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Balneol Hygienic Cleansing Lotion

Balneol Hygienic Cleansing Lotion

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Balneol Hygienic Cleansing Lotion.

  • specially formulated
  • soothe the perianal
  • external vaginal locations
  • Pack of 3

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Balneol Hygienic Cleansing Lotion.
Size: 3 Ounce (3 Pack)Balneol Hygienic Cleansing Lotion, 3 oz. (Pack of 3)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Balneol Hygienic Cleansing Lotion.

Question Question 1

Does This Bottle Come Sealed? Our Came Unsealed And Leaking.?

Most of our orders, including this last one had the container either covered or the leading taped which avoided any dripping. we do not even find this product sealed in the pharmacy. Numerous years earlier fasted to change the just one that that ever came dripping. Hope this helps.

Question Question 2

Do You Use This Like Soap And Rinse Or Is It More Like Using Lotion After You Shower?

It is a cleansing lotion.You do not need to rinse.It is not a soap it is lotion like.Put some on the bathroom tissue for your last wipe. It will clean and soothe.

Question Question 3

What Is This Product Weight? 89 Ml Has To Do With 3 Oz, But Your “Product Detail” Is 1.8 Oz. Which Is Correct?

the bottles include 3 oz (89 ml)

Question Question 4

How Is This Quality?

Quality is great and is practical for inflammation problems. Nevertheless, the product does include a fragrance which we find very undesirable.

Question Question 5

When Is The Expiration Day On This Product?

This package came dripping, we didn’t use it. we bought a 4 pack from another provider by means of

Question Question 6

What Is The Expiration Date?

we inspected our bottle. Based upon when we bought the bottle, we would state about 2 years. It depends upon the length of time the supplier has it on the rack prior to you purchase the product. Based upon rate of use, our bottle lasts about 3 months. we would not stress if your bottle lasts after the expiration date, as it is not like we inspected our bottle. Based upon when we bought the bottle, we would state about 2 years. It depends upon the length of time the supplier has it on the rack prior to you purchase the product. Based upon rate of use, our bottle lasts about 3 months. we would not stress if your bottle lasts after the expiration date, as it is not most likely to break down. Just a percentage is required each use. we are very happy with the product, and we hope you are too.

Question Question 7

With Multiples Ordered Can You Get Free Shipping?

Depends Upon whether it is Prime. or if the seller uses free shipping.

Question Question 8

Ingredients Please?

Mineral oil propylene glycol lanolin +

Question Question 9

Is It Perfect For Uncircumcised Odor? And How Do You Use It, Is It Lotion Or What?

it is a lotion generally for rectal inflammation i.e. piles and great for rectal health in basic. Has absolutely nothing to do with odor problems

Question Question 10

Should The Bottle Be Unsealed?

Ours was, but came covered in plastic.

Question Question 11

What Sizes Does Bottle Can Be Found In?

we like the lotion but the seller sent it in a damaged plastic bottle and we got no refund. we will not buy from them once again.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Balneol Hygienic Cleansing Lotion, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This is the best stuff for a sore bottom. Our mother got back from a proficient nursing center and had a bad rash, and was very sore from absence of appropriate care from the center. Balneol quickly eases any pain or itching that you might have, soothes the skin, and starts healing right away. We have utilized this product for several years, and extremely advise it. Regrettably when we purchased it from they were packaged in a ziplock bag in trines. The cream did leakage out of the bottles, and we’re all over the bags, so some of the product was lost.

This lotion is available in this bottle which we keep at home and packages which we keep in a toiletry bag in our bag. It is the outright best product for its designated use and for those who require it. Please note, if the skin is currently too abraded, a sitz bath and water is the just thing that must be utilized– never ever use any soaps or cleansing solutions in this circumstance. We are composing this evaluation base upon our first hand experience as somebody without a colon any longer and nonstop bowel problems. We see from the other evaluations that a variety of people also use it for piles– that makes good sense, it’s just not our problem. We use this lotion when we are stained and sore from leak or a full accident by basically some of this on bathroom tissue. (if there is a great deal of product, remove that first.) it will softly remove any staying product from the sore location and prevent the tissue from plucking or abrading the fragile skin. It will also leave a little of the lotion– do not attempt to clean all of it off, this is also helpful for the skin in that location. Just make certain that the majority of the stained matter is eliminated. There is something in this lotion that also help to reduce the effects of the stinging/burning that is left and it works great. If you have sore skin and regular diarrhea get this and a tube of calmoseptine ointment immediately and get sensation better fast.

We are repeat purchaser lot of times over numerous years. This is the best perianal cleanser you canbuy A little dab (smaller sized than a penny) on your bathroom tissue to clean inflamed piles or vaginal tissue, brings relief to a sensitive circumstance. Trust us on this folks, it deserves the financial investment. Db.

We are so happy that we found this product. We have been having problems with ibs for numerous years and we frequently have pain or pain in our rectum. This cream helps considerably. We want the maker would use a bigger size with a hassle-free pump.

This product was advised by among our doctors several years earlier as a soothing and hygienic cleansing lotion. It is, in specific, very effective in reducing the post surgical pain and inflammation when utilized as directed. It has assisted us substantially and we use it on regular basis. It is non-greasy and very easy to use. It also has a very enjoyable fragrance.

First found this fantastic cream during our last pregnancy. Baby was sitting to where our behind was not so comfy. Balneol was a conserving grace. Made life a lot more comfy. It s also great when your spicy lunch or supper that went so well, isn’t coming out so well.??????.

There are just 2 products for piles that we have found that work fairly well. The concern we have with this product is that it is costly and it is rather tough to use. The other product works well but is practically difficult to use.

Uncomfortable cleansing is a thing of the past. This small bottle is a god send out. Do not be tricked by its size a little goes a long way.

Helps calm irritated diaper rash so we have the ability to clean our baby with very little pain and location appropriate cream and powder. This product is a multwe use product and helps calm any sort of inflammation or pain.

This is for your nether areas when it aches, gets chafed, or just requires reassuring. This was advised to us by our md several years earlier. We have utilized it since and extremely advise it.

Our skin doctor advised this product and im in looove. We do not use regular sopa any longer and im utilizing it daily. Would extremely advise for sensitive skin and for people with any sort of dermatitis.

We dislike nearly every soap product and even personal washes trigger us inflammation. This stuff is incredible and looks like it was made for our body. No inflammation, just tidiness.

This stuff is golden. We have utilized it for several years now and do not understand how we ever did without it. It leaves you clean, fresh, and completely un-chaffed.

Best stuff ever, you will not be sorry you purchased it. Our dr advised it and we simply could not be better with a product.

Years earlier, the gwe doctor, who we see, advised balneol lotion. We were having very unpleasant inflammation from hemorrhoid problems and also, inflammation in the perianal location. At that time, we had the ability to get it from our regional drug store, and we found it to be so soothing and it assisted with the pain that we keep having. Do not be tricked by the size of the bottle since a little goes a long way. Our regional drug store didn’t bring it any longer. We found it at another drug store, but it was a little costly. After monitoring on, we had the ability to find it at a lower rate. Also, we found balneol not just in the plastic bottle, but it was readily available in bring packages which we also purchased. You will not be sorry purchased balneol since relief is on it’s way. Also, it’s not oily either.

Been utilizing this product for 40 years exceptional in anal location wouldn t use anything else with hemmoriads.

Practical not just for grownups, but helps with diaper rashes.

Great stuff. Functions precisely as explained. Extremely advise.

Have utilized this product for several years. Is tough to find though costly.

We got the 3-pak of balneol and none dripped. You are packaging the 3-pak muchbetter Our last order was jam-packed extremely well. Thank you.

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