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Ammens Medicated Powder

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Ammens Medicated Powder.

  • Deodorant protection.
  • Soothes small skin inflammations.
  • Helps prevent chafing.
  • Helps keep foot cool and dry.
  • The multi-purpose medicated powder.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Ammens Medicated Powder.
Ammens Medicated Powder 11 oz. Original MedicatedFormula Ammens Medicated Powder soothes small skin inflammations consisting of heat rash, poison ivy, sumac and oak. It provides all over deodorant protection and a cool, refreshing sensation. Use daily after bathing. Use at every diaper modification and after baths.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Ammens Medicated Powder.

Question Question 1

Does This Ship 2 In A Pack?

had a lot of trouble with the provider who offers in 2 pack, never ever did get product after a month waiting. 4 pack delivered by 3 days.

Question Question 2

Does Product Contain Talc?

No, Ammens is 100% Talc free, and it is the just powder our late pediatrician suggested for use on our babies back in the seventies and eighties, and we still use it to this day. No other powder compares or is as effective in treating/preventing body inflammation; rash or inflammation.

Question Question 3

Our Ammens Contains Talc. Is The “Modern” Formula As God?

If you’re asking if it’s as “Good,” yes, and it’s the just powder we have utilized on our babies and grandbabies for over forty years.

Question Question 4

Does This Product Have Menthol?

we inspected the label on the back of the powder. It doesn t list menthol as one of the ingredients. The powder does not have a menthol odor. It does have a medicinal odor but it s small & it doesn t remain.

Question Question 5

Why Not Offered In Shops?

Is is, most drug shops, walmart, Kmart, and it’s been around for a long time

Question Question 6

If It’S Talc-Free, Why Is Talc Among The Ingredients?.?.?

we inspected the label. Talc is not noted as a component on the containers we have. Cornstarch is noted rather of talc.

Question Question 7

Has The Talc In This Product Been Evaluated For Asbestos?

we do not know.Maybe we must ask the maker.But we have been utilizing it for 40+ years with no bad adverse effects that we understand.

Question Question 8

Picture Reveals 100% TalcFree Nevertheless Some Customers State It Contains Talc And Others State No. Is This Relly Talc Free Or Not?

we would state it is not 100% Talc free since Talc is noted as one of the ingredients on the container.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Ammens Medicated Powder, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We went with the accelerated shipping (at, we believe, seven or 8 dollars extra expense,) which was expected to have it here saturday; it didn’t, it got here monday, no huge offer when it comes tothat Nevertheless there is a huge offer with the product itself. We had purchased this once in the past, around 1980 – 1985, a 11 oz. Plastic squeezable container. The active component in the product, (“amens original medicated powder,”) is, zinc oxide 9. 1%. At that time, we had purchased it at a drug shop, for a rash. It worked great; after utilizing it just a few times the rash disappeared. That remained in the early ’80’s. The rash returned, this summer, (2019) after attempting a number of other mixtures we occurred to have on hand, (none of which worked,) we remembered our amens powder. We still had it, 30-35 years later on, (nearly a full container.) we utilized it up over about a 10- day duration. As old as it was, it still provided instant relief from the itching and burning. As our bottle had to do with run out we started looking for it, and being not able to find it in your area we purchased it online. It lastly got here, and to our suprise, it provided us no relief whatsoever. If anything it appeared to magnify the itching. We compared the labels and found the active component (zinc oxide) was just 5%, in the new bottle, compared to the 9. 1% in the old bottle. The product description on the site, along with the labeling on the container, declare it to be “original medicated formula. ” plainly, the product is not the original formula, and is, for us, absolutely inefficient.

It was a great powder for our child that s why we purchased it for our boy, but we think it doesn t succeed for his skin. Our children skin doesn t do excellent with anything but water. We still prefer this powder over any other powder though. Absolutely nothing worked for our children rash or sensitive skin. Not even authoritative lotions from her doctor. Ammens powder was the just thing that provided our child relief, so it was the just thing we utilized on her all throughout veterinarian baby days.

For those people with sensitive skin, perfume and fragrance level of sensitivities, ammems is the solution. Unlike talcum powder, ammens is medicated to prefent chafing and itch. Unlike mexsana and gold bond powder, it does not intensify your skin and make it itch. We believe that this might just use to those people with hostility to fragrance and other non natural substances. If you require non-fragrant edge, dove unscented soap, etc ammens is the powder for you. If you have attempted gold bond and mexsana just find the result even worse than the problem, offer ammens a shot. It’s worked for us for a few years now.

Fantastic stuff. No odor, like with gold bond. Safe and cooling and works miracles with chafing due to sweat or clothing rubbing you the incorrect way. We can’t get it anywhere regional now, but thank god we can still get it thru.

Our auntie turned us onto this powder for our little people diaper rash. He had an extremely irritated bottom and absolutely nothing was working. We utilized some a & d and put this on and with the next diaper modification, the majority of the redness wasgone It s been our go to since. We also use it to soothe our own heat rash, works like an appeal, absolutely something you wish to have on hand. It s not stinky, it has a clean scent that rapidly dissipates.

With the hubaloo over the regular talcum powder that we have been utilizing for several years, we chose to change to ammens, having never ever seen it prior to but reading the evaluations. We believe you must still attempt to avoid breathing it, which we do, but general delighted. It appears to be finer than jonsons baby powder if that is even possible. But not wishing to be inhaling asbestos, we are switcher.

This powder is like an old family remedy. Use it on whatever. Pimples, rashes, redness, and itching. It s the just powder we will use. We like the scent and it s very absorbent.

Do not wish to be unrefined, but we began utilizing this product in 1967 when we established a very major jock rot while going through fundamental training in the arour. Of all the products that were readily available to us at the px, such as mexana, gold bond, etc, ammens was the just product that provided us any relief. Been utilizing it since, but it is tough to find in the shops. Walgreens, walmart, cvs do not bring it, but will purchase it for you at a much higher cost than what we paid prime.

Our newborn boy had a consistent rash that would not disappear and absolutely nothing was drying up his skin enough to keep it from getting irritated once again till our papa discussed that he utilized this powder on us and our brother or sisters when we were babies. We have utilized this on ourself when we utilized to be in the service but didn’t understand it might be utilized in diapers. But let us inform yall. This is a blessing. He right away stopped shouting bloody murder during diaper modifications as quickly as we put this on him. Certainly will stick with purchasing this power.

Ammens powder has been around for over 50 years & is still outstanding much like back in the day. We utilized it as a kid for heat rashes. It cools the skin and reduces & eliminates the heat bumps. Extremely suggest this product for everybody. Will bought once again.

We will not go without powder; we use it daily under our breasts; stops heat rash from taking place, odor of product when first used strong nevertheless does dissipate in a brief time; when our children were babies; utilized to help control diaper rash.

We have utilized this powder given that our now grown children were babies. Our pediatrician suggested it then, and think me, it’s the best. For forty 2 years now we have been utilizing it and our grandbabies are now the benefactors.

We love this talcum powder, we have constantly utilized it and it works extremely well to avoid bad smells on the feet.

Have utilized ammens for years. Very challenging to find in regional shops. We purchased a 4 pack to make sure a stock for us. Also provided one to a member of the family that has rashes and inflammation due to moisture in folds of body. No more rashes and inflammation. Seen distinction right away. Fantastic product.

Older product that still works. Very effective for treatment of persistent skin problem.

Of all the body powder we have utilized, this is the best. The product works as a medicated powder for use on your body (other than mucous membrane) and has no overwhelming fragrance. It keeps you fresh all the time.

We have been utilizing ammens medicated powder for several years and it is no longer readily available in our regional drug shops, so we are glad to be able to acquire it at. We quickly break out from most skincare products, and ammens is among the few powders we can use. It’s soothing, keeps us dry and the soft, herbal scent is terrific.

Great for sweat rashes, itchiness, etc. Excellent cost here and next day shipment. Hard to beat.

Like we matured with- excellent- the just powder to use on your baby and you.

We utilized to use this in highschool. Nana had it and presented us to it.

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