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Amerigel Wound Skin Care Wash

Amerigel Wound Skin Care Wash

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Amerigel Wound Skin Care Wash.

  • AmeriGel wound wash can be utilized to clean cuts, scrapes, burns and ulcers
  • Sting free solution
  • Free from contamination, germs, and possibly hazardous chemicals

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Amerigel Wound Skin Care Wash.
Size: 7.1 Fl Oz AmeriGel wound wash is the just portable 3 salt ringer’s solution readily available on the market. More advanced than saline solution, this pain free formulation makes cleansing and flushing injuries, cuts or scrapes easy. The pressurized can sprays at any angle and helps to remove particles from injuries without the use of hazardous chemicals that can harm new healthy tissue. The portable system does not need refrigeration and stays sterile throughout the life of the product. 2 hassle-free sizes make it easy to bring with you when treking, outdoor camping or taking a trip.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Amerigel Wound Skin Care Wash.

Question Question 1

Exists A Way To Change The Spray To Come Out Not So Strong?

Not that we lnow of.

Question Question 2

Are The Contents Flammable?

It’s seawater and there is no reference on the bottle of the propellent being combustible.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Amerigel Wound Skin Care Wash, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Did a great deal of research on wound care when our hubby got back with a non healing rectal wound. Amerigel had excellent feedback. We purchased the saline, and call it our “saline with the extra ingredient. ” we are doing definitely whatever we can to get our hubby to heal and it appears to be working. Can’t inform you which element of what we are doing/giving him is working, but we can inform you that amerigel has the most fantastic wound care nurse who will take great care to help you. So if you have a wound that’s not healing, provide it a shot. Update might 2013 well, after having had an open rectal wound for 18 months, our hubby lastly is recovered. It took 5 months after this last surgery, after the cosmetic surgeon informed us it may use up to 12 months. We utilized amerigel saline and amerigel creme, and we are so happy that it’s over. So, we do advise it. We do think it assisted.

Like all of the amerigel products, this product is wonderful and is better than the other wound cleans we had acquired in your area at the drug shops. The ingredients are the very same, but what made this product better is the power in which the solution was given. Our wound was very agonizing, so we didn’t wish to touch it with anything, and, due to the fact that this solution “shot” out of the can, it really cleaned it effectively, removing particles, without us needing to touch it with anything else. We will constantly keep a full can of this around for emergency situations.

We have utilized this at the recommendation of our doctor to treat foot ulcers. We do not have diabetes, but we do have cidp, with its accompanying neuropathy. We have not utilized this on anything else, but would if we had other sores or infections. It is great to have something to clean the wound prior to we treat the would with the amerigel wound dressing. The operate in show with one another. We acquired them both on due to the fact that it was less than we have paid at the dr’s workplace. We certainly advise these 2 products.

We have attempted various saline cleansing sprays and this is the best variation of the product. We utilized it after having surgery that left a large open wound and it assisted to keep the wound clean and heal well. Other sprays do not have the force of this one. We extremely advise it over other brand names.

We needed to have toe nails eliminated surgically and we were informed to use this product in cleansing the nail beds. We utilized this product for a little over 5 weeks and our company believe they boosted the healing procedure. It worked well for us.

We acquired this for our emergency pack after an accident, where the wound required to be cleaned up truly well. It made us recognize this would be a required product to have in our kit if the wound was truly bad or filthy.

Open wound on ab location from open gallbladder surgery. Assisted to clean out white stuff from healing. Also helped in keeping restroom shower flooring clean considering that we utilized it during our shower.

Truly speeds healing. Amazing product. We use it on ourself and our sheep.

This is a great healing product; nevertheless if you dislike trees, read the label insert and consult your doctor prior to utilizing it. Our doctor advised it after foot surgery.

We use this wound care wash and the cream for ulcers on our spouses feet. Both products work great. Up until now we have not had any concerns with infections or healing with this product.

We are utilizing this wash along with the wound gel. Both together have done an excellent task at debriding and healing the wound. It does keep the redness and infections away.

This stuff is great. No touching of the skin, no fragrance.

Functions great.

Was an excellent product. We utilized it to clean out a wound our hubby had behind his ear. It cleaned up the woundand kept it hygienic.

Easy application.

Love this stuff.

Great product.

Great for those people who dislike neosporin.

This is an outstanding wash for cleaning up injuries to get ready for additional treatment. We just include some to a cotton pad and wipe our wound to clean it. It comes out of the can nozzle kindly so you need to ensure not to use excessive. We attempted to spray straight on our wound but we just wound up soaked. We will redeemed to keep with our first aid kit.

Good product.

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