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Balmex Adult Care Rash Cream

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Balmex Adult Care Rash Cream.

  • Active Guard – Neutralizes Irritants
  • Skin Doctor Evaluated
  • Adult Care

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Size: 12 OunceBalmex Adult Care Rash Cream 12 oz

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Balmex Adult Care Rash Cream.

Question Question 1

Has Anybody Ever Utilized This For Sweat Rash Under Your Breasts?

we do not understand if it was a sweat rash, but it was at the bra line. we utilized it first recently every day after our shower (after having the rash about a month). The skin is absolutely clear now. we love it, as did our relative with adult diapers. It’s a very thick cream, so just a 1/4 -1/ 2 inch dab covers the entire bra line in fr we do not understand if it was a sweat rash, but it was at the bra line. we utilized it first recently every day after our shower (after having the rash about a month). The skin is absolutely clear now. we love it, as did our relative with adult diapers. It’s a very thick cream, so just a 1/4 -1/ 2 inch dab covers the entire bra line in front. It is expected to be thick to supply a barrier (we have seen people grumble about its density). Hope this helps.

Question Question 2

The Number Of Ounces Of Cream Remain In The Jar?

The jar has 12 ounces.

Question Question 3

Does This Product Burn Upon Application? Thank You?

This does not burn when you use it to a rash. It is a thick paste and goes on efficiently. It feels soothing when used.

Question Question 4

Does This Help With Razor Burn?

It resembles Desitin diaper rash cream for grownups. It is tough to rub in. It remain wet and white like a skin protection cream. we do not thinl it would benefit razor rash on your face.

Question Question 5

Should This Cream Be Utilized Alone Or Should We Put Like A Gold Bond Powder Over It To Keep It Dry?

we can’t offer you an AUTHORITIES answer. But we would NOT use them together. we do use GoldBond but in some cases it can be annoying on sore skin. we have not seen that the balm gets our clothing stained or anything.we did buy a box of rubber gloves and use it utilizing those, and make certain we have rubbed the balm well in we can’t offer you an AUTHORITIES answer. But we would NOT use them together. we do use GoldBond but in some cases it can be annoying on sore skin. we have not seen that the balm gets our clothing stained or anything.we did buy a box of rubber gloves and use it utilizing those, and make certain we have rubbed the balm well into our skin. immediate relief

Question Question 6

Can This Cure Rashes On Face?

we do not understand if it will ‘cure’ any rashes. If you have one on your face, we would get a doctor’s viewpoint on WHAT it is prior to you use any product. THIS product benefits protecting skin from outside irritants; it’s NOT a medication. It just provides an excellent barrier.

Question Question 7

Exists A Distinction In Between Desitin And Adult Care.?

Very same standard ingredients, various amounts in container

Question Question 8

Bought 16 Oz. Balmex The Other Day And Bottom Of Jar Stated Exp. 07/18, How Long Will It Stay Good Because Its Expired Currently????????????????

we do not understand, but the one we have has benefited a very long time with no indications of putridity, nevertheless the expiration date is October 2018.

Question Question 9

Does This Dry TrulyFast We Stress Over Oientment Leaving Spots On Clothing.?

If you use a thin coat, it does not leave a spot on clothing. we have not put more than a thin coat at one time. It is an ointment so it remains rather wet. we love this product.

Question Question 10

Some Reviewers Said This Was Hard, NearlySolid Is It A Cream Or A Tough Solid?

we believed it was expected to be a cream of some type but it was a tough solid and it required to be eliminated with more than just one cleaning of hot water with a very strong soap (i.e.Irish Spring) we were very disaapointed and tossed it away given that it did not fix the problem of chaffing and itching.

Question Question 11

How Can We Acquire Balmax AdultCare Am From Dar Es Slam Tanzania.?

Go Into the product name in the search box. Then click the box that states Put in Cart, select Checkout and purchase utilizing a debit or charge card. Ensure your address has been contributed to the shipping address and the number for your card has also been included.

Question Question 12

Does It Help Eliminate Heat Rash?

Balmex helps basically any moisture associated rash. If you think it’s a fungal/yeast rash (worsens with corn starch), then we recommend clotramazole (gray box identified for athletes’ foot treatment). It’s 88 cents for 1.5 oz at Walmart or $1 at Dollar Shop.

Question Question 13

Will Provide To Puerto Rico?

Dont understand the answer to this question.

Question Question 14

If Somebody Knows, Does It Help Under Beard?

This works extremely well, but we do not have a beard.

Question Question 15

Does It Have A Bad Odor?

It’s not the best odor but it isn’t bad.

Question Question 16

Does It Contain Aloe?

There is no reference of includingAloe It has 11.3% zinc oxide and vitamin E. This is an excellent Rash cream for a non-prescription. we would extremely suggest attempting it

Question Question 17

Is This A Cream Or Paste?

Thick cream.More paste-like.Very thick but will not go through undergarments/pants and works well for skin protection or to reduce inflammation

Question Question 18

Will Provide Our Products To Puerto Rico?

contact customer service.not sure.tony

Question Question 19

What Are The Ingredients?

Zinc Oxide

Question Question 20

Is This Expected To Be Smooth And Creaour? The One We Got Feels Gritty.?

The one we got was smooth and creaour.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Balmex Adult Care Rash Cream, these may be helpful for better understanding.

In this hot damp New York City summer we have established a truly bad heat rash on both our inner thighs. We attempted a few treatments to no obtain. We ultimately turned to utilizing band help on our thighs to avoid contact. Which worked mildy, but the rash spread. So we purchased the this, after we attempted in “heat rash” in search, and attempted it. We used it during the night after a shower and it did appear to soothe the locations. The next early morning we were late for and continue to hurry out the door. Soon after leaving our home, and well along the way, we recognize we did not use any of this cream to the rash locations. We were anticipated to be in a world of pain as the heat rash, without the protection of bandages or this cream or anything, would remain in full blast. It wasn’t. The day passed fine with just somewhat tingling in one location at the end of the day. We were astonished that with just one treatment the rash was practically gone, even with new direct exposure to heats and the very same conditions which caused the rash in the top place active, we were great. We can not state if this works for other types of rashes or conditions, but with heat rashes, it is perfect. Extremely suggest.

This is without a doubt the best adult care skin cream for healing and avoiding rashes. We are caretaker for a senior, incontinent individual who has been using disposable underclothing. She’s getting inflammation from the briefs. Somebody recommended balmex and it’s been a genuine lifesaver.

This is a terrific product and has assisted our requirements. We have a urination problem and go very freguently. That problem plus the truth that we are fat and in the summer we sweat a lot more in that personal location and it triggers us to look for a product that will relieve the inflammation problem from those 2 problems. We clean the location great with aloe-vesta that we found online and then put the balmex rash cream on and found some relief plus alleviates the odor problem also.

We have a belly overhang and it tends to end up being irritated underneath it if we do not use something to prevent it from occurring. Balmex does the technique for us. We use everything the time. Often when it’s very hot and we are very sweaty, we also use it under our breasts when powder is just insufficient. It absolutely avoids chaffing, inflammation and rashes but we are unsure that we consider it a moisturizer as much as a barrier. It’s scent is very mild and at all disagreeable or irritating.

The top of the layer of the cream was a bit milky and it was unusual rubbing it on, but there was no problem absorbing in to our skin so that didn’t matter. If anything, it kept us from utilizing more than we require, so there was a bright side. After you have utilized it for a while though the creamier residential or commercial properties of this cream come through rather perfectly, if that’s what you enjoy. We purchased this cream since we checked out an evaluation about a man with a persistent rash that this product treated him of. We have had this patch on our belly for like 2-3 years now and the skin’s a bit stained. All we can state is it does appear to be getting better, but we do not understand if this is too proficient at avoiding inflammation since after a few days of heavy sweating at work, we break out a bit in that rash. Also, it does not appear to operate as a moisturizer either, so if that’s what you require. Perhaps buy one in addition to this cream. Eventually, pretty good worth. But if our rash returns after we complete the tub, we will most likely buy something to attempt it out.

Back in august– it’s now november– we established a bad rash under our left breast and another rash, where the skin was in fact peeling, “under” the left side of our stomach (we are heavyset & have a “hanging stomach”). We believed it was heat rash & would disappear, these rashes constantly did previously, but not this time. We attempted over-the- counter creams/rubs, absolutely nothing worked. The inflammation was dreadful, especially when we were swimming (we swim laps nearly every early morning). A friend recommended vaseline & it assisted a little. In desperation we went to to see what else may be readily available. We check out some examines for balmex & figured it could not harm, so we purchased a jar. It got here on monday afternoon, we utilized the cream that night. The next day we were feeling much better, it’s now wednesday and the rashes are nearly gone, we feel no inflammation whatsoever. What a lifesaver. We would nearly forgotten what it resembled to feel no pain in those locations. Now we are back to normal & it feels great. Our jar will last us a very long time & we are happy to have it.

The product is thick enough to coat any inflammation or skin break to protect it from more damage while it rapidly heals it. A little goes a long way and although we use the cream typically, the 12 oz jar lasts us numerous years.

We first entered into understanding of this product when our father had ended up being a void and mainly bedridden. This product assisted tremendously with skin inflammations, a rather miracle product as far as we are worried. Certainly will buy once again when we run out of this jar.

Residing In the desert and experiencing heat rash typically this product provides relief of heat rash. It has an excellent consistency where it remains on.

The very best skin cream ever. Been utilizing it for 30 years now for burns and bug bites.

After reading great deals of evaluations, we picked balmex for a relentless rash that even our skin doctor is unsure what it is. Might be eczema or dermatitis or associated to psoriasis. We have been utilizing a prescription steroid cream off and on for months and it helps a little but never ever gets our skin entirely clear. We do not like utilizing steroids and hesitate of thinning skin after a lot use. This stuff has made an obvious distinction in just a few days. It’s not especially moisturizing and does not seem like lotion. It’s more like a paste and can leave a whitish cast but it typically takes in after a while. Our rash is fading and we are so happy with this outcome. It’s a substantial tub and will last a very long time, so great worth also. We suggest attempting if you are desperate like we were.

Prostate surgery has left us with a little bit of incontinence and that becomes diaper rash when we weren’t cautious sufficient (ouch) we attempted the sissified 21 st century variation of desitin and it didn’t help, so we attempted balmex. We believe it’s made from the extract of unicorn hoof prints since it put out the fire. It’s soothing and makes a solid moisture barrier (like old-fashioned desitin). Do yourself a favor and attempt this.

Other half had a rash on the back of her neck she’s too lazy to go to the physicians for rash medicine. And we felt bad for her. So we went on checked out all the great evaluations that people offered this rash cream and purchase it she attempted it and it worked?.

We have pretty severe cellulitis on the lower part of both of our legs and was trying to find something to keep our legs soft and without fractures. This stuff is a miracle employee. We utilized the diaper rash formula when our child was a baby and that was great, but this is just incredible. Odorless, a bit thick, but young boy, soooooo worth it. Extremely suggested.

We put this on prior to we placed on our underwire bra. It s the just thing that secures us from getting a rash due to sweating in that location. Functions great.

We utilized to buy balmex cream for diaper rash and our children. It was the just cream that eliminated redness and severe abrupt diaper rash nearly instantly. So, we chose to attempt the adult for adult rashes, but not in the diaper location. Smile. We make sure it works well. We will see.

We established a heat rash due to the hot desert heat. Initially we didn’t understand precisely what we had, but after a little research it ended up being clear. There are variety of over the counter remedies, and we attempted a great deal of them, with limited success. It takes a few days to see results, so we utilized each product for a minimum of 3 days prior to evaluating the modification and then carrying on to the next product. Balmex got beneficial evaluations as something that “works,” and certainly it does. We utilized it for 3 days and our rash was considerably decreased in both size and color. It is not precisely a lotion, as it is rather stiff, but so is noxzema, a product with an appealing name and great for the skin, but inadequate for heat rash. We attempted solutions with sulfur, coal tar, and others, and even a prescription medication, which did program indications of working, but the balmex worked. Our company believe it is the very same product as balmex for diaper rash, which is also readily available in a lotion form, but relabelled for grownups who have some preconception or doubt about utilizing a baby product. The 12 oz. Size contains a great deal of product.

Balmex is an older medication that is still around since it works well and we older people require it.

Work great. Never ever had a rash after use.

This is the best for babies and grownups. Any heat rash is gone the next day. We even utilized in on a bad burn and it recovered it rapidly. We have utilized this product for 33 years and love it.

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