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Balm Barr Cocoa Butter Cream

Balm Barr Cocoa Butter Cream

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Balm Barr Cocoa Butter Cream.

  • Natural Cocoa Butter
  • Non- oily Formula
  • Enriched with Vitamin E
  • Native land is United States

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More Info:

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A rich moisturizer with a concentration of cocoa butter, shea butter and Vitamin E that helps even the driest skin stay soft and flexible. Helps prevent flakiness and chapping.

Our Insights:

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Years back, when our spouse and we went on a cruise to commemorate our 30 th anniversary, we got a jar of “balm barr” skin cream someplace ??? and utilized it routinely all over our body to avoid dry skin from the sun and wind. We liked the results and our skin did not peel from our sunburn. We utilized all of it other than for a percentage in the bottom. We put it in our cabinet, and waited for our next cruise, ought to we ever be so fortunate, and forgot it. Over the years, we tried to find it in shops, but might never ever find it. While cleansing out our cabinet some time later on, we found the old jar and nearly tossed it out as we believed it was most likely all dried up. But, we opened it, and found it to be just great and as quickly as we smelled that terrific, clean fragrance, it revived those terrific memories of that cruise. Given that we were preparing a trip to the beach, we believed we would look for it once again and all over we went, it was not to befound We even searched for it on line by taking a look at website for “mennon”, the producer. But, that was an ineffective search. One day we simply “googled” the name “balm barr”, and low and behold there it was. On. We figured after all these years, it just would not be the exact same, but bought 2 containers. When it came, it was the precise very same product. It had the exact same great fragrance. Other than a jar with a bigger opening, even the label corresponded the old one. Needless to state, we are very happy about this.

This is a great body cream for anybody searching for a rich, emollient cream which smells great.

Great scent and works well.

We love this product. We dropped & we have a scar on our left leg. We put the cocoa butter on our leg & its fading the scar we also use it on our body & we love it. We like the odor & its better than the creams we utilized. You r the best product we would to get addicted to. Thank you do not fret we will buy more.

We utilized balmbarr several years ago and liked it. Then it vanished from our life. We were more than happy to find it on. It’s a great product.

This product has actually fulfilled our expectations totally. Excellent stuff works great.


Just what we bought previously.

This product helps to keep our feet soft. We use it two times a day. It has no lanolin in it.

We have actually been utilizing this product for over 30 years. Having actually attempted a minimum of 20 other ‘comparable’ cremes over that duration, we are positive in mentioning that absolutely nothing else works also. Our first intro to balmbarr was while living & operating at the north rim of the grand canyon. The thin, dry air of that location (over 8000 feet above water level) was triggering our hands to dry out and chap terribly. A colleague advised balm barr, defining the yellow label rather than the purple label, as other hand/skin creams were not assisting. Wow. What a relief. Our hands started to heal and stayed in great shape for the rest of our time there (with continued use of balm barr). Over the years given that, we have actually continued to have success with this product. It has actually assisted skin abrasions and other fairly shallow skin damage (consisting of cuts) heal much quicker than without it. We understand this to be real since we have actually in some cases stopped working to use it right away and have actually seen the distinction of with vs. Without its use. Our cuticles tend to crack and split consistently when left untended but heal rapidly once balm barr is resumed. They also do not crack so long as we use it each night. We have found it best to use it prior to going to sleep, specifically working it into the locations surrounding our nails. No other product has actually been as effective for us – and we have actually attempted whatever that has actually declared that it would, even those for dry and chapped feet and those for ‘tigers’ and ‘cows’ (udders). We have actually utilized it for practically every location of our body, consisting of chapped lips (also best used in the evening), and have actually regularly had terrific success with it. This can not be stated of any other ‘comparable’ product. Btw, the lotion is a thinner variation of the cream and is best for light use during the day. The cream is the variation that offers the biggest advantage. We are pleased it’s lastly offered once again. This is the 3rd company that has actually produced it and they have actually returned it to its complete original formulation, consisting of the scent.

We began utilizing this over 40 years back. It was advised to us by our doctor, since our hands remained in such bad shape from scrubbing for surguries. It is the best moisturizer on the market in our viewpoint. We simulated it better without the shea butter; nevertheless, it still has the fragrance that we love. Thank you for such an excellent product that has actually stood the test of time. Cc.

Like previous evaluation– this stuff is terrific– we have actually utilized it over 20 years and wept to believe it was not available. Even though the formula haschanged a bit it it still great and we love utilizing it. It is much better than olay. Thanks.

This is excellent for your face also. Not oily.

We have actually been looking for this product for many years. This product will keep your skin smooth and will help bring back dull dry skin. Our mother used this cream throughout her pregnancy and had no stretch marks.

Constantly great to use the best, absolutely nothing else can compare to the quality of balmbarr. It’s creaour texture and scent is terrific to use each and every day.

As we dislike numerous creams and have incredibly dry skin, we found that we have the ability to use balm barr and love it. It also is an excellent tanning lotion. In the winter season when the heat dries our skin and we would itch so terribly, we found we did not with balm barr. Also, we do not get acne with this lotion when we use it a moisturizer.

She has actually been not able to find it in regional retailers and she is not comfy purshasing products through the web. She is 73 years of ages and truthfully does not look a day over60 She swears by this stuff. Our skins is still a little oily so we are not personally utilizing this, but she purchases 4 at a time since she never ever wishes to run out.

We love this cocoa butter. It smells great and is not oily. We will be utilizing it for a very long time.

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