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Banda-Sil Silver Wound Care Gel

Banda-Sil Silver Wound Care Gel

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Banda-Sil Silver Wound Care Gel.

  • For Shallow cuts, abrasions, lacerations and small burns
  • Long- Enduring versatile barrier versus bacteria
  • Promotes healthy healing of skin
  • Non- annoying, will not sting on application
  • Naturally obtained, non-toxic & kid safe

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Banda-Sil Silver Wound Care Gel.
Popular wound care products like triple-antibiotic lotions were established over 60 years back. Considering That that time, overuse of prescription antibiotics has actually rendered these treatments insufficient versus contemporary hazards. Much of these new stress can of germs turn a simple cut or scrape into a destructive infection. Simply put, the products of the other day were not developed to eliminate today s hazards. BANDA-SiL is a hydrogel wound dressing meant to cover a wound, to soak up wound exudate, to control fluid loss, and protect versus abrasion, friction, desiccation, and contamination. This unique product provides a safe, extremely effective wound care development. Benefits Over Other Silver Solutions Banda-Sil products make use of the Ag21 Complex which incorporates chelated silver and chitosan, a naturally obtained polymer. Both ingredients are extensively utilized in healthcare. Silver has actually been utilized as a natural antimicrobial for centuries and is presently among the most broadly utilized ingredients in advanced wound care which is why we use it as a preservative. Chitosan develops an eco-friendly film to form natural bonds with human skin. Read more Banda-Sil Silver Wound Gel Easy to use hydrogel wound dressingProvides a wet wound environmentNon-toxic and safe for children Check out more Banda-Sil Products The Benefits of Banda-Sil Gel Ideal for all woundsCreates a thicker layer to offer a wet wound environmentBest utilized with a bandage or other wound dressing Banda-Sil Products Easy Application for on the go protectionNaturally obtained and non-toxicBANDA-SIL products also consist of 200 parts per countless Chelated Silver as a preservative The Future of Wound Care The secret to BANDA-SiL is our patented technology, COMPLEX Ag21 This exclusive Chitosan-Silver chelation enables BANDA-SiL to connect to the wound like a magnet and form a protective shield around it to offer a wet wound environment Read more Banda-Sil for Cuts, Abrasion and Lacerations Banda-Sil is not an antibiotic, and there is no known bacterial resistanceUnlike triple prescription antibiotics, BANDA-SiL functions as a protectant that provides a wet wound environmentBANDA-SiL is child-safe, and hypoallergenic.The active ingredients in Banda-Sil are naturally obtained and non-toxic. Read more Band-A-Sil for all your emergency treatment requires Apply to Cuts, Abrasions, Lacerations and Small BurnsProvides a wet wound environment Non- Stinging,.Non-Toxic and Naturally Obtained Read more

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Banda-Sil Silver Wound Care Gel, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This ointment is a miracle ointment. Our mom has pressure sores from being bed-ridden, that we ve attempted several things on. Some kept the sores, not making them even worse, but not healing them. Others made them even worse. This is the just thing we have found that will heal them.

We love this stuff. Eliminates any germs you might have and prervents mrsa and staph.

Assisted heal a burn on our arm. Also offered a little bit of pain relief.

Outstanding product for healing.

Dealing with bed sores. It works well. Great stuff.

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