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Aveeno Eczema Therapy Daily Moisturizing Cream for Sensitive Skin

Aveeno Eczema Therapy Daily Moisturizing Cream for Sensitive Skin

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Aveeno Eczema Therapy Daily Moisturizing Cream for Sensitive Skin.

  • 12- fluid ounce bottle of Aveeno Eczema Therapy Daily Moisturizing Cream from the # 1 dermatologist-recommended eczema moisturizer brand is clinically-proven to relieve dry, itchy, and irritated skin due to eczema
  • This development eczema cream has actually been granted the National Eczema Association Seal of Approval and is scientifically revealed to help relieve the secret symptoms of eczema, consisting of itchiness, the appearance of redness, dryness and inflammation
  • The nourishing formula of this moisturizing lotion is enriched with colloidal oatmeal and contains ceramides, essential lipids naturally found within skin, to improve and bring back skin’s protective function
  • From the # 1 dermatologist-recommended eczema moisturizer brand, our daily eczema cream is also created to help prevent the reoccurrence of extra-dry skin. It is allergy-tested, steroid-free and fragrance-free and is safe for daily use on the body.
  • Aveeno uses the goodness of nature and the power of science to keep your skin looking and sensation healthy and well balanced.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Aveeno Eczema Therapy Daily Moisturizing Cream for Sensitive Skin.
Size: 12 OunceProduct DescriptionKeeping your skin’s moisture levels undamaged is essential for management of eczema. Established with leading skin specialists, this development daily cream is scientifically revealed to help relieve the secret symptoms of eczema itchiness, the appearance of redness, dryness and inflammation. In addition to Colloidal Oatmeal, Aveeno Eczema Therapy Daily Moisturizing Cream is also specially formulated with ceramide, essential lipid naturally found within skin, and helps to prevent the reoccurrence of extra-dry skin. Aveeno Eczema Therapy Daily Moisturizing Cream is allergy checked, steroid free and fragrance free.From the # 1 dermatologist-recommended eczema moisturizer brand, Aveeno uses the goodness of nature and the power of science to keep your skin looking and sensation healthy and well balanced.Brand StoryBy AveenoManufacturer Contact InformationCustomer can call our Customer Care group straight at 1-800-361-8068 See more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Aveeno Eczema Therapy Daily Moisturizing Cream for Sensitive Skin.

Question Question 1

Is The Moisturizing Cream Equivalent To The Balm?

we do not believe so.Balm is more greasy like vaseline.This is more like a lotion.

Question Question 2

Bottle States Cream, But Is It Thinner Like A Lotion.?

It has a bit thicker consistency thanLubriderm Like a rich lotion. Easy to spread out and the skin absorbs it well.

Question Question 3

The Expiration Date?

Batch we purchased had expiration date of 2018/05 Poor sticky product. Did not like it one bit

Question Question 4

Is This Product Suitable For Facial Use?

As long as you do not get it in your eyes.It states so on the back of the container.

Question Question 5

What Is The Distinction In Between This And The Baby Eczema Cream?


Question Question 6

What Age Can Use This?

we have actually utilized this on both our children 1 and up.

Question Question 7

Doe The 12 Oz Have Tamper-Proof Seal Inside The Opening Neck?We Have Utilized 5Oz & 7.3 Oz In The Past, And Always Saw The Silver Seal Existing.?

Yes it does have a seal

Question Question 8

The Number Of Bottles?

Just 1 bottle existed when we bought.

Question Question 9

Regular Non Pump Leading?

Mine came with pump

Question Question 10

Is It A Total Of 4 Bottles Or 2?

2 bottles

Question Question 11

We Have Actually Bought For Years. Aveeno Changed To Pump Leading, Which Is Challenging To Open And Leaves 25% Of Lotion AtBottom Any Way To Get Old Style Leading?

we hVe the very same problem difficult to open and pump

Question Question 12

Is The 12 Oz Cream Like The 5Oz? It Appears To United States The Word “Baby” Is Missing Out On From The Product packaging. Thanks.?

This is not the “baby” line but no where on the Aveeno site can we appear to find a full list of ingredients so we are uninformed of the distinction in between the baby ezcema cream and the regular ezcema cream. we are sorry to not be of more help.

Question Question 13

Can You Use This All The Time Or Just When You Have Eczema Breakout? Thanks.?

we believe you can use all of it the time but constantly an excellent concept to examine with your skin specialist.

Question Question 14

Doe The 12 Oz Have Tamper-Proof Seal Inside The Opening Neck?We Have Utilized 5Oz & 7.3 Oz In The Past, And Always Saw The Silver Seal Existing.?

This product does not come with a seal.

Question Question 15

Can We Use This Cream On Our Face?

we significantly sensitive skin, we did, absolutely nothing occurred. It wasn t as excellent as us utilizing Vaseline for our face cause we have very dry skin. Still felt a little tight. But moist

Question Question 16

Is This Fsa Qualified?


Question Question 17

Why Does This Bottle Not Have A Seal? We Are Reluctant To Use It On OurBaby How Am We Expected To Know It Hasn’T Been Tampered With?


Question Question 18

Is This Fsa Qualified?

we are not truly sure. we would believe it would be, if you ve been detected with eczema but you might wish to examine with your insurance coverage supplier to make certain.

Question Question 19

How Long Does A 12 Oz Bottle Last If Applied Once A Day To The Whole Body?

we utilized it for a week directly on our 2-year-old for skin allergies 1-2 applications a day. we went through like half of the bottle. Hope that helps.

Question Question 20

Does It Have Parabeens And Sulphates?

not exactly sure

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Aveeno Eczema Therapy Daily Moisturizing Cream for Sensitive Skin, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This is the best lotion we have actually ever utilized. We have actually had eczema on our hands for years and during the winter season it would get so agonizing, but there was absolutely nothing that worked, even after going to the skin specialist. Regular aveeno worked okay, but when we saw their eczema lotion we offered it a shot. And we are soooo grateful we did. We put it on during the night and the next early morning our hands look and feel a lotbetter This stuff not just moisturizes, but it truly does heal your skin. Thank you aveeno.

We use this to relieve moderate eczyma on our wrists. The eczyma is all but totally gone after a few weeks. The skin is still a little rough, but it is normal in appearance. It stopped the ruthless itching, but we needed to reapply it a number of times a night initially to keep from sleep scratching. This was dealt with by using light cotton gloves during the night. Our bottle came with a pump top. That is a fantastic addition and makes it a lot easier to use. Just position it on your night table and use it prior to bed. This has never ever made our hands greasy. It takes in rapidly and works well.

We are not one to usually leave an evaluation. Nevertheless, after attempting this new aveeno lotion we are very satisfied. All the many creams we have actually attempted over the years, we have lastly found one that lasts. Came home & did our normal regimen of using lotion prior to bed. For the very first time ever we needed to stop due to the fact that our arms & legs seemed like we had actually just used. Incredible. We were not paid or offered free product to leave this evaluation. All we can state is you won t be dissatisfied.

We bought this product for our middle kid. She has a dreadful time with eczema. Our medical professionals had us attempt creams and creams but, absolutely nothing appeared to work or it would work a number of weeks later on it was an aggravating time for us and our child. She was unpleasant and we were attempting whatever to help but absolutely nothing was working. When a colleague informed us to attempt aveeno eczema therapy lotion we leapt head first into finding the product here with in 2 days time (shipping). We used it to her knees and elbow in a thick coat and tucked her into bed that night hoping. After a peaceful night rest. (which previous to this night our kid was waking through the night whimpering and scratch but, not that night.) in the early morning we might see a significant distinction. The redness had actually decreased. We used this lotion on her in thick coats 3 times a day for 2 days and her eczema had actually declined. We keep a bottle hand at all times now. Plus it’s terrific for our dry skin in the winter season too. Best buy we ever made.

We can not suggest this lotion enough. The previous number of winter seasons we have actually gotten random psoriasis spots on our hands and usually we would just wait them out and they ‘d ultimately disappear. This year after hearing that colloidal oatmeal can help with psoriasis and eczema we chose to attempt itout We utilized it two times a day on our spots and they were generally gone in like, 2 weeks. We also utilized it on our knuckles that were splitting and agonizing from the dry air and it recovered them within a few days. Certainly offer this lotion a shot. The odor isn’t our preferred but it deserves installing with for such great results.

Like numerous customers here, we suffer with eczema and had an especially bad break out this year. This was definitely the just lotion that not just offered us relief but worked to heal the eczema. So happy to have found this at first by means of a sample in our skin specialist workplace and will never ever use anything else. If you have an especially hard eczema spot, this also is available in a balm jar that works great. We use that on the back of our hands that get truly bad in the summer sun and this all over else.

We seldom offer 5 stars, but this stuff is incredible. We were treking and obviously went through some poison oak without understanding it. It got itchy rapidly and spread over a large location, covering the majority of our left shin and ankle. We attempted all the typical stuff and it kept it from becoming worse but it would not eliminate it. We saw this discussed by another hiker online and we attempted it. Wow. The itching dropped in the next day and the location recovered within a week. This stuff was incredible and supplied instant relief.

We have actually been fighting eczema for about 5 years now. This is the best body cream for moisturizing and stopping the itching. Other eczema body creams have made our eczema even worse. Aveeno has made a superior product.

We use the aveeno eczema therapy pump wash, this aveeno eczema therapy daily moisturizing cream, and the aveeno eczema therapy colloidal cream in the plastic jar every day, and our eczema has actually totally recovered and isgone It resembles a miracle for us. We have actually been combating itchy rashy eczema on our hands and it was infecting our arms, and we had never ever had it in our life. This went on for 2 years, and our skin specialist put us on 3 or 4 various creams and/ or steroid creams and none worked. We also utilized a minimum of 10 various natural creams, oils, cleans, etc. And absolutely nothing worked. We even attempted fungal creams. Naturally, that didn’t work, as it wasn’t a fungal rash. Desperate people do desperate things. We love aveeno products and had actually attempted a number of, but did not understand they had eczema therapyproducts We found them on and figured why not attempt? so we constantly wash our hands with the special wash (we just put it by our sink, because it’s a pump”), and we follow up with the pump lotion/cream, and we use the thick colloidal cream just during the night. Within one week, our eczema stopped itching and began to fade. In 2 weeks, it was completelygone We are delighted. We revealed our hubby and we were both in shock. We suggest, we have actually attempted whatever. Even a pricey honey from new zealand that not did anything. This is the best most exceptional stuff we ever utilized and now our hands are soft and completely clear, and we can use bracelets and rings once again. We are getting some for a friend who has way more severe eczema all over than we had, but she’s attempted whatever too, so possibly it might work for her. All the best, as it has actually been incredible for us.

Let us first begin this evaluation by stating that our three-year-old child has actually had severe atopic dermatitis because birth. We have actually attempted numerous, numerous creams and creams and this is genuinely the just one that has actually come even from another location close at continuously working to seal in moisture and prevent flares, or keep them from getting out of control, when utilized daily as directed by her specialist. Like numerous little kids, she frequently has flares in common locations. Like on the ankle, back of the knees, underarms, within the elbows, etc. Nevertheless, she also typically has flare ups in less common locations, like the upper part of the back of her thighs, lower back, stomach, on the front and back of the neck, behind the ears, inside the ears and at the crevice where the ear lobe fulfills the face (it has actually actually divided in 2 prior to). We are discussing all of this due to the fact that our company believe it’s a real testimony to how well this lotion can operate in the treatment of eczema if used completely and frequently. Considering That the eczema she experiences is so severe, we do use a topical steroid to treat very inflamed ares when required. When she has those kinds of flare ups, we use the recommended steroid cream first, then use aveeno eczema therapy all over her body, along with aquaphor healing ointment on top and continue this procedure early morning and night. When she isn’t experiencing a flare up, per her specialist’s guidelines, we shower her in warm water (no bubbles) everyday and use an unscented soap on a wash cloth to clean. After twenty minutes, we remove her from the tub and carefully pat her skin (semi) dry with a towel and then right away moisturize with aveeno eczema therapy cream, which seals in the moisture left from her skin being kept wet after the bath. After that, we include aquaphor healing ointment to any red locations or locations that are vulnerable to inflammation. This regular generally keeps her flare free for rather some time. It can be challenging to complete this regimen from begin to end up each night, particularly while caring for our other children, but it gets simpler with time and we completely associate a great deal of the success we have actually had in keeping her skin clear to the daily use of this lotion. We suggest acquiring aveeno eczema therapy moisturizer by means of subscribe & conserve to make certain you have actually constantly got it in stock.

This is the one and just lotion that cleaned up an eczema (or psoriasis) style up on our left pinky finger and the side of our right-hand man. It began around april this year and we attempted other creams to clear it up, but none worked. Undoubtedly, it was most likely due to the fact that we kept scratching at it, but we could not help it. They took too long to heal our style up. We utilized this aveeno lotion and might inform nearly right away (our company believe after 2 days) that the eczema was disappearing. We did scratch a bit, but we might inform it was disappearing. We utilized it regularly for about a month and our hands were back to normal. Would buy once again.

Our child has actually had eczema all over his body because he was 3 months old. We attempted all various brand names of lotion which would help a bit but appeared to make his eczema more red after we used it. He had an allergy to milk and eggs which he is now starting to grow out of at 3 years of ages. His eczema is now gone with the help of this lotion. Even though he is starting to overcome his allergy his skin is still extra sensitive and will get dry itchy patches. We use this lotion every night after his bath and it makes those dry itchy patches smooth and moist in just a few days. This lotion has actually been a rescuer for our family and we continue to buy this lotion each time we run out.

We just use aveeno lotion and we began to use this eczema pressure when we began to feel symptoms of eczema beginning. We do not especially believe this creams truly avoids or cures eczema (as we generally need to use it in combination with other eczema treatments), once your eczema is under control, it will keep it under control for longer durations than just regular lotion.

We have eczema on our hands, in addition to truly dry skin, and utilizing this will minimize the itching significantly. It feels smooth on the skin for a while, but you can touch paper without leaving a grease stain. Our skin specialist suggested it to us first. Even without eczema, we would use this. We have it in our cooking area and others have actually commented how terrific it feels.

This is definitely the best lotion. We went to the skin specialist a number of times and was offered prescriptions which would help for just a brief time. For 6 months, we had a hard time with one break out after another (on our face). We checked out aveeno and ordred it. We began utilizing it right away and after a few days, our skin was cleaning up. This was a few months earlier. We continue to use it every night and have actually not had a break out because. The scripts were expensive and did refrain from doing anything. We have actually utilized this continuously and have actually also begun utilizing the body lotion. We enjoy user.

We love this lotion. Our child and we have very sensitive skin and get dry patches of eczema during the cold weather. In the past, we would use aquaphor to help fight dryness, but constantly disliked the sticky/chapstick-like residue it left on our skin. We would wind up getting it on our clothing or rubbing it off on our sheets. Just to still have dry, irregular skin. We liked how it took in fairly fast and didn’t have a strong odor (possibly a tip of oatmeal). It is on the thinner side-almost seems like aloe when you put it on your skin. It completely looked after any dry/scratchy skin after we utilized it prior to bed a few days in a row. We are delighted this was a fast fix for us.

We have actually utilized this aveeno lotion for several years, even as the cost has actually increased. It s a blessing for our very sensitive hands. Doesn t feel oily or pore obstructing at all. The scent is very subtle, there is a reminisce of oatmeal. Love the natural extracts it contains. This is the just lotion we have found that doesn t aggravate our skin. Our only grievance is that they just recently altered the snap-close lid to a pump. This reduces the quantity of product within and makes it difficult to get every last dropout Aveeno, please return to the lid top. Besides that, you can t fail with this stuff. Also, generally has the most affordable cost:-RRB-.

We do not compose numerous evaluations but felt obliged to compose one for this. Our 5-month-old child had bad eczema for months. We attempted dove eczema cream, advertisement, cooler bath temperatures, much shorter baths, less soap in the impacted locations, cooler space, humidifier, regular moisturizer, etc. Absolutely nothing worked.Hydrocortisonemade it disappear for a day. We chose to attempt the aveeno ointment during the night and this lighter aveeno lotion during the day each time we altered him. The outcome was exceptional. He still gets flare-ups but the redness and itching is completely in check now it appears. Caution: around the time we made the switch, our relative began turning to crystals and assorted witch doctory for help, so who knows whether it was the aveeno or the other stuff. We’re belt and suspenders people now.

Our relative has eczema truly bad and this is among the few things she’s found over the years that soothes and helps it to heal. We rank it at 4 stars due to the cost and size of the bottles.

Seriously the best lotion for eczema. Our skin specialist suggested another brand, which we attempted, and didn’t find operated at all. We use aveeno body wash and then this cream and we could not be better. It keeps our dry, irritated skin under control. Very happy.

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