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ACURE Everyday Eczema Lotion

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of ACURE Everyday Eczema Lotion.

  • YOUR OBJECTIVE: Soothing hydration
  • OUR SOLUTION: An ultra nourishing and calming fragrance-free formula for sensitive and quickly irritated skin. 2% colloidal oatmeal soothes while cocoa butter hydrates
  • Helps prevent and momentarily protect chafed, chapped or cracked skin
  • Vegan and certified cruelty-free. Also Paraben free, Sulfate free, Mineral oil free, Petrolatum free and Formaldehyde free
  • INSTRUCTIONS: Use freely or as required. Do not use if quality seal is broken

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Style: Everyday EczemaACURE Everyday Eczema Lotion|100% Vegan|For Sensitive & Quickly Irritated Skin|Fragrance- F ree|2% Colloidal Oatmeal & Cocoa Butter – Nourishes, Relaxes and Hydrates|8 Fl Oz

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on ACURE Everyday Eczema Lotion.

Question Question 1

Is This For The Face Or Body?

Body lotion. But they do make one for your face they have a day with sof 30 and a night cream that we use.

Question Question 2

Is This For The Face Or Body?

It is for the body. If you break out at all do not use it on your face. Nevertheless Acure has a soothing face cream that is outstanding.

Question Question 3

Does This Product Contain Gluten?

No, it does not.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on ACURE Everyday Eczema Lotion, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Thanks to our beautiful curves we established a chub rub so bad that a rash began. Me (disliking moisturizers filled with chemicals) just kept using water based creams, raw coconut oil and/ or shea butter and cleaning down with apple cider vinegar if the desire to itch got regrettable. It was previous bothersome. The prior to image was just like 2 weeks prior. We have had the problem for a month or 2. Its still healing but we have just never ever felt more hydrated. We technically do not have eczema (or sh * t possibly now we do lol) but we have an unusual patch by our ankle that established that was scaly. Its alot smoother now. Didn’t post pictures of that bc you genuinely can’t inform till you feel it. This lotion permeates remarkably. Want to see it quickly in’s entire foods.

We bought and gotten the 24 hour moisturizer in the pink tube. This product is outstanding. The consistency from the tube has to do with the like tooth paste but when you use it it spreads out quickly and you require less than you would believe. It has definitely no odor so no disturbance with your preferred scent. It does not leave your skin greasy or ugly. If you have dry itchy skin this is the answer to your prayers.

Among the best creams ever – also does not cost $$$. Most “fragrance free” creams have some sort of scent, and it isn’t enjoyable. In some way, this one rather has no scent. It’s remarkable. It also will trigger no response if you have any sort of skin problem. We first bought this while experiencing a bad candida infection on our skin and no other creams had no petroleum, sulfates, parabens, or alcohol but still were a “lotion. ” [we are big fan of 100% shea but that wasn’t what we needed at that point] we now use this as our everyday/all over body lotion after utilizing cerave sa creme on some problem locations – that’s a specialized creme that can’t be beat.

We have exceptionally dry, eczema-prone skin. This winter season in colorado has been ruthless on our skin. Our face was red and flaky, with dry patches that wouldn t heal around our cracked mouth. We got the cloud cream, asking with the argan oil and eczema lotion the other day. We began utilizing all 3 right away, and once again when getting out off the shower last night. We utilized the eczema cream on the folds of our arms, where we had some major eczema rashes, and on our lower face and neck prior to bed since we were itchy. We got up today and our skin is buttery smooth, with very few residues of redness and dryness on our face, and the rashes in the folds of our arms aregone We are so happy to find a lotion without alcohol or other severe ingredients – we had essentially quit on creams prior to discovering it. This stuff is remarkable. Love all 3 products.

We weren’t sure what to anticipate with this vegan product. We were happily amazed to find it was a thick lotion. A little will go a long way. We use it on our whole body and we have observed a modification. Our skin is super soft.

It s a video game changer. We suffer from eczema a lot in winter season. There are aveno, cerave and other rx lotions on our rack. Aveno is respectable and helps me, nevertheless the texture is oily and sticky. The rest are meaningless. Acure lotion is our new love. It s light, it soaks up rapidly and leaves our skin hydrated. It s so gentle. We would state it s perfect for us. Just provide it a shot and more than likely you won t remorse.

This lotion is very moisturizing. We do not have eczema so we can’t discussthat Nevertheless, it works great on dry skin. It does not smell like anything, which we value. It is a little sticky initially, but after a minute or 2 that disappears, and your left with a smooth wet surface. We love that this is 100% vegan and ruthlessness free, which is very important to me. We will certainly buy once again.

We are regular swimmer and we required a lotion that make up for the drying action of chlorine. Because acure peppermint shampoo and conditioner keeps our hair hydrated and glossy, we believed we would provide it a shot with their lotion too, and we more than happy we did. This creams truly moistures our skin for 24 hours without leaving it oily. It soaks up super well while offering a mat glow to the skin. We will buy it once again.

We do not use moisturizer every day, but when we do, we like to feel great about what we are placing on our skin. Now we have a product that we can feel great utilizing that will last us an excellent while. +thick in a great way. Not inexpensive and watery. +lasting moisturizing effect and feel. No recurring dryness even after a long day. +fragrance-free. +no negative skin response. +affordable.

We love this moisturizing lotion. Not just is it ruthlessness free, but we reside in warm south florida which has been so hard on our skin and within the first few days of utilizing this we have observed a considerable distinction.

This lotion definitely conserved me. We were having a hard time with eczema for many years and no prescription creams or medications worked for us till we attempted this lotion. Within 1 month all of our flare ups cleared and our skin was left moisturizer and smooth. We would extremely advise this product to anybody with sensitive skin like mine. The cream is light, soaks up rapidly, and relaxes skin. Hands down the best body lotion we have ever attempted.

We use this lotion for our itchy legs. We have attempted numerous various brand names and this is the just one that has worked for us.

Functions extremely well. It s so difficult to find a vegan, cruelty-free eczema lotion that 1) works and 2) is within our cost variety. Soaks into skin relatively rapidly so you wear t need to deal with that gross lotion-y sensation all the time. Our only problem is that it smells a bit like freshly cut aloe, which we wear t especially look after, but the pros far surpass the (very light) scent. Extremely advise.

As a 30 something years of age male, we understood absolutely nothing about moisturizer. We were searching for something to help our skins barrier and prevent dryness/eczema flare. We also didn’t wish to smell like anything or use something with unneeded chemicals. We use it every early morning and have observed a great distinction. We have even been utilizing it on our face with great results. Naturally, follow the makers suggestions. 5 stars.

Very thick like sunscreen & is sort of sticky. It moisturizes respectable but cleans off in the shower (the moisture doesn t stay or appear to soak into the skin).

We truly like this lotion. Leaves our skin sensation great and hydrated, but just for a few hours, not 24 hours as marketed. It s does not have a perfumey odor so if you wear t like those smells this would benefit you. The lotion it s self feel truly good, not too thick, and not too watery, kinda creaour and it spreads out perfectly.

We have attempted numerous moisturizers and this one is among if not the best.

This acure product is great for us and might be for you too. We have truly dry skin and was utilizing whatever under the sun, okay mainly whatever. But we will state that this leaves our face sensation hydrated. We do have a regular that we do1. Acure face wash2. Advanced clinicals tumeric oil3. Marykay clearproof acne toner4. Acure soothing moisturizerwe follow through with the oatmeal moisturize on our face.

Love this we have purchased a number of bottles even one for our mom.

We love this product. We purchased it as a face lotion, our eczema on our face was getting bad. It wasn’t oily, so we didn’t breakout And our eczema has cleaned up. The odor of the product is visibly strong (lavender), but does not last long or provide you a heads hurt.

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