily.

The only thing our relative can manage during her pregnancy as she’s super conscious scents.

We began utilizing the product around 5 and half month’s pregnancy, and now 37 weeks pregnancy we practically consume the 2nd bottle, no stretch marks, no itchiness, hope it’ll maintain the great task of moisturizing our huge tumour. Up until now so great.

Even use in summer, it will not feel concern to skin. After bring to life our baby, we can barely find any marks.

Love this cream.

We saw enhancement in our neck and chest location skin in less than a month. No more wrinkles.

We are 21 weeks pregnant and have actually been utilizing this body butter because we had to do with 17 weeks pregnant and, at the time, suffering from itchy, dry skin. This body butter assisted nurse our skin back to its nourished state. It’s creaour to the touch, is easy to smooth on, and takes in perfectly. Even though it is fragrance free, it has a light scent to it, which we like. Our only problem is that we want they offered it in a bigger tub. Utilizing this body butter once a day, it took us less than a month to go through. Up until now, no stretch marks and our skin is no longer unbelievably itchy. We intend on utilizing this throughout the rest of our pregnancy.

This is a lovely fragrance free body butter. We have actually been utilizing it on our growing belly and anywhere else that requirements some moisturizing. We enjoy to report that there have actually been no indications of stretch marks up until now.

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