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All Terrain Natural Ditch the Itch Cream

All Terrain Natural Ditch the Itch Cream

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of All Terrain Natural Ditch the Itch Cream.

  • NATURALLY OBTAINED INGREDIENTS: All Terrain’s Ditch The Itch Cream is specially formulated to protect & help relieve skin inflammations & Itching due to rashes, eczema, insect bites, poison ivy, oak, sumac.
  • STOP SCRATCHING: Formulated with Colloidal Oatmeal, the Ditch The Itch Cream is enriched with shea butter, tea tree oil & eucalyptus oil to efficiently soothe, protect & relieve small skin inflammation & itching.
  • FOR BEST RESULTS: Use the cream with Ditch The Itch Spray &Bar Ditch The Itch Cream has an easy-to-apply, smooth sensation, great for outdoors; keep some in an emergency treatment kit or knapsack for your journeys.
  • ACTIVE WAY OF LIFE: Begun by an outdoor lover, All Terrain uses a broad line of safe & effective bug sprays, sun blocks, topical emergency treatment & itch relief products utilizing natural ingredients
  • ALL TERRAIN: We are dedicated to supplying safe & effective, environmentally-friendly, cruelty-free skin care protection products to help you & your family live active, healthy lives.

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Style: Cream Pfo (Pure Fish Oil)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on All Terrain Natural Ditch the Itch Cream.

Question Question 1

Does ‘Ditch The Itch’ Co. Test Its Products On Animals?

We have actually checked it on our boy, which we believe counts as screening on animals.For what it deserves, it appears to work great on him.

Question Question 2

Is This Fragrance-Free?

Dear Customer: Thank you for you question. We do not include any fragrance to ditch The Itch Cream, but it has its private ingredients natural fragrance. Please let us understand if you have even more questions Dear Customer: Thank you for you question. We do not include any fragrance to ditch The Itch Cream, but it has its private ingredients natural fragrance. Please let us understand if you have even more questionsKind Regards,All Terrain Quality Guarantee

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on All Terrain Natural Ditch the Itch Cream, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Thankfully, due to the fact that their herbal armor works so well, we didn’t require to use this much on a current journey to scotland; nevertheless, the few times we did, relief was fast and long lasting. We utilized it on some bug bites and other itchy hotspots. Was instantly soothing with just a small, fresh scent that faded rapidly (& we are very conscious such things). We flew with it 4 times and it knocked around in our outdoor camping equipment for over 2 weeks and never ever dripped. In addition, we required to call customer support of all terrain and they reacted in a very prompt and practical way. Ya do not see that every day. 5 stars for product & 5 stars for service. We depend on evaluations to help us make notified choices. We hope this evaluation assisted you.

Our 83- years of age mother uses this for itching on her feet and she states it is the best thing she s ever utilized for this condition. She has a persistent dry spot on her foot that itches her all the time, often to the point of opening her skin. She states this cream not just stops the itch on contact, but that it is also assisting to heal the skin on her foot. She stated she won t ever lack this cream.

We believe this product works well at relieving itchy mosquito bites. And is a lot easier and more “spot-on” than making our own oatmeal-bath or emulsion. We have actually utilized it ourself for mosquito bites and found it effective, and more notably, we utilized it for our child when she was more youthful due to the fact that it is reasonably “natural” or a minimum of steroid-free. Even though she is now older (7 ), she still does not believe your regular over-the counter options (such as a numbing agent benzocaine-based product) work also (she often even suffers their “sting”– possibly due to the fact that you do require to be mindful that skin isn’t broken, and possibly we do not constantly see well?). We have not had any prevalent locations of bites or poison ivy, so we can’t guarantee it’s efficiency there. When we ran out of this and could not get it in your area, we understand there was drama as we attempted other in your area offered basic treatments, and ultimately bought a tube of this online, to get here asap.

We never ever compose evaluations but we have actually been unpleasant we went outdoor camping and wound up with sand flea bites head to toe. They in some way got in our camping tent. We had actually attempted various topical gels, benadryl, and essential oils absolutely nothing assisted. We has nearly immediate relief after using this on our bites. We can truthfully state we will constantly keep a tube of this at the home due to the fact that of how effective this product is.

We love this stuff. Functions great for skin rashes and bug bites.

This stuff is incredible. Our child has actually been getting mosquito bites all over her legs, and being 2 years of ages has actually scratched them into a bloody mess. We got this in hopes that it would help, and attempted it on 3 bites that we got last night. We can’t think how well it works. It resembles the bug bites never ever occurred.

This product is a lifesaver to me. We have very bad responses to things like band-aids. We get hives from god knows what. In some cases there is location on our body itching. We will take this lotion and put it on and let it dry. Leaves a film and it just works to reduce the continuous itching. We are so pleased we found this.

Best antwe itch cream we havefound We use this for eczema and food allergy rash and it helps a lot. Removes itch and raised skin.

You quickly get the itch away so it helps your skin heal much faster. We like the truth that is made with natural ingredients.

Bug bites were bad this year and this allowed us to go to sleep. Our mom also utilized for rash after gardening and stated it was the just thing that assisted.

We love this cream. We use it for our 18 mo old’s eczema and it works great on it.

This worked for us. We had a rash from a bug bite for 2 months. We attempted colloidal oatmeal but all that did was dry our skin out and make it itch evenmore This product has stuff in it that truly works.

Functions great for removing itches for us.

Product works for little location applications – there is just 2oz in the tube so it does not go very far on large skin locations that require treatment.

Functions on 90% of the random inflammations we get from animals, scrapes, etc. Extremely suggest.

Perfect for itchy dry skin, we also use the bar soap.

This has actually ended up being a summer staple for our family. It truly does help with bug bites.

This stops itch. The soap we discovered no distinction.

This was excellent. Served the purpose.

Perfect No chemicals and it stops all itching.

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