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Alaffia - Authentic African Black Soap - All-in-One Body Wash

Alaffia – Authentic African Black Soap – All-in-One Body Wash

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Alaffia – Authentic African Black Soap – All-in-One Body Wash.

  • AUTHENTIC BLACK SOAP Crafted from a centuries- old dish of handmade shea butter and West African palm oil with soothing lavender oil and ylang ylang extract.
  • ENTIRE BODY CARE Hydrating, calming relief for dry skin; Perfect for use as a deep facial cleanser, invigorating body and hand wash, and even for shaving cream.
  • PERFECT, SILKY SMOOTH SKIN From handmade soap prepared into charcoal for a deeply cleansing and cleansing experience.
  • FAIR FOR LIFE Products made with reasonable trade concepts and non- GMO ingredients free from those known or thought to damage human health.
  • ALAFFIA Is a West African welcoming significance “state of peace, health and well-being,” an experience crafted into all of our natural products.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Alaffia – Authentic African Black Soap – All-in-One Body Wash.

Question Question 1

How Is This For A Face Wash?

FANTASTIC.we use it to wash our face early morning and night.It leaves our skin soft and velvety, even when we do not use a moisturizer afterwards.we do not dilute it, but use it straight from the bottle as a face wash.our sensitive skin just enjoys this soap.

Question Question 2

Is This Ruthlessness Free? Does It State That It Is On The Product packaging?

Yes, all Alaffia products are 100% ruthlessness free, and it does state this on the product packaging.

Question Question 3

Has Anybody Utilized This As A Body Wash? Particularly For Acne?

Not as a body wash for acne. But we have utilized it for a body wash and it works great. Also help clear the acne on our face for sure

Question Question 4

We Have Oily And Acne ProneSkin Will It Work For Our Skin?

Yes, Black soap does work well for acne and oily skin. It can be a little drying, and Alaffia also has some light moisturizers and oils that are developed particularly for acne susceptible skin. Neem Oil, Neem and Shea Cleanser, moisturizer, and toner: https://www..com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search- alias% 3Dhpc & field- keyword Yes, Black soap does work well for acne and oily skin. It can be a little drying, and Alaffia also has some light moisturizers and oils that are developed particularly for acne susceptible skin. Neem Oil, Neem and Shea Cleanser, moisturizer, and toner: https://www..com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search- alias% 3Dhpc & field- keywords=+% 7C+ B008 YNLAM2+% 7C+ B008 YNMQZW+% 7C+ B002 L3OPFU++% 7C+ B002 L3QZO4 & rh= n% 3A3760901% 2Ck% 3A+% 7C+ B008 YNLAM2+% 7C+ B008 YNMQZW+% 7C+ B002 L3OPFU++% 7C+ B002 L3QZO4

Question Question 5

What Is Ffp?

Perhaps Aggravation-Free Product Packaging? Inspect out the last bullet point. https://www..com/Alaffia-Authentic-African-Black-Unscented/ dp/B00 HUDSYDA

Question Question 6

Can It Be Utilized For Children’S Hair?

This can be utilized on a kid s hair. we would beware though since it will burn if it gets in your eyes. It s truly great for curly and oily hair.

Question Question 7

When Utilizing As A Facial Cleanser Do You Wet Your Face?

Yes we do, we also soap the soap prior to cleaning our face with it

Question Question 8

What Compound Is The Lauryl Glucoside Sourced From?

Lauryl glucoside is obtained from palm kernel oil or coconut oil and glucose from corn.

Question Question 9

Why Did The Company Stop Providing The Bar Soap? It Was An Essential And Perfect For Travel.?

We do still have the bar soap found here. We do still have the bar soap situated here.https:// www. com/dp/B084 NX4PCPAlaffia

Question Question 10

Is This Septic Safe?

Yes, this is septic safe.

Question Question 11

Our Product Showed Up Without A Protective Seal? Is That Expected To Take place?

Mine never ever has a protective seal. we just got a new one and it didn’t have one either.

Question Question 12

Is This Safe For Color Treated Hair?

our hair is practically black and we color it in the house to match our natural color. we have gray at the temples and some throughout the top. there is no fading even a little in the color at all from utilizing this. very gentle on our colored medium curly hair.

Question Question 13

Does It Clear Dark Marks?

This ought to be cleansing, so it might help. It appropriates for all skin types

Question Question 14

Our Original Bottle States It’S For Shampoo — So Does The Title Above. But The New Bottle We Got Does Not State It’S ForShampoo What’S Up?

This stuff is magical.we use it for body wash and a shampoo but it can dry out your hair.we imagine you can use it to wash the automobile, meals, theneighbors cat.The sky is the limitation.

Question Question 15

We Use Alaffia – Neem & Shea Butter Shampoo For Our Child Who Has Kinky Hair, And For Our CurlyHair We Required Something Cheaper, Will This Work?

Yes this will work we use it on our hair works well

Question Question 16

What Is The Ph Level On This?

The minutes. pH is 9.50, and the max. pH is 10.70 Please note that the pH levels might differ from batch to batch.

Question Question 17

We Have LongHair If You Use This As A Shampoo Do You Need To Use A Conditioner Or Is Hair Workable And Soft And Easy To Brush?

It dried our hair out when we attempted. we have thick long hair. we just use it for an emergency hair scenario if we run out of product. ONLY use conditioner if you desire workable, soft hair if you have long, thick hair.

Question Question 18

Can Somebody Please List All The Ingredients In The Eucalyptus Tea Tree Soap? Thanks.?

Azadirachta indica (Neem) Liquid Extract, Saponified Butyrospermum parkiwe (Shea) Butter * and Elaeis guineensis (Palm Kernel) Oil *, Lauryl Glucoside, Eucalyptus globulus (Eucalyptus) Oil, Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree) Oil.

Question Question 19

What Is It’S Ph?

The minutes. pH is 9.50, and the max. pH is 10.70 Please note that the pH levels will differ a little from batch to batch.

Question Question 20

Is This Charcoal Soap?

No, this is black soap made from shea butter and ashes and palm oil (orangutan safe).

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Alaffia – Authentic African Black Soap – All-in-One Body Wash, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We are not a complete stranger to utilizing black soap. Expensive and worth it no matter what. There are 2 other black soap products we use and now we have included alaffia black soap to our list and it’s here to remain. Odors great and works well. Not severe on our skin. It’s the genuine offer people. We are still score this product a 5 star since the love product. The only con is that it was not well packaged. Good idea the spill inside the box was small and did not effect all of the other products we purchased. The top on the product was closed firmly developing the spill. The product was still full, but for the future please ensure it’s closed firmly covered firmly to avoids spillage or leakages during shipment. Other than that, in happy with it.

We have been utilizing this gel for a minimum of 10 years, and we hope it s never ever terminated. Our skin is very sensitive and we have never ever had a problem with itching, burning, level of sensitivity, or anything unfavorable. It gets all our body parts spotless and washes off without leaving an oily or sticky film. All of the scents are enjoyable and not frustrating or too perfumey, and the unscented truly is just that – unscented. We truly hope the formula is never ever altered, we will be a long-lasting customer of this great soap.

Smells incredible and works just as explained. We will state that it does not lather along with we were utilized to from our previous experiences utilizing black soap but that’s okay. It still works just as well. Perhaps the distinction is since we purchased this in liquid form rather of diluting it like we have in the past. We will state that the bonus of this stuff over watering down the bars is that you do not need to stress over rugged pieces that didn’t liquify all the way. It also smells 10 times better than the plain stuff. We use this for face wash, shampoo and body wash. It also works well for cleansing but we prefer to use it on our body. Black soap is great for people with problems with acne, psoriasis, dermatitis. We utilized to have problems with eczema but we have not had any patches in years now. We do not generally like fragrance in our face products but this is gentle enough to not trigger us any inflammation. We were really amazed after cleaning our face that our skin didn’t feel tight or too dry. If you aren’t a fan of included moisturizers in your regimen, this might work for you. In general, we have utilized black for 5 years now and will now fully change to this product rather of messing with the bars.

First, we never ever compose evaluations, but we need to in this case. This is without a doubt the best body wash we have ever utilized. We reside in minnesota, and our skins gets very dry in the winter season. After utilizing this product even in mid january our skin is soft. The lavender and ylang ylang smells fantastic. We have utilized the peppermint one also, and while we liked the odor of that, too we found it made our skin a little dry. Also, it’s vegan, ruthlessness free and profits from the sale of this soap approaches empowerment jobs in west africa. And did we discuss it’s exceptionally flexible? you can use it as body wash, shampoo, and home cleaner. Love love love this product. We will never ever use anything else.

Love this product. Great for our acne susceptible african american skin. It has improved our skin significantly. No sort of skin level of sensitivity or over drying of our skin and it makes it feels sooooo soft and clean. Please attempt it. Our company believe it will be great for any race/creed/color skin.

We love this soap. It constantly leakages a little shipping but we take a trip with it and it constantly leakages on us too so we can’t fault them. We use the lavender scent in the winter season and the tea tree eucalyptus in dinner in hope’s of warding off mosquitos. We wereh our face and body with this and in some cases our hair also. It’s our go to for taking a trip since we just require this and conditioner. We also love that it is reasonable trade and that they list the business effect on the bottles and have delighted in seeing the numbers increase over the time we have utilized their products.

Great cleanser. It’s super flexible but we primarily use it on our face with an exfoliating brush. It leaves our skin sensation light and clean but the shea butter keeps it from being too drying. The lavender ylang ylang scent is fantastic but not too overwhelming, and hasn’t irritated by skin regardless of utilizing it on our face daily. We heard black soap is great for acne susceptible skin, and this liquid soap has absolutely assisted us control our hormone breakouts like we had hoped. The pump hasn’t broken or clogged, and the product packaging was perfect.

We have had eczema for the majority of our life, and acne on our back given that high school. We lastly attempted african black soap and now we are kicking ourself for waiting so long. It has practically totally cleaned up our eczema, and significantly improved the acne on our back. We put on t even need to use the steroid cream for our eczema any longer, it has improved the condition that much. No other soap or lotion has ever done that for us.

We love this stuff. We are white woman and we use this as our main body wash, shampoo, facial cleanser, and shaving gel. We also use it for our baby when her soap runsout We are unsure how this stuff cleans up so well while being so gentle but it’s some sort of magic. It truly does leave your skin sensation super clean. It leaves your hair spotless, and we do not even use conditioner later on. Also, this is the just soap that we can use on our face without getting breakouts (but we do follow up with coconut oil in the evening since we have dry skin). The unscented does not odor that great but it does not leave any odor on your skin. The other smells odor rather enjoyable. We like the citrus one the best. We suggest this soap to everybody. It’s so easy to just have one bottle for whatever. And it’s the just combination soap we have found that’s healthy, natural, sustainably sourced, ruthlessness free, and pays reasonable salaries to the employees. So you can feel excellent about utilizing it too. We hope they never ever run out.

Just soap our family uses. We put this in a foaming pump bottle combined with water and the huge bottle lasts permanently. All of us have sensitive skin and this is the just soap that does not dry our skin out (we utilized to use dr bronners prior to this, and it was way too severe). We feel very comfy utilizing it on our young kids. Our partner also enjoys this for his hair (we find it too drying on our hair, but we are black and have particular hair). We want the bottle itself came with a pump- top. But as we move it into a various bottle anyways it’s not a huge offer.

We love this body wash. We are going through something called topical steroid withdrawal and it has been a headache for our skin. Check out it if you have eczema and use steroid creams. Anyways, we wished to change whatever we use on our skin to natural, organic, very little active ingredient-products So we attempted out this peppermint af. Black soap and liked it. We will continue to buy this product for ourself and our partner (he likes the tangerine scent). We use this as primarily a body wash but in some cases a shampoo if we have run out of our typical. We also use this to shave and it works great. Our only grievance is that it runs out soo rapidly for us.

Love this soap. We have very sensitive skin and this soap is very gentle on our skin. We have attempted every product in paradise and earth for our face and they all would make us breakout and make our skin dry and itchy. Not this soap. We have been utilizing it for about 4 years and had absolutely nothing but clear skin and soft skin. Love it.

Generally when we use african black soap, our skin feels cleansed but dry to the point of tightness. But for some (excellent) factor, we never ever get that dryness when we use this soap. We will continue to buy from this brand. Just factor we are offering it 4 stars rather of 5 is since the cap on the bottle we got was cracked to the point where nearly half of the leading ripped off when we attempted to open it. Edit (8/11/19): we have been suffering from body acne for a little while now, and we chose to experiment and take particular products out of our rotation to see if anything modifications. We stopped utilizing this for a bit and our body acne relaxed a bit. We believe this soap tosses our body’s ph out of wack and might lead to breakouts. Oddly enough, it still works great as a face and beard wash, so we will continue to use it as such.

Love the scent though we want it had more of the lavender scent, the ulang ylang neuraliazes the lavender. This soap is what got us hooked on african black soap. We have never ever had dry skin problems but after utilizing castile soap for a few days we established eczema for the very first time in our life. We attempted all understand nds of cream and soaps but absolutely nothing assisted untill we attempted alaffia’s black soap and we were stunned at the instant effect it had on our skin. Our eczema was right away relieved, skin ended up being a little softer and had the ability to react to the cream we had placed on. In general this is a great soap you will not be sorry for purchasing it.

The only product to clear our acne and fix our scarring. We use it on our face and body. We have combination skin – dry but oily. We attempted whatever under the sun and this is the just one that stuck. Results aren’t instant. We utilized this for 6 months continually prior to we saw our clear skin. A little dab goes a long way. If your skin is dry use sensitive skin ponds a bit on the dry patch of skin.

We can not sing adequate applauds for african black soap. We bought for our eczema, utilized it once on our face as a facewash and our red spots disappeared the very same day. Our sis even discussed our smooth complexion without understanding we utilized anything in a different way. We then provided this to our eleven year- old child who is starting to reveal some indications of acne. Whenever he uses it, every blackhead is removedand his face looks clear. Lastly, we purchased another bottle for our 90 year- old grandma who has an autoimmune illness which triggers all of her skin to itch. One shower and she stated the itching wasgone She now has utilized the soap for about a week and still feels relief better than any steroid or other medication has assisted.

We had at first looked for a various product by alaffia but that product was not readily available at the minute on. We found this variation of their african black soap all- in- one and we truthfully love it. It works great with our hair and we would more than likely order it once again (unless the other product returns in stock. ). We love the limitation of ingredients and 90% of them we can pronounce and understand what they are. We would absolutely suggest to anybody attempting to get off the generic not- excellent- for- your- hair- &- scalp shampoo bandwagon. It is a little tough to lather so you may require a repeat wash. We match our alaffia all- in- one with shea moisture jamaican black castor oil conditioner for enhancing and regrowth. If you have any problems with your hair falling out like we do, this is a great combo to combat that.

We truly love this soap, it is truly like the one you would get at entire foods. It is well packaged so whenever we reorder there are no leakages. We bought 2 bottles in our latest order and they got here in mint condition. The soap itself lathers extremely well, our skin constantly feels soft once dry. The alaffia brand is great total so we rely on whatever your skin problem might be you can find a great match.

We have bough alaffia soap prior to and we do not remember it being as watery as this bottle we bought. We have eczema and alaffia soap truly works for our skin. We understand some people might have a response to the soap, but it worked for our skin problems. Plus it does not leave our skin super dry and flaky like other soaps. We would just suggest that people attempt it on a little part of their skin to see if they have a response to their skin. The scent wasn’t as excellent as everybody made it see either, so we were a bit dissatisfied. In general, we believe it’s alright.

We are sensitive to whatever. This soap does not trouble us a bit but also makes us feel clean without drying usout We truly truly like it. Given that we have chemical level of sensitivities we need to constantly have multwe soaps/shampoos/detergents/ etc. That we can recover and forth in between since you get “used” to whatever if you use it too long (yeeeeeeeeees it’s craaaazytown; seem like a nutjob even typing this lol. Is what it is though) essentially the point is it’s so good to have lastly found a few products that we can have around to use 1 mth. On/1 mth. Off. Excellent stuff.

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